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Sleeping Fraternity Brother

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A true story of how I woke up one of my fraternity brothers after a night out . . .


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Graduation night II

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Continuation of Graduation night


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continuation of graduation night stories


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Sharpening My Pencil

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A skinny college guy scores with the stud down the hall


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My Adventure with Griff, Part Two

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A skinny college guy breaks the Gorgeous Boy down the hall. Griff cannot get enough of my body and its amazing...


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More about Me and Todd, this ones got an interesting twist.


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This story is based on my recent encounter with local law enforcement. This is not how it happened, but would have been fun if it had. Thanks tony for the story idea.


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i met him at a friends house we were both drunk , and


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Straight Bartender Seduced by Married...

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Straight bartender gets seduced by a Cop and his wife, and willingly becomes the cop's bareback cum hole.


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Swim Team Initiation

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I joined the swim team and got more than I planned on. Totally fiction, and maybe a bit out there, but is kinda a kinky fantasy of mine.


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First time is with my coach of the basketball team.


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hottie twin

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a day in the life


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My Adventures With Griff Part 3, "He...

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This skinny college freshman scores the stud of his dreams and goes home to meet the parents...


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Temp Assignment in the "Shoe Me"State

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I get a temporary assignment in Missouri and the first day meet two very hot young guys.


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A New Brand of Jeans and Hot New...

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I needed a new brand of jeans to fit my fit body, got much more than I bargained for!


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My Landlady's Grandson

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Small-town handy man meets big city financier.


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Prom Night

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My boy friends prom, I didn't get to go, but we had a little after prom get together.


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Took a chance on a Straight Military...

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I took a chance on renting a spare room to this straight ex military guy who turned out to be hung &and a virgin. Read my story to see what happens


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Hottie Matt from Craigslist

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This is a non-ficition story from my personal experiences. It is my first attempt on writing something like this. Please let me know how you like it.


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Duck Season--Opening Weekend

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A skinny College freshman scores with a Gorgeous Young Outdoorsman, while Duck Hunting...