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Sharpening My Pencil

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A skinny college guy scores with the stud down the hall


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My Adventure with Griff, Part Two

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A skinny college guy breaks the Gorgeous Boy down the hall. Griff cannot get enough of my body and its amazing...


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Straight Bartender Seduced by Married...

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Straight bartender gets seduced by a Cop and his wife, and willingly becomes the cop's bareback cum hole.


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First time is with my coach of the basketball team.


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My Adventures With Griff Part 3, "He...

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This skinny college freshman scores the stud of his dreams and goes home to meet the parents...


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Temp Assignment in the "Shoe Me"State

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I get a temporary assignment in Missouri and the first day meet two very hot young guys.


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A New Brand of Jeans and Hot New...

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I needed a new brand of jeans to fit my fit body, got much more than I bargained for!


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Hottie Matt from Craigslist

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This is a non-ficition story from my personal experiences. It is my first attempt on writing something like this. Please let me know how you like it.


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Duck Season--Opening Weekend

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A skinny College freshman scores with a Gorgeous Young Outdoorsman, while Duck Hunting...


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How I Met Luke

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A college sophomore soccer star picked me out to be his first male could i refuse?


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The Night B4 The Wedding

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I wind up in bed with the groom for an encounter I'm still ashamed of.


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Girlfriends brother

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It was a warm night in June


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An old friend

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Finally got close to a old high school buddy


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Sleeping With the Naked Hunk

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When I was 20, an ugly guy I was nice to years before comes looking for me--and he's not ugly now!


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Me, Andy and the "Straight" Dude

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A for real true story about my buddy and I introducing this really neat straight guy to the horny wonderment of the "brotherhood"


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My Wife's Hot Cousin

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Aaron is one of those perfect jock types that everyone loves to hate...


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Camping With My Friend, David

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First Time TRUE from life short story -- While on a camping trip with his family, we camped away from his folks and I had my first time of Sex - just so happends it was with another guy.


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Turkey Hunt with My Friend

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Justyn earns a free hunt and invites me to share it with him. Paybacks are Heaven


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"Show Me State" Round 1

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My new Gym buds and I work out together, but its not in the Gym