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I post videos of myself discussing who I am and my problems and how I should overcome them. I am doing this mainly to overcome social anxiety disorder. Sorry, not porn. Subscribe if you like!

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Shared publicly - Jul 4 at 12:52pm
"The Permission Paradox" - You can’t get the job without the experience but you can’t get the experience without the job. Story of my life.
Sounds about right.
I've never understood that philosophy either.
Wait until they tell you that you are too qualified!!!!!
Everybody I know has heard that. One of my uncles said that actually just means you have no "connections" and cannot yet bring customers with you from your last job - - if you CAN, then you are ALWAYS qualified.
AMEN!!! That's the story of my life too!
Trust me as someone in upper management that you may need to take a lesser job and build up experience. Usually if you have 2 years of experience you can usually get any job you desire within reason. BTW you can move to Lexington Ky. it has an extremely low unemployment, very beautiful area and beautiful people and we even have a gay mayor.
Jul 5 at 8:51pm
Thats cool. It is just I have been applying to any IT job in general... I guess I will have to be patient.
Paradox is an understatement!
You should just say, "Experience? Don't you guys realize I'm a super hero?"


Shared publicly - Jul 3 at 10:53am
I went ahead and deactivated my Facebook. I realize how homophobic my family is after this gay marriage legalization.
Congratulations. Free at last!
Sorry to hear that bud. I'm here for ya if you need to talk.
I got rid of mine a year ago. So nice being away from all the drama and seeing everyone's private business and shit.
I am saddened to hear you are having difficulty with family. Mine would not wish us a happy anniversary or even go to lunch to celebrate my spouse's birthday. It is heartbreaking as I went to my brother in-laws birthday dinners for every year my sister was married to him as well as anniversary dinners.
That's fricking sad. Not everyone is gay. Not everyone has to "accept" gay marriage, but we sure as hell all need to love each other.
I caint... I simply caint lol

Fb, worst addiction ever lol
*presents a ring* will you..... go out on a date with me? Like...whenever I get around to moving near you :P
Same here. So sad there is so much ignorance and hatred in this world. God made me who I am plain and simple. It is more sad that it is within our own families.


Jul 2 at 1:38pm
Posted a blog ... VLOG: The Twin Zone


Jun 19 at 11:03am
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Jun 15 at 12:19am
Well what did you all think of Game Of Thrones Finale?
I've never even seen the show :/
I Just now seen it and think back some hundreds years ago that's the way things probably were .All but the Dragons LOL . I Think its time for the (Watch ) To Die and for the religious fanatics who think they are god should die as well . WOW I love that show to bad its going to be almost another year before it comes back on
Spoiler Alert: Horrible!! I think Ginger Minj should have won instead of Violet Chachki. Pearl was alright. Oh, you're not talking about those queens... hmm.. I don't know... Maybe a couple more dragon scenes. :)
I've never actually watched the show. A lot of people are talking about it. I think it's going to be like True Blood. When the series is over I'll buy the seasons and start watching it. I did that with True Blood and became addicted to True Blood. LOL

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Jul 5 at 6:12am
Hey how are ya doinf, I hope that you Had awesome and Blessed 4th...


Jul 4 at 12:53pm
Happy 4th of July!!!!


Jul 4 at 12:52am
Happy Holiday, 4th of July!


Jul 3 at 6:43pm
You are my Hero!!! Hope you have a fantastic Fourth weekend!!!! It means a lot to me since serving in Vietnam. Thanks for being you. You are awesome!!!!


Jul 1 at 12:17am
I'm ready for you... So what position do you want Top or Bottom? ;)


Jun 30 at 1:04am
Sweet summer ..


Jun 29 at 10:03am
Thanks for the likes super hero! ; ) have a very happy Monday!


Jun 8 at 12:43pm


Jun 7 at 12:57am


Jun 6 at 9:01pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXY MAN!!! Wishing you the best on this special day of yours. Enjoy your weekend!! =)