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2 guys in East Baton Rouge, La. looking to play with others. IF YOU ASK TO BE MY FRIEND UNLOCK YOUR PICS,,,,if you don't have pics don't ask to be my friend or don't care if you are discreet i'm not showing your pic to your wife,,,,,,get over yourself HAVE PICS IF YOUR ASK TO BE FRIENDS AND NOT A PIC OF YOUR UNDERWEAR

We been together for 24 years,,,so lets have some fun,,,,,is it 420 yet?

**** the Scorpion tattoo does mean anything,,,,,,i got it many years ago,,,i just like scorpions ******

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StatusCommitted, but play together
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height5' 6"
Weight130 lbs
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me


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Shared publicly - Aug 22 at 9:21pm
Hey guy,,,,,,we make it though the great flood of 2016,,,,,,,,,,,,water got to our front door, but not into the house,

just got power back on yesterday and internet back on this afternoon...........i was the only street in my neighborhood that didn't flood,,,,,,,,,,guys it a mess around here, hot and mold everywhere. been working on 18 different home cutting out sheetrock and everything to the street,,,,,stinks around here too..........got to love the south..............
Best of luck. You'll be in my thoughts.
thanks man,,,,,,,,,,,,,it a living hell around here
Aug 22 at 10:11pm
glad you are good there
thanks man,,,,,now if we can get all the trash off the streets,,,,,it's smelling kind of bad now
Aug 22 at 10:28pm
Glad you are ok!!!!
Aug 22 at 10:29pm
thanks man,,,,,now if we can get all this mess clean up
Hang in there...I have been through two major hurricanes..I KNOW first hand what you're going through!!!
Aug 22 at 10:35pm
oh we lived on the beach when Katina came though,,,,,our house is still somewhere in there Mississippi gulf waters,,,,,,we never found it, so we just quit looking,
Aug 22 at 10:38pm
Wow!!! The two I was through I had no damage but I went with the National Guard and Fire Dept.....saw PLENTY!!! Heard plenty!!
they can have it all,,,,,,i'm so done with this game,,,,,,,lol
so glad y'all are okay!!!!
Aug 23 at 7:40am
thanks man,,,,,,
Aug 23 at 12:13am
glad you guys didn't have any damage!!! and that you are safe!!1
Aug 23 at 7:41am
thanks man,,,,


Jul 31 at 6:30pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Jul 20 at 4:51pm
All our bags are packed.......heading out tomorrow to Colorado for 10 days going to have a smoking good time in more than one way,,,,,,,,,
Jul 20 at 5:23pm
Have fun guys!!
oh we will,,,,,,,,thanks man
Jul 20 at 5:25pm
You're welcome!!
Enjoy your trip will be out that way this Friday in Las Vegas

thanks man,,,,,you have some fun too,,,,
Jul 20 at 6:37pm
Have a great time! I hope we can chat when you get back.
Jul 20 at 7:17pm
will tell you all about it
Jul 20 at 7:38pm
Jul 21 at 12:59pm
cum yummy my hole
Jul 21 at 10:41am
wish you were coming to branson, mo..id show you both a hot time
Jul 21 at 12:58pm
hell we can drive by and drop a couple loads of cum
Jul 21 at 1:06pm
im down for that


Shared publicly - Jul 17 at 11:19am
hope you guys like my new pics.........
thanks man,,,,,always love seeing your new pics...
Thank YOU too!
always like ur pics
thanks man glad you enjoy them,,,,,,,hope i make that cock hard looking at them lol
Oh man! love those sexy pics.
will be posting more tonight
You know me; can't wait to see them.
going to make you pop a load in your pants
Jul 17 at 12:26pm
they are hot there
hope they made your cock hard
Love the new pics and especially hope to see maybe a vid or two of you in action with your hot tanline. ;)


Jul 17 at 11:17am
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Aug 5 at 8:26pm
Hey y'all need yo text me I can finally get away and come hang with y'all again maybe this weekend love to star in another video with y'all :)


Jul 12 at 3:18pm
I'm ready to play with you 2 so what will it be... left side, middle, or the right side? :)


Jul 6 at 7:00pm
thanks for adding me..your pics and vids are hot..id bottom for yall anytime


Jun 4 at 7:44pm
Your boyfriend is a lucky man, and so are all your fuck buddies! All your pics and videos are so hot. What I would do for my man and I to have some fun with you guys, unf!


Jun 3 at 11:48am
What a sexy hot couple. Why can't we be closer!


Apr 17 at 10:14am
Have a Sexy Sunday.............................


Apr 17 at 8:43am
Thanks for being a friend!


Mar 27 at 9:55pm
Are you ready for Easter Bunny to bring you an Easter basket full of goodies? I am and do you want to know what kind of Easter basket I really want??? It's that beef stick and Easter eggs that's between your legs and I just love that kind of Easter treats as I know you do too cus I got some of that for you too... Happy Easter :)


Mar 23 at 11:57pm
Love all of the hot pics/vids. Especially the dp vids. Would love to have some fun with you guys.


Mar 2 at 6:17pm
I'm verstile and you sure do have a nice cock and I'd give it a good ride :)