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Took this test online. It was a BDSM test. Believe it or not, guy, looks like I'm totally vanilla, lol:

96% Vanilla More info

88% Voyeur More info

57% Ageplayer More info

39% Switch More info

37% Exhibitionist More info

15% Experimentalist More info

12% Non-monogamist More info

9% Rigger More info

8% Boy/Girl More info

3% Submissive More info

2% Dominant More info

1% Daddy/Mommy More info

0% Rope bunny More info

0% Slave More info

0% Degradee More info

0% Primal (Hunter) More info

0% Brat tamer More info

0% Brat More info

0% Primal (Prey) More info

0% Masochist More info

0% Degrader More info

0% Pet More info

0% Owner More info

0% Master/Mistress More info

0% Sadist More info

Basic Information

Into Guys25 to 55
Here forFriends
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeMore to love
Height5' 8"
Weight250 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ReligionChristian - other
ChildrenProud parent


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Shared publicly - Sep 25 at 3:23pm
Taken about 10 minutes ago. Sure would 💕 to see if it was hard enough for someone to ride it sometime.
Id love to ride it
Sep 25 at 5:19pm
I love it.
My doctor switched me from "in the mood" Viagra to daily Cialis. Man, what a change in my erections. I could only get half hard with the Viagra and I couldn't stay that way once I stopped playing with it, but with the daily Cialis, I stay pretty hard for 10 minutes or so after I stop playing with it and if I'd stroke it once before going completely soft, I'd get hard again. Love it.
I would but you never invite me over
Need a volunteer? For the sake of Science of course


Shared publicly - Sep 25 at 6:43am
Last night when I tried to log into lifeout, I got a warning message that said it wasn't a secure site and the https was lined out in my browser's address window. I tried logging on both my computer and my phone and got the same response, "not secure". Did anyone else experience this? This morning, everything was back to normal.
Yes what a pain in the ass it was lol..
Yes, I had the same problem
Said the security certificate had expired ... and someone might be attempting to steal my information ...
Sep 25 at 10:17am
I didn't see that about the security certificate expiring, but I did see the part about someone might be attempting to steal our information, so I didn't go any further.
Sep 25 at 8:53pm
Ya. I got the same response.


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 10:49am
Woke up 3 times during the night with a woody....love my daily Cialis, lol.


Shared publicly - Sep 17 at 3:00pm
Guy uses vacuum cleaner on his uncut cock.



Sep 16 at 2:25pm
Updated profile.

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Jul 19 at 8:30pm

Are you there playing with your thick hard cock? - - - - Again?

Thanks for dropping by today (after I gave you 3 guesses about watching tattoos when hot cocks were present :--)



Jun 22 at 11:45am
Thanks for adding me man! Great pics.


May 17 at 9:19am
Thanks for adding me mate.


May 3 at 8:28am
Vanilla is not such a bad place to be.....as long as your friend brings the creme!