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Dec 2 at 7:03pm
Posted a blog ... Fresh Wild Salmon Patties


Shared publicly - Nov 30 at 8:09pm
I can't believe you don't want bofa
‘Tall Depends:

Bofa deez?, Bofa dozz?, bofa urz?, bofa his?
bofa my arms around you
“Your arms are not long enough to box with God”

Old stage play name
Your arms also are not 3200 miles long.
But you were here, or I were there, we’d have to me masked and 6-feet apart.

And your arms aren’t each 8-ft long.
I'm giving out virtual holiday LO hugs :)
With your virtual shirt on or virtually off?
Your libido is obviously working at full speed again, eh??
My test last week was only at 150 [Total T] from 78. This is 9 weeks of HCG injections. The goal is 300, and there are two other testosterone values.

The endocrinologist has doubled the injections to 2000 units 3 times weekly for another 6 to 8 weeks.

I can feel it now for sure, and my digestive track is coming along.

I really need a gym, but no way; this county is infested with Coronavirus.
See more
You need one of those in home gym machines.?
I'd liv to have an Elliptical Cross Trainer. NO room for one and a good one [whhch would still be plastic junk] @ $4000+.

The one at the baths has been there for 17 years and is to date the 2nd best ECT downtown Pittsburgh.
Iron is better. Dumbbells, weight lifting, rubber band isometrics, Kettle weights.

Those elliptical things make me dizzy
The ECT at Gold's gym and at the Club are made of iron.

The rotator cuff tears in my shoulders limit me to lifting, but I have PT exercises and I can lift some iron.
Didn’t realize your rotor cuffs are torn. Yes then o gues you need a lighter system like ECT machine.

I’d just watch you use it then (with you worked up, sweating, and shirtless of course.)
It keeps the buns high :) but seriously when done right it's an excellent cardiovascular and for lean muscle, while melting subcutaneous fat; then long-distance speed walking all summertime ----this used to be my total regimen.

I got the speed walking in all summer and now I need the ECT and some weights for the enter. I don't do cold weather at all. I want to sun to be shinning on me hot.
Dec 1 at 1:53am
Another San Deigoan stuck in the wrong side of the continent.
OH, a home gym machine. Ya, at this point, if I had the room. Historically, I've not cared for those.
with that body no need to work out personality is much more imprtant than body a good personality can make a man beautiful or ugly plus guys that work out all the time have no time for a ltr
Dec 1 at 9:52am
Thank you and that's so true. It seems like you have both :p
me nah I am nothing special to look at like you .i am just truthful and brutally honest
Dec 1 at 6:05pm
Soon I'll be posting a recipe blog with pix of my Salmon Patties. I'll let you know if you're not set up for Notifications. You don't have to comment of course, but I bet you have your own recipe for Salmon patties and I always welcome recipes in my food blogs.
i usually only bake salmon steaks with some rice and veggies
Likewise, for me. But Manny likes to expand his Martha Stewart persona :-))
Dec 1 at 9:17pm
Alton Brown, please :))
Dec 1 at 9:17pm
Generally the same here; who needs the extra work. But, I am making the patties and I add egg and mao for the cholesterol to increase my testosterone. Plus, the patties will be 5 nights dinner as opposed to one night with the salmon steak.
im from the south we cook everything in butter butter makes everything better
Dec 2 at 11:48am
I use some butter, and there is butter in the salmon patties.

My neighbor is from the South. Her name is Bertha. Her accent is so deep I sometimes have to ask her to repeat her words. She must have been in the hills in the South.

She cooks up Southern meals.
i bet the smell makes your mouth water
yes my mom sounds and looks like blanche from the golden girls
Dec 2 at 8:26pm
That's cool. Blanche is cool.

I've posted the Wild Salmon Pattie blog. You could mingle with some of my LO Friends there.
Dec 2 at 8:27pm
sounds good man
Dec 2 at 8:23pm
Oh, she sends over plates. I especially like her oxtail and rice dish.

I take food over to then as well.
i knew you where a sweet kind and conceiterate man
Dec 2 at 8:27pm
Thank you. And you as well.
blushes i only wish i was as beautiful and smart as you
Dec 2 at 8:31pm
dude, you are so sweet. Thank you. I try to be beautiful on the inside, and I don't think I'm so smart. I bet you are, and while being humble.
me nah i am nothing special i am just me i dont think of myself that way i like to think of myself as barely average that way i dont get an ego
Dec 2 at 8:35pm
You sound like a wise man. Are you a baker?
yes i am blushes thankyou
Dec 2 at 8:50pm
no, but I should. my mom always bought the cheapest stoves.

