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Fantasy: Sex with the neighbors hot...

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This is only fantasy about someone I know. This did not happen but damn wish it could


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Daddy Encounter on the Eastbound Train

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Story of an encounter with a daddy in the Amtrak east train. Photo is not the daddy but very close to what he looked like.


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Sexual Experiences in Paris - Part 6

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Continuation from Part 5


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I seldom get away from working. The one day I decided that I was going to blow off chores and just relax a bud drops by.


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First Cruise

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My first real cruising experience, just after college. I got lucky at a local park--twice!


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Waking up with Ryan

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Part fantasy part reality. All hot


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A Chance to Float

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Took an overnight trip to float the Guadalupe river.


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Man in a kilt

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Summertime in Chicago with men in uniform and men in kilts


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Craigslist hook up

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ongoing hook up with guy i met from craigslist


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Virgin hole

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A little story about popping a twinks cherry


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Garage door, back door men

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It sure wasn't Gaydar

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I travel quite a bit for my business. As far as I knew we were just a couple of Jar Heads that met in a motel bar while on a business trip. If I have gaydar – it sure wasn’t going off right now.


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Married alpha DILF takes me on my...

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This is a real story, it happened 5/13/17 I went to a nude beach for the first time with a ALPHA MWM muscle bear DILF.


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New In Town

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It's a story about a middle age guy moving to a Southern state to enjoy the warm climate and retirement. He's not looking for romance, just a little fun and sex!


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Uncle Tom's Cabin

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I love living in a small town. The relationships built in a community are priceless. This is a story of an experience I had after a really crappy week with a stranger that rented the community...


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New York Cab Ride

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My quick adventure in a New York cab ride....


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Married Ginger has some firsts Part Two

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So, He's been massaged. What else is he up for?


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Cab Driver Perks

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You never know who's getting to the back seat of your cab.


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Coincidence or Fate!

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This experience was such a strange coincidence that a good friend has been trying to get me to write it for almost a year. This is based on 2 experiences. Deja Vu. Can lightning strike twice?


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The Walker

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a wild fuck took place when beefy walker saw me standing on my patio one morning playing with my nipples...