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StatusAsk me
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height5' 9"
Weight163 lbs
EducationPost grad
ChildrenProud parent
OccupationProperty owner/management etc.


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Shared publicly - Oct 12 at 8:51am
Hangin out, lookin for friends interested in chatting and some fun, and reasonably close to allow us to connect.


Shared publicly - Mar 17 at 11:01am
Hangin out, waiting for it to warm up!! This site is slipping! Haven't had any stories published for some time!!


Shared publicly - Mar 8 at 8:11am
Hey. L.O friends how is your week going? Running low on MANSEX!! time to catch up.. Don't even see any stories any more!!
Mar 8 at 1:07pm
I agree...It seems this whole blog's activity is slowing down, or is it just me?


Shared publicly - Feb 28 at 8:31pm
Hangin out.. lookin for some stories.. What has happened, it has been 2 weeks since any have been published!!
Feb 28 at 11:53pm
I'm gonna try one last time this week, but it kinda sucks when you spend 90 minutes sharing a piece of your life, only to have it disappear without knowing why...

#itsnotthem #itsme
Feb 28 at 11:57pm
What do they do, loose it? Or tun it down?
Feb 28 at 11:58pm
Feb 29 at 7:52pm
Do they say what is wrong with them? Do they have a list of criterion they use?
Feb 29 at 8:08pm
Declined! Bummer.
Feb 29 at 11:31pm
Is there someplace a guy can ask what is going on and why they decline the articles?
Feb 29 at 11:31pm
Is there someplace a guy can ask what is going on and why they decline the articles?


Shared publicly - Jan 8 at 9:12pm
Hey how is all my good L.O friends?

The authors of the "stories" must be on vacation.. Haven't seen a good story for a good while.

Of course the real thing is by far the better!! Got a smile yet on my face from today!!
Jan 8 at 11:15pm
I uploaded one 5 days ago...they must be closed for the holidays or something.
Oh, I see. has made me wonder..

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Dec 8 at 4:33pm
thanks for the add


Dec 8 at 3:56pm
HOT pics


Oct 5 at 3:00pm
hey beautiful


Oct 5 at 10:14am
Do you have any regular fuck Buddies?