I now have a GE Cafe. I want to make homemade pizza, bread, and .....I think it's called a crumb cake with fruit; and lots more.

what do you bake?
pizza dough and bread is pretty easy just take bread flour yeast roll it into a ball throw it on the counter until it swells 3 times the size then roll it out flat and top it bread bread same ways as pizza dough except put it into the pan you want it in and let it swellsl to 3 times the size misting it every now and then then slitting the top to let the bubbles out
Dec 2 at 10:40pm
Thank you, yum, I want to make pizzas
Dec 3 at 4:07am
your welcome


Shared publicly - Nov 29 at 9:56pm
my LIbido is in high gear today
You need a leather tether lest you feather your libido with ...wet dreams all over your nicely showered clean body.
In the last two sex dreams, I've had someone comes along and stops the sex. I wonder if this is my subconscious, though, in the dreams, it's a different person.
Something happens every time to stop mine too.
No shit? Do you mean they just end before you get to the good part; or, ......what?
That’s right. No person or occurrence on the dream intervene: the dream just ends. And I almost always awaken. Still thinking of it. Sometimes when I resume sleep, the dream will begin again but on another scene, and when it’s about to get good, it ends.
Nov 30 at 2:44am
Same here but mine as of the past several years went nudity and sex
-and as I was saying, someone is coming along and stopping the sex and he's part of the dream
Ha!! - Mine don’t even get that far that something is going on yet.
Nov 30 at 4:15am
i know the feeling just when it gets good something always happens your so sexy you should be able to get any man you want without interuption
Nov 30 at 11:50am
thank you :)


Shared publicly - Nov 29 at 11:50am
Has anyone heard of The Epic Times news paper?
Miss newspapers -- bad time to start one, so many going BK. This one too expensive for me. My early career was in newspapers -- very good memories.
It’s trump fake news BS
"Epoch" ... won't be getting my dollar for a free trial. Unslanted my a**, look at the headlines. And they also have a magazine where I read this: "EXCLUSIVE REPORT on the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the COVID-19...". So good that an unslanted newspaper is getting the term right and calling it The China virus. Total bulls**t...
Sounds like right-wing / fascist propaganda?
I had a free sample sent to me and it was okay. I mean, mostly like any other newspaper.
it's a racist rag.. throw it out.
Now, if you want to subscribe to The Funny Times out of suburban Cleveland, that's another matter entirely.
Yes I have heard of it, and read several articles there. From a less ragingly Progressive Position (as displayed reliable and predictably above), it’s a News source similar to the position of Parler which we discussed last week.

It does not follow the Current Progressive Group Think in its editing or articles. Therefore Progressives decry it to be a “disreputable racist rag”

and other epigraphs, and not a “reputable news source.”

As discussed about Parler, it’s a similar to Underground
See more


Shared publicly - Nov 29 at 1:16am
Now that is good art as well as erotic.

My dreams would end just before the man’s tongue would actually touch my nipple, or I his.

It’s my conscience trying to keep me on the straight snd narrow. Like you referenced last week on Steve’s blog about sleeping.
For me and while younger and most of the time, but not all the time, lately, the dream stops before we get to the good part. I don't know why and this always has happened and when I was actively having sex with guys.

So, this is to say it had nothing to do with me being an active Christian now.
Or if your God Given conscience is doings it’s job.

Reference Luke 15:3-7 and Matt 18: 12-14, about the Good Shepard who leaves his flock of 99 to save the one lost sheep.

Not preaching. Just sayin.’
Nov 30 at 2:48am
I know and it's fine to preach where it's welcome,
So, I'm buzzed, right! Are we chatting up the same subject in two trails, lol?
You’re buzzed and I fell asleep for a while, and Yes same dream subject

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Nov 25 at 5:09pm
thank you for thinking of me -- Happy Thanksgiving. What culinary delights are you having?


Nov 11 at 11:35pm


Sixteen, eighteen, twenty-five years

To grow healthy and handsome - - - so fast

Sixteen, eighteen, twenty-five seconds

To die painful, and lonesome - - - so slow


Never forget the greedy arrogant leaders who assumed a false right to rule the world

Never forget the forceful honest leaders who sought the right to their own people’s freedom

Never forget all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, families caught in the middle forced to fight for empire or forced to fight for freedom


Remember and Bless Our Veterans for the Freedom of our nation and for others, and the veterans of our allies who fought with us for those same good reasons of Freedom


Nov 11 at 10:41pm
Have a relaxing rest of the week...


Nov 11 at 10:40pm
Just passing through... You have yourself a great week :)


Oct 31 at 10:14pm
Happy Halloween!


Oct 31 at 5:54pm
Satan's trains through raging infernos, and Cracks in the Beach rocks down to hell,

Ghost trains in your mind bound to Nowhere, and lights appearing from where no one can tell,

All Hallows Eve, lost souls fly through the night

Like Zombies as the drivers of those trains of death's fright.

May you truly enjoy each fright in the night, It's Halloween, and that's when what's scary is right


Oct 31 at 1:28pm
Just Passing Through... Enjoy the Autumn Festive Season :)


Oct 26 at 9:48pm
Thanks for the profile comment. It's always nice to see you on here.


Oct 25 at 9:06am
Stopping in to say

Have a good Sunday

Take some time to play

Thanks for being a friend.


Oct 10 at 11:13pm
“Together forever, forever together, through all of the heartache and happiness, together where ever life goes.”

You won’t loose me as a friend either.