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I post videos of myself discussing who I am and my problems and how I should overcome them. I am doing this mainly to overcome social anxiety disorder. Sorry, not porn. Subscribe if you like!

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Into Guys23 to 45
Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 0"
Weight189 lbs
EducationIn college
ChildrenSome day
OccupationAll work and no play makes super_hero a dull boy!


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May 23 at 12:31pm
Posted photos ...


May 2 at 8:12pm


Shared publicly - May 1 at 8:44pm
I have a fetish -- I want to go to bed tonight in someone else's undies.
(jim raises hand frantically)
*rushes out to the store and buys new sexy undies* ok
I'm out of luck.. i don't wear underwear.
May 1 at 10:04pm
I love free balling.
May 1 at 11:05pm
I could send you mine, but I dunno how you feel about pouch-style...

(white, of course)
May 1 at 11:35pm
Not sure we could both fit but I'm willing to give it a try :)
May 2 at 10:18pm
So the question becomes... Did you or didn't you?


Shared publicly - Apr 22 at 8:35pm
Should I shave my chest?
Apr 22 at 8:43pm
NO!!!! :)
you look great and if you do I'd def. keep a happy trail as Country Hick said
Apr 22 at 9:16pm
Only if I can come apply the shaving cream
Apr 22 at 9:34pm
You have a very sexy hairy chest.
Apr 22 at 9:18pm
I like fur
Apr 22 at 9:33pm
No sir.
Apr 22 at 10:12pm
Please don't shave!
Apr 22 at 10:17pm
dont shave it :)
Apr 22 at 10:43pm
Apr 22 at 11:10pm
I dont think you have to, its not bad the way it is. But If you want to try not having hair, it will always grow back if its not to you liking...
natural is more perfect...the way he made each of us is beautiful. :D
Apr 22 at 11:57pm
Well if you don't like it, but I love the hairy chest.
Apr 23 at 7:01am
stay that way.

Apr 23 at 7:54am
Nope. Dont shave anything. Ever.
Apr 23 at 10:15am
No trim, but no shave. Natural is hot, Bud!

JK... do whatever makes you happy, man.
Apr 23 at 10:18pm
He'll no :)
Apr 23 at 10:51pm
Apr 24 at 9:07am
Apr 24 at 6:22pm
i say no czause it is extremely hot on ya but ya would still be sex if ya do... but if ya do shave it will come back in thicker and faster... i say no lol ;}~
Apr 25 at 10:08am
Please don't.
Apr 26 at 1:41am
you look good no matter what, but I do love the hair on ya ^_^
Apr 28 at 5:46pm
May 21 at 12:01pm
NO! love your fur!


Apr 22 at 6:02pm
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May 23 at 10:32pm
Giving thanks to those Who protect and serve.


May 23 at 12:46pm
One of the best and handsome face her in LO


May 4 at 11:18am
jeez, you are gorgeous. :)


Apr 26 at 9:47am
Thanks for accepting my Friend Request, Sexy!!!


Apr 25 at 1:38am
thanks for adding me handsome.


Apr 24 at 10:18pm
Thanks for the add, Bud. GREAT profile and pics!!!!


Apr 24 at 2:19pm
thanks for accepting my request handsome, hope you have a great weekend


Apr 23 at 2:13pm
very nice pictures handsome


Apr 22 at 6:11pm
It's Spring time and I'm out of hibernation so I'm ready for any postion with you Top or Bottom :)


Apr 16 at 10:58am