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Welcome fellow LifeOUT buddies! Always glad to see new visitors here - my personal preferences are for more mature (over 30) guys, I'm open for anyone. Fur in any amount is a plus, but not excluding a hot smooth guy, either. Before you send me a friend request, please read both my blogs - that way you'll know more about me, and also what I'm looking for in a friend. Have a great day and enjoy!

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Here forFriends, Networking
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSome extra baggage
Height5' 11"
EducationPost grad
ChildrenProud parent
OccupationSelf employed


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Shared publicly - Dec 24 2020 at 8:50pm
Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and hopes for a safe holiday to all the great guys here on LifeOUT! So nice to belong to such a great group, virtual hugs to all.
Dec 24 2020 at 11:47pm
Merry Christmas! 🎄


Shared publicly - Nov 26 2020 at 5:21pm
Happy Thanksgiving to all of the fine guys here on LifeOUT - hope everyone is having a great day and staying safe!
Nov 26 2020 at 7:59pm
Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 🦃
Nov 26 2020 at 8:01pm


Shared publicly - Dec 24 2019 at 6:29pm
A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for all my friends here on LifeOUT. I hope that you are all enjoying the season and may the New Year be filled with the best kind of happiness and enjoyment that you can imagine!
Dec 24 2019 at 11:26pm
Thank you and the same to you!
Dec 25 2019 at 5:09pm
You too. :)


Shared publicly - Dec 25 2017 at 12:38pm
Merry Christmas to all my LifeOUT friends and acquaintances . Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that all your Christmas wishes come true!
Jul 27 2018 at 12:48am
Thanks for the shout out. I really appreciate it.

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Apr 10 at 7:34pm
Point of Fact: because Jesus had a healthy young man's body, with all the natural physical traits, he certainly got a Morning Wood. - - But being God, and Son of God, and thus being Perfect, he never would have "played with it."

So neither should you.



Apr 4 at 4:49am
Though three days buried dead in the flesh, on the third day, as He Promised, and as foretold, the earth quaked as an Angel of The Lord rolled the stone away. Two angels told the two Mary’s to not fear nor look among the dead, for The Lord is Alive, He Is Risen.

Death is Conquered.

He Is Risen Indeed

Happy Easter


Apr 3 at 3:49am
Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem, you stone all the prophets, but now tortured and pierced and humiliated in the Roman manner, He has been crucified dead and is buried. And it is Holy Saturday.


Apr 3 at 3:49am
Getting ready for Easter Egg Hunting?


Mar 5 at 2:05pm
TGIF - - There's a small hotel, - - with a wishing well, - - I wish that we were there... together - - - (From the 1937 London musical "On your Toes")

And... what to do at that Small Hotel?



Jan 28 at 8:00pm
If the cook, at first, can't fuckin' fricassee, then Make him COOK some other way - - -


Dec 25 2020 at 4:07am
It’s Christmas. And, yes, it’s really about the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas.

Before the Choo Choo Train Toys, before Santa Claus (and FedX and UPS) and before seasonal transcontinental Family Gatherings to celebrate, before all that,

FIRST, God’s Gift to us: Jesus the Christ Immanuel, “God with us on Earth”: to Forgive us for ALL our inevitable big and little sins, to teach us to accept and forgive all others Without Prejudice as He Will do, if we but try honestly to follow Him, to live honestly and love others, and Believe with Faith in His Promise to forgive us.

But God with us on earth? Had to start as birth as we all do with a mommy, Mary. She saw the honor it brought her, but Did Mary realize the full essence? ... really?

Musically, this is the author’s own original recording of “ Mary Did You Know?” - - -

Merry Christmas -