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Fucked hard bareback

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True story : Online buddy comes over, stretches my hole, power fucks me, then leaves a big load inside my ass.


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In My Face

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Recently have see a old client who now wanted his massages at home and for more then a massage.


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The very early morning after the night before, when the predominant sense involved is TOUCH.


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My first but not last time.

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A hunky masseur and a horny guy


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Swim Team Ch 82

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Strict warning: Contains sexual themes and strong language. If you aren't into that, leave now. This is a real love story between 6 men who are devoted to each other © 2011-2015 Sheep. All rights...


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A buzz, a beer and then buck naked in...

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An adventure with a buddy who had plans I'd have never guessed.


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[no title]

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The first time these boys meet, its HOT.


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Highway Hookup

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An unexpected meeting with added pleasure


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We All Need Some Therapy Now and Then

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I arrange for a sensual massage from a professional and everything goes even better than I had planned.


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A One Day Stand with Carlos

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Carlos and I had never met but our Hot date turned out to be a memorable one.


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Awesome outdoors blowjobs

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Being interrupted enjoying some nudity and jacking off at a remote rest area on a long stretch of a Texas highway during the night isn't always a bad thing.


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Shawn the Straight Basketball Player

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Hot 3 way

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Meeting up with two hot tops


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BBC Orgy!

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Ok Guys I know its been a while since I posted a story about my sexploits- but I have one here that will hopeully get you guys hot and horny! Just a friendly reminder-- all of my stories are real...


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Some fun I had yesterday

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Some fun had with a bud


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Back in my Navy Time in Pensacola:...

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This is only a fantasy but there was a guy I was stationed with that had the first name of Tony whom I had wanted to fool around with.


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Lazy Bones

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My Boyfriend's Brother

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Having fun with my boyfriends older brother.


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Young, dumb and full

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I picked up a hitch-hiker who was a native American. He had a lot of ideas about that he was and wasn't willing to do, until the lights went out


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Chance Encounter with Eric Part 2

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One of my reader fans I met up with and it lead to a hot session I won't soon forget