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Dr. Levy - Physical Therapy

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Dr. Levy and I meet up outside of the office to explore new treatment options in the form of physical therapy.


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Dr. Levy - First Contact

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I had a sexual encounter with my general practitioner who recently started experimenting with men. This was the first of several sessions.


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Strings, er Rope, Attached - Part 3

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The conclusion of the story of me and Scott and the hot beach stud as told by the later . . .


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Strings, er Rope, Attached - Prequel...

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In case you were wondering what happened with me and Scott before the beach stud arrived in Part 2, here is the prequel to Part 2 . . .


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Strings, er Rope Attached - Part 2

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The continuing story of the beach stud and my buddy and me as told to me by the beach stud . . .


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Strings, er Rope, Attached

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I get it twice in one morning! And, a new encounter looms on the horizon!


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Young Straight Black Muscle Stud came...

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This past weekend, Tthis Young 28 y/o supposed Straight Black Muscle Stud came by to suck my big thick cock, but the temptation of his 8.5"+ cock was too much, we booth got sucked off. read on to...


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A Chance to Float

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Took an overnight trip to float the Guadalupe river.


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When My Best Friend Fucked My Boyfriend

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A true story that I thought I'd share


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A Chance to Get Away

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A trip to New Orleans has a surprise ending.


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Chance for a study break

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I'm breathless for a quick Chance


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No Chance

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A morning surprise eases my longing for Chance


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I hooked up with a Straight Muscle...

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This is one unexpected hook up I'll never forget. Met this Straight Muscle Stud coworker at a bar & we ended up connecting for the weekend


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The most amazing thing happened to me...

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I was selling a car but didn't expect what happened next


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Another Chance Encounter

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Surprised at the gym, I get a better workout than I ever imagined!


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Visiting Man needed to be sucked off

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Good looking Man for out of town was looking for a True cock sucker to suck him off & swallow his loads.


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Swim Team Ch 94

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Swim Team is a copyrighted original novel about a men’s college swim team with the polyamorous gay love and sexual relations of some of its members


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Almost too Thick to be Sucked

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What happen when you want to suck a Hot Muscle stud off but find out his cock is as thick as it is long


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My First Time at Sex Party

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This was my first time i ever went to a Group Sexy Party


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First Man to Swallowed Married Stud Load

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Married Hunk said he wife won't Swallow His Load, then asked me Would I swallow it?