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Shared publicly - May 20 at 10:26pm
I was informed by a dude named Eric (who blocked me ) that he was here for intelligent conversation and NOT for cock, doesn't it look like he should go to LOL


Shared publicly - May 20 at 10:57am
doing? Looking for cock like all the rest of you are doing
you're confused. not all of us are looking for cock. Some of us are looking for intelligent people to relate to.


Shared publicly - Apr 26 at 3:06pm
cum vampires are starving in peru indiana


Shared publicly - Apr 26 at 3:04pm
discovered adam4adam is a good place to find local cock


Shared publicly - Apr 23 at 1:39pm
ISO a hard cock to suck (so oral) LOL

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Mar 7 at 12:39am
Peru, Indiana. "S Wonderful.


Mar 4 at 1:26pm
I'm ready for you... So what position do you want Top or Bottom? ;)


Mar 4 at 11:49am
I notice you stopped by my page I hope you saw something you liked :)


Dec 1 2014 at 8:09pm
The muffled rumbling "tchuuuusssshhh" of the wheels, as the coaches glide through the snow,

The echoing grumble of the engines ahead, to let the locals know,

from some town or city, these people left, and to some other city now go,

Fast between the hills, even faster across the fields, as the blanketing white piles higher, e'er so soft and oddly slow

To friends homes? to family homes? or new jobs and economy?

Only the rails, the railroad rails, only those rails will see. - -

- - - thanks for saying Hi