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Hey guys!!! WelCUM to my homepage. I'm an Australian, Filipino, Chinese, German, English, Irish, Spanish and Portugese mutt. People are amazed that I look very young for my age. I thank my Asian ancestors for those great genes that were passed along from generations to generations. People mistake me for either being Samoan, Togan, Hispanic or Fijian. I love to meet all kinds of people for friends. I'm an outgoing, energetic, athletic and caring guy. I've been into sports since I was 5 ranging from water polo to american football. I love to learn new things. I'm the classic nerd and athlete. There are not that many guys like me around. I'm currently am trying to learn how to speak and write Mandarin, Cantonese and Italian all the same time. I love to work hard and play hard as well. I love to think of the great positive things in life that money can't buy. The only thing that you need is an open heart, mind and soul to let the positivity into your life. No one can do it for you, but only you. Looks can only get you to a very limited spaces, while personality, being smart and creative can lead you further in the game of life. If you want to get to know me, feel free to hit me up and/or do a friend request. Merci!!! Au revoir!!! Adios, Ciao!!!!

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StatusIn a relationship
Here forFriends, Networking
Sexual positionVersatile
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 1"
Weight190 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenI do not want kids
OccupationChef/Barista/College Student


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Shared publicly - Jun 5 at 11:02am
I've been reflecting on my life this past month. I have met a lot of people through my current job as a barista. I get a lot of numbers and fast friends as well. I've noticed that there's a lot of things that I could change in my life to be even more accomplished for me and in my life. Changes for the good is even more impressive as the past accomplished goals that I had going for me. Everyday is a new learning day. I tend to love life to the fullest and looking forward to any challenges that's in See more
You go, but !!! Enjoy Life, and what it brings you , , , ?? What is a barista ? ?


Shared publicly - Jun 5 at 10:19am
Switched shifts with a newbie transfer. The guy wants to be promoted, yet he only wants to work either days or afternoons. Sigh


Shared publicly - May 30 at 8:30pm
Lots of dilfs, college guys, hunks and even women are hitting on me now. Got larger tips and phone numbers as well


Shared publicly - May 30 at 1:12am
Just got home from training at work. It's basically common sense mixed with manners and situational in the workplace
Must work at Starbucks.
A lot of companies are doing now as well that deals with the public fyi
thats true, just Starbucks was all over the news for doing it today.


Shared publicly - May 29 at 4:16pm
Off to a work meeting. Have a great day, evening or late night to everyone in LifeOutland wherever you are

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May 21 at 10:02am
Thank you for befriending me

Now, then, How to celebrate?

A picnic, or a Pizza, or a smooch, or a handshake, before all the rest?



Apr 10 at 11:05pm
Happy Birthday stud!!!


Apr 10 at 12:25pm
I heard it was your birthday so when do you want me to cum over to give you that special birthday present? :)


Mar 29 at 7:00am
Just stopping in to wish you a great Thirsty Thursday.


Mar 21 at 6:34pm
Happy Hump Day


Mar 17 at 9:12am
It is St. Patrick's Day! A day to be Irish and gay. Check out those kilts and maybe get that guy under the quilt. Have a great day!

I have no idea why, but I have a craving for some Lucky Charms cereal!


Feb 18 at 5:28pm
Stopping in to wish you a good week cumming up.


Feb 11 at 9:53am
Stopping in to wish you a nice Sunday and a good week ahead.


Jan 28 at 8:06am
Wishing you a good Sunday filled with fun, relaxing activities, and a great week cumming up.


Jan 17 at 4:07pm
Nice profile!