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Hey guys!!! WelCUM to my homepage. I'm an Australian, Filipino, Chinese, German, English, Irish, Spanish and Portugese mutt. People are amazed that I look very young for my age. I thank my Asian ancestors for those great genes that were passed along from generations to generations. People mistake me for either being Samoan, Togan, Hispanic or Fijian. I love to meet all kinds of people for friends. I'm an outgoing, energetic, athletic and caring guy. I've been into sports since I was 5 ranging from water polo to american football. I love to learn new things. I'm the classic nerd and athlete. There are not that many guys like me around. I'm currently am trying to learn how to speak and write Mandarin, Cantonese and Italian all the same time. I love to work hard and play hard as well. I love to think of the great positive things in life that money can't buy. The only thing that you need is an open heart, mind and soul to let the positivity into your life. No one can do it for you, but only you. Looks can only get you to a very limited spaces, while personality, being smart and creative can lead you further in the game of life. If you want to get to know me, feel free to hit me up and/or do a friend request. Merci!!! Au revoir!!! Adios, Ciao!!!!

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StatusIn a relationship
Here forFriends, Networking
Sexual positionVersatile
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 1"
Weight190 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenI do not want kids
OccupationChef/College Student


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Shared publicly - Oct 17 at 11:20pm
trying to work part time until November 10th when I can work full time. I can't wait until I can go back to my healthy self


Shared publicly - Oct 1 at 4:08pm
Going back to work tomorrow. I'm very excited and very scared as well
I hope it will all go well. I have been working as a substitute teacher and I have been very busy, I wear my mask and I have carried hand sanitizer on my belt loop for several years and I use it liberally and I'm just trying to be safe.


Shared publicly - Sep 22 at 10:31pm
First day of work will be October 2.. part time though


Shared publicly - Sep 21 at 3:01pm
I'm going back to work part time with my oxygen tank per my doctor on October 1st. I still need to get another chest xray to hopefully won't need to do another antibiotics regime.
Hope it all goes well for you.
Thank you. i will visit my bosses and HR about my schedules for the time being
Not to be nosey, but I guess I missed a post or two about what happened. So, what happened that you need an oxygen tank and cannot work? It is not my business, but this does seem very serious and concerning. I hope you feel better soon.
I contacted Covid 19 in late June. Was hospitalized for 11 days.
OH! That is not good. I hope you fully recover.


Shared publicly - Sep 6 at 11:20am
Good morning LifeOuters!!! I had to miss the summer and fall semesters due to covid. I will have to transfer at a later date now. I'm doing the online tours and admissions information at my potential colleges where I want to transfer to. My holiday weekend is just trying to heal better and not get a relapse as the cold, flu and covid season are upon us.

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Oct 25 at 9:06am
Stopping in to say

Have a good Sunday

Take some time to play

Thanks for being a friend.


Sep 7 at 5:01am
Glad you’re ok again now

Happy Labor Day,

Today we Honor Labor:, not the Unions and their political cronies, but we Honor the Laborers themselves and their labor. The laborers the laborers who prepare, and who serve; the laborers who build, and who repair; the laborers who clean, the laborers who plant, and harvest and glean; the laborers who made real, and made working, all the clever inventions that America's thinkers and tinkerers have devised. Without them, we'd all be doing it ourselves as if it were still paleolithic 12,500-BC.

Happy Labor Day


Sep 5 at 5:41pm
Well I'm waiting for you hurry up! Ha... Enjoy your Holiday Weekend :)


Jul 26 at 12:05am
Just wanted to stop by and show some love. ;)

(And wish you a speedy recovery.)


Jul 2 at 9:37pm
Happy 4th of July, no matter how far we still are from our declared goal, it was and is still, Our Nation's Declaration to be Free, with Equal Representation, and Liberty and Justice for ALL - "To form a More Perfect Union" Equal for ALL, no matter how long it takes to include ALL Equally

Happy Fourth-!!