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"The power of our shadow is not for our statue, but it's for service."

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Into Guys18 to 48
Here forFriends, Networking
Body typeAthletic
Height5' 8"
Weight160 lbs
ReligionChristian - other
OccupationLove For All, Hatred For None


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Shared publicly - Jan 26 at 1:21am
In a sermon, my Pastor says, "Helen Keller, a famous philanthropist who was blind from birth, was once asked a question, "Is it a tragedy to be blind?" Her response, "It's a greater tragedy to have eyes and not see."

-Amen to that.
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - Strawberry Fields Forever
The original song and official vintage music video...
I wish you could hear how awesome this sounds on my Omen's sound system. Thanks for sharing.
I wish I could. I've listened to it with Sony headphones and it sounds fantastic... especially for something recorded in 1966. Even the video is very high definition.
Asa was on the phone while I played the song, and he was singing along.
It was kind of spooky thinking "how cute" and then seeing your comment lol
Jan 28 at 11:50pm
Do you mean my `Amen to that` comment?
Jan 29 at 12:48am
Great minds think alike! 😁


Shared publicly - Jan 21 at 11:26pm
Being a little older, I am very

fortunate to have someone call

and check on me every day. He is

from India and is very concerned

about my car warranty.
You know what. He must be a nice guy because he calls me too. LOL!
Is It Larry From India ?
Are you speaking of Indian Larry?
Larry seem to know many of us. He does need to catch up though. He keeps trying to sell me on coverage for a car I traded in in 2016.
I tell Larry I don't own a car, but he wants to check in on me anyway. Larry is interested in my father's timeshares as well. I tell him my father died in the 70s and had no timeshares, but Larry seems so concerned about me he continues to call.
Made me laugh a little bit too much there!
I've heard that one before and still didn't see it coming! Lol
haha,, it was a play because ya'll know I've been sick. It worked :)


Shared publicly - Dec 31 2021 at 11:43pm
Every year with ya'll is the best one yet—cheers to many more.
Happy New Year! 🎉
Cheers ….🥂
happy New Years
💥 Happy New Year’s 🥂

Happy New Year to you and wishing you the best 2022 to come. Aloha....Paul


Shared publicly - Dec 31 2021 at 1:55pm
“If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else.”

Happy New Years Eve
Happy New Year's Eve to you
Well said....
lift me and i will try and lift you
All goodness, Manny.
Excellent! Thanks for the luv, guys.
You have a very Happy New 2022 Year and enjoy it as each day comes. Paul

Have a great New Year Guys!


Shared publicly - Dec 29 2021 at 4:16pm
Hiiiiii lol
Who is this masked man? Is it Superman? Batman? Sexy Man??
You know, after all these years, I still don't know what you look like.
Me either - like his eyes though.
Imagine him looking like a Captain Italian America…. it may not be accurate, but it’s a good a’ picture, :—))
Grazie guys
I sent this to Al this afternoon while going grocery shopping at Shop and Save. Al suggested I post it on LO.

♦Stay Safe, folks.

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Jan 12 at 12:56pm
I hear you aren't feeling well so sending you some positive energy and thoughts. Get well soon!


Jan 11 at 4:55pm
feel better soon chico *huggggggs*


Jan 2 at 1:15am


Jan 1 at 12:15pm
Well I'm waiting for you hurry up! Ha... Enjoy your New Year’s Holiday Weekend :)


Jan 1 at 5:57am
A wish for my friends for the new year.

May you have good health, happiness, and prosperity throughout the year.

Happy New Year!


Dec 31 2021 at 9:57am
Get ready, get set, another year is done.

Another new year begins.


Dec 27 2021 at 8:57pm
Happy Birthday to ya Manny...yummy hot sex to ya to celebrate...Have fun....Mitch


Dec 27 2021 at 2:57pm
Happy Birthday!


Dec 27 2021 at 11:35am
Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear Submate!

Happy birthday to you!Cha Cha Cha!

Have a great birthday and many more.


Dec 25 2021 at 3:03pm
Merry Christmas wishing the best