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Hi guys.

I'm a 110% gwm, who is warm, compassionate, loving, and faithful to my friends. (I'd be faithful to my husband if I had one! I don't consider being on LifeOut being unfaithful; but there are some activities I'd consider "unfaithful" if I were married.) I love just to sit by a fire and cuddle with a guy. I'm a bottom and love nice long cocks. In case you're wondering: HIV neg.

As old as I am I like helping younger guys to cope and develop into upstanding gay men. I'll chat with anyone! Ok, maybe I'm a "perv," but young guys, especially with uncut cocks, really turn me on. But not just here for young guys!

I love sports of all kinds, MLB, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NHL, NFL (except the owners), and even "watersports." And I really love camping, swimming, slow day hikes, (I have bad knees, with right knee replacement having happened in July 2017), and hanging around nude. Since this "came up" recently, I sleep nude unless it's really cold. Then just gym shorts!

Hit me up: I'll always respond ... maybe not in five minutes, but I'll get to you. Use kik if you want. Shavedballs69 is my address there.

Working for equality and justice for all! Just really, really sick about all the violence against LGBTQ folks, not only Orlando, but all violence against our brothers and sisters everywhere and anytime. Let's really work for love not hate. As was said in Manchester, UK, after the terroridt attack, "love is greater than hate."

I'm still pretty much "in the closet," except for here and some of my closest friends (and sometime partners!). So like many of us if we were openly "out" there could be ramifications that would endanger my job and other straight friends I have. So I'm cautious about face pictures.

Maybe some of you would like to see this. Taken 3/17/19:

== Results from ==

99% Exhibitionist

98% Voyeur

97% Switch

85% Non-monogamist

61% Ageplayer

58% Experimentalist

57% Boy/Girl

49% Vanilla

48% Master/Mistress

46% Dominant

44% Submissive

37% Rigger

35% Degradee

19% Owner

18% Degrader

17% Daddy/Mommy

10% Masochist

10% Brat

9% Rope bunny

8% Sadist

5% Primal (Hunter)

4% Pet

3% Brat tamer

3% Slave

2% Primal (Prey)

Pretty accurate I think.

Well this says a lot. Hope you didn’t find it too boring. Enjoy anything and everything here! XOXO ?

Basic Information

Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSome extra baggage
Height5' 10"
Weight225 lbs
EducationPost grad
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
OccupationSemi-retired counselor.


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Jul 20 at 5:22am
Posted a video ... Relieving stress!


Shared publicly - Jun 26 at 11:26pm
Happy Pride everyone. 🌈🏳️‍🌈💋
Jun 27 at 10:05am
Thanks you too


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 6:50pm
It’s 117 heat index here. Trying to stay cool. 🌞😂😵‍💫
I have taken the pledge to not shower until it rains again. Could be pretty ripe by week's end.⛈️🌨️😜
Jun 28 at 11:07am
you might be ripe, but someone might enjoy all those man scents!
Jun 26 at 5:21am
that is why i moved from STL to fort myers cooler down here. :-) stay safe man!
Jun 26 at 9:31am
Oh my try to stay cool


Shared publicly - Jun 17 at 8:59am
Happy “daddy’s weekend” to all of us daddy’s!
i love daddies
I do too of course.


Shared publicly - Jun 10 at 12:23am
R. I. P. Woody2X8 😢

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Jul 4 at 7:47am
Stopping by to say hi.

and happy 4th of July

Have a great day.


May 29 at 4:58pm
Remember our Heroes


Apr 15 at 9:12pm
It’s such a hopeful time of year, and I wish you every good thing at Easter and always.


Mar 27 at 8:34am
Another week of fun and games

Moaning Monday!

Testicle Tuesday!


Thirsty Thursday!

Fun Friday!

Are you ready??


Mar 16 at 3:26pm
Happy St. Patrick's Day


Feb 12 at 9:43pm
Happy Valentine's Day