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I post videos of myself discussing who I am and my problems and how I should overcome them. I am doing this mainly to overcome social anxiety disorder. Sorry, not porn. Subscribe if you like!

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Into Guys23 to 45
Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 0"
Weight189 lbs
EducationIn college
ChildrenSome day
OccupationAll work and no play makes super_hero a dull boy!


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Shared publicly - Feb 26 at 12:53am
8.1 is a lot better IMO. have you upgraded yet?
Feb 26 at 9:57am
i like my 8.1 its great
Why I switched from Windows to Ubuntu
Feb 26 at 9:46pm
me too it suckes


Shared publicly - Feb 25 at 12:27am
I am considering removing my Facebook... It has become a political nightmare.
Feb 25 at 12:29am
Plus I have hid everyone's posts Hahaha.
Time to go back to myspace.
Feb 25 at 6:31am
well hell, i didnt know you had a facebook page....oh well
Yeah Facebook had to go a couple years ago. I didnt like all the whining everyone I used to know did.


Feb 19 at 12:31am
Posted a blog ... Video Blog - Snow Week


Shared publicly - Feb 17 at 10:25pm
Waiting for my tax refund so I can buy some undies! :-)
Feb 17 at 10:40pm
Big sales going on now. Let me know if you need a coupon code.
I only have a few pair of decent underwear.. most of the time I just go without
Feb 17 at 10:50pm
Would enjoy seeing your new undies....before I take them off ; )
Feb 17 at 11:56pm
Love sleeping nude
Feb 17 at 11:56pm
Love sleeping nude
Feb 18 at 3:14am
oh you... tease. )
Feb 18 at 4:29am
Easier than doing laundry.
Need to get you a jockstrap too.
Feb 18 at 12:04pm
What brand are you planning on getting?

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Feb 25 at 9:01pm


Feb 24 at 5:19pm
i love what you've done with your profile over the years and how you use it to express yourself. not to sound all serious.. but you are a great example to both "bros" (haha) across the spectrum. i really believe you have a future in media someday. either behind the scenes or maybe in front of the camera. you could be a roving gay telejournalist.. :)


Feb 15 at 7:02pm
Hey You... Yes You... I got a nice Valentines Day treat for you that your just going to love so why don't you cum and lick and eat it till you get to the juicy center and rim it real good and while your doing that I'll suck on your manhood lollipop and then we can switch postions I'm sure you'll enjoy it and so will I, but you know since both our asses are all moist and prepped let's also fuck our brains out while were at it too now wouldn't that be great... Happy Valentines Day :)


Feb 15 at 6:31pm
Thank you bro! Wish we lived closer...


Feb 15 at 6:23pm
The things I would do to you on an actual date (not sexual charged)


Feb 15 at 12:59am
Thank you for that fantastic video!!! You are simply amazing. Thanks for letting me be a friend.


Feb 14 at 11:21pm
Happy Valentine's Day my awesome friend


Feb 13 at 3:24pm
Happy Val's Day


Feb 12 at 12:25am
looks like you posted another great blog I was thinking about the same so sick today plastic surgery it comes to transgender people vs people doing it for purely cosmetic reasons and how christian that


Jan 30 at 3:58pm
I'm ready for you... So what position do you want Top or Bottom? and I'm versatile so I'l take either postion :)