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- January 15-19: San Francisco

- March 26-29: Chicago

- May 21-25: Chicago [ IML! ]

- dates tbd: Milwaukee

- dates tbd: NYC

Any well-hung dudes in those areas wanna stop by during my visits? Hit me up if interested - Always lookin for BIG tools to worship as "co-stars"!! ;-) [Check out my vids, if u haven't already ...]



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Be my next ”testiclemonial!” :D Attractive, masculine, healthy, cumhungry + EAGER oral boi lookin 2 service clean, healthy, HUNG dudes. Race/age doesn’t matter – altho I do REALLY luv suckin big BLACK or UNCUT meat. Just be clean, healthy, HUNG and ready to let me drain ur nutsack 2 empty. Shoot as many times as u need too, dude – I’ll swallow it all. (NS here, prefer same.) Msg me if ur WELL-hung and SERIOUSLY interested — u WON’T be disappointed !!!

Bonus points for guys who shoot big/thick loads, multiple-cummers (repeat shooters and/or quick rechargers), copious amounts of precum, thick & veiny cocks, dark skin/features (love black/hispanic/indian men) … ideally lookin for a select handful of big-dicked buds (the longer and/or THICKer, the better!) whose tools I can worship on a regular or semiregular basis … one-time connections are still kewl, tho, so if u have any plans to be passin thru my way, drop me a line!!

Usually JUST lookin to suck, so reciprocation isn’t expected or necessary … u can just kick back, relax & enjoy while I do all the work! … however, every once in a while I’m up for havin my own nutz drained too, so if u’re a fellow cocksuckin, cumlovin bud, please say hello!


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NOTE: Altho I’m usually here in Madtown, I’m sometimes on the road to/thru the Twin Cities, St Louis, Quad Cities, Chicago, Milwaukee, Fox Valley (Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac), Stevens Point & Wausau areas, and occasionally points beyond – including East & West Coasts (San Francisco, NYC, DC/Baltimore), Canada (Toronto area), and Europe (London, Amsterdam, Munich) – so if u decide ur genuinely interested, ask me about my travel itinerary …

Read some of my rave reviews below! LOL … (And yep, in case u’re wonderin’, these are all ACTUAL comments I’ve received afterward, either in person or via email.) Enjoy!

”Thank you, Mister ’HOOVER’!!” –J., GWM, 7”c

”If I didn’t have the pics, I might not believe it. After a lifelong quest for the perfect blowjob, THAT was like fantasy material. You just didn’t stop till you got every drop of each load. They say anyone can paint a wall, but only a great artist can paint a masterpiece. Well, anyone can suck dick, but you elevate blowjobs to an art form. As an artist, you’re like Salvador Dali, because THAT was SURREAL.” –K., GWM, 7”c x 6”

”Thanks for the service, buddy. I should give you a high-five, man! You’re the first guy to ever swallow two loads out of me in just over an hour. I’m looking forward to having you milk this big dick again next time … Can’t wait to have that hot mouth of yours try for THREE of my huge loads in a row!” –H., BiWM, 8”c

”WOW, this guy can suck some dick!!! I travel a LOT and you just don’t find good cocksuckers like him very often! (Wish I could’ve taken him on the road with me!) He kept me on the edge for almost an hour until I couldn’t take it anymore! What a cum explosion! I will definitely look him up when I get back to Madison!!!!” –A., GWM, 7-1/2”c, NYC

”I hesitate to give you this testimonial, ’cause then you’ll be way too much in demand and I’d have to take a number LOL … but you’re the best, buddy. Some guys just have no clue what to do with it, but I get a woody just thinking about your fantastic mouth on this big dick. Can’t wait until next time!” –G., GWM, 9”uc

”Jeezus! It usually takes me forEVER to cum, dude — even jackin’ off. (Always been told I got one of those ’challenge’ dicks.) I can’t fuckin’ BELIEVE you milked two huge loads outta me! Best hour I’ve spent in I don’t know HOW long!!” –J., BiBM, 8”c

”WOW! I have NEVER cum three times in a row that quickly before in my LIFE. Awesome…!” –T., BiWM, 8-1/2”c

”It’s a day later and I STILL feel like I’ve got electricity shooting through me. I have NEVER had a BJ like that before. You are truly a master when it comes to worshipping cock! Incredible!!” –R., BiWM, 7-1/2”c

”Unbelievable. With the exquisite torture you were inflicting on my rod, I thought for sure you were gonna drain me into a coma … ah, but what a coma to slip into!!” –B., GWM, 9”c

”Got sucked for an hour straight and came what felt like 9 times!!! That has to be some kind of record!!! He’s the best head giver I’ve EVER had, bar none. WOW!” –E., GWM, 8”c

”This guy is honestly the BEST COCKSUCKER EVER!!! He worked on me for over an hour and drained two big loads out of me. Being a cop and not out at all, a guy like him is very hard to find.” –V., GBM, 9”c

”I read all the testimonials on his profile before we met and I have to admit, I really was thinking, ’…yeah, …right!’ Man, I tell you, I was SOO wrong!! First, I don’t remember the last time I shot 2 loads in one sitting – I am usually so done after the first. Second, I had a lot of sensations I have never felt before in my LIFE – you are truly a master with that mouth! The big surprise? That second orgasm was THE most intense, explosive and pleasurable I have ever experienced. Thanks so much – not sure how you did it, but DAAAAAAAMN! I really can’t put it into words. For anyone wondering, this guy knows exactly what he is doing and I now fully understand why he has these testimonials – let him service your big tool and you’ll want to write your own testimonial, I guarantee it! Thanks again, dude.”–S., GWM, 8”uc

”Before I met this guy, I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve been able to cum from a BJ. This guy SERIOUSLY knows what he’s doing!”–M., GWM, 7-1/2”c

”What an incredible and spine-tingling experience. I should have this every day of the week, and then some! He’s an unforgettable man with an over the top deep throat!!”–D., GWM, 8”c

”Hands down, the BEST bj u will EVER get!”–B., GWM, 8.5”c

”That was my first time ever getting head from a guy, and I gotta tell you – it exceeded ANYthing I’d even remotely anticipated. I have NEVER cum three times in a single session like that before, dude. Your mouth is fucking amazing!!”–J., SWM, 8”c

”Every time I look at those pics, I remember that incredible sweet, sweet mouth of yours. I’ve got to get this meat between those soft lips again, kid … and SOON!”–M., GWM, 9”c

”If you like someone who provides awesome service that’s nice and slooooow, look no further than right here …”–C., GHM, 7.5”uc

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