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My skype is: snuggleteddybear add me.

I am just me. I am 235 pounds, 6'2, dark blond, blue eyes, if you want to now the size of my cock ask I am not shy but I find it pointless to put it in the file.I am a great guy full of love, honest, loyalty, compassion, understanding, romantic, loving, down to earth, level headed guy, talkative (some people say I talk to damn much), and if being a geek is illegal, then please put the hand cuffs on, funny or at least try to be and I am there when I am needed. I am an open minded person please be the same. I love making new friends. I also don't not judge people please don't judge me until you get to know me. Now I am going to list my likes and dislikes just a few of them.


I like most all kinds of music, movies, nice slow walks, snuggling, kissing, bowling, cooking, fishing, reading, writing, romantic nights by the fire or just in that special someone's arms, watching TV, Sifi channel is my friend, playing games of all kind, dancing, and lots more.


I dislike people that lie, cheat, and judge. I also dislike pineapple, coconut, rap, and that's all I can think of but ask and I might think of some more.

"Judge not by the looks but by the person inside for the value of a good find and lover is hard to find." my saying.

I am honest, trusting, and romantic crazy teddy bear. I am wild and mysterious you never now what I will do next and just because I am young does not mean we cant talk and try to be friends. I am looking for friend and ltr but a few dates would be nice if only I can find that special person that sees the real me under my looks. That is the person I want to be with because that is the person who will love me for me.


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Into Guys18 to 40
Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeMore to love
Height6' 2"
Weight250 lbs
EducationHigh school


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Shared publicly - Feb 18 at 4:34am
So Fucking tired of not being able to sleep my normal cheery self is start to fade the meds the doctor gave me are not helping the meds others told me to try are not working. WTF do I have to do to get to get some rest been up all ready for almost 72 hours. If you have any ideas please PLEASE tell me. I feel like I am going insane.
Feb 18 at 8:47am
Simplistic as it may seem, the following can prove helpful, but won't change things over night - they need to be done for several days in a row.

1. No caffeine (beverages, chocolate, etc) after 5 pm.

2. No computer use after two hours before bed.

3. Warm bath 30 minutes before bed.

4. Foam ear plugs at bedtime if noise is a distraction.

5. Eye mask at bedtime if light is an issue.

6. No music/radio/etc playing at bedtime.

7. Lay in bed and do progressive muscle relaxation technique - here's
See more
Feb 18 at 9:23am
I do a lot of these but the doc said he is going to run a few test hopefully we can get me figured out soon
Feb 18 at 9:37am
The key is doing all of them together as it targets body, muscle, mind, and bio-chemistry all at once. Good luck on this - hope the doc can help.
Feb 18 at 9:38am
Feb 18 at 11:08am
I used to be the same way and tried everything, then I tried Ambien and that works out very well.
Feb 18 at 2:01pm
has no affect on me
Feb 20 at 1:37am
I know that you have probably tried something similar etc but I found that before I started to exercise my sleep patterns were all over the place (nowhere near what you are suffering though) and that going to the Gym; really helped me. All the best - sometimes a big ole spliff can help too.
Feb 20 at 5:33am
Well I found out why I cant sleep I have some obstruction piercing the part of the brain that allows relaxation and sleep they are going to do a simple surgery to remove it.
Feb 20 at 6:31am
: )
Feb 20 at 12:37pm
Feb 22 at 2:44pm
make some other things that could give you busy much interesting in some field of venture . . .


Shared publicly - Feb 13 at 10:30am
So tired of being alone all the time. I feel like I am the out-case at a party but it is real life, but I keep pushing through hoping and wish I will find something or someone that will make this out-case forget about being an out-cast and finally feel at ease. Some say life is easy, some say it is hard, others are judgmental about who you are. I have a tough road to walk but that does not mean I give up now that means I put on my steel-toed shoe and kick those troubles square in the fucking balls See more
Feb 14 at 6:23am
sometimes i feel like life is a party i was not even invited in. lol. effin feelings. sometimes i hate feelings coz sometimes it is hard to trust them. :D


Shared publicly - Feb 11 at 5:29am
Okay So I would like some feedback from all of you. I would like to know what I should change on my profile or what type of pic should I add next. please give respectful answers only if you can't be nice then please don't answer. thank you
be straight forward with your profile. the more specific the better :)


Shared publicly - Feb 7 at 11:29pm
I hate sinus infections have had one since last Saturday and i have tried everything to get rid of it but it just will not leave. Yes I have been to the doctors too the meds just dont seem to help. Feels like my right eye is going to pop out of my head. I could really use a cuddle buddy
Hoping You Feel Better Soon
I hope you feel better I would love to be your cuddle buddy
drink lotsa a water... get well soon, pumpkin
might just be the cold weather or allergy...... lube nostrials with petroleum jelly if that works then its the cold if not try a allergy med..... I had the same issue a few times in past few years :)
tried both did not help the doctor called in another med and it seems to help some
Feb 8 at 11:46am
This thing is weird as hell, but it really does help me:

I will give it a try you not the only one that has told me that


Shared publicly - Jan 22 at 11:07pm
thank you all for my birthday wishes

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