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Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height6' 3"
Weight220 lbs
EducationIn college
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
Occupationservicing customers... ;p


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Shared publicly - Apr 27 at 8:26am
forget using a jockstrap as a mask, how sexy would it be to have a guy cum in my mask, and then have me wear it all day, so that all i can smell is HIM??
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! or Even If A Guy Pissed In A Mask to Be Worn ALL DAY
i'd like some of the college boys to cum in their underwear and bring it to me and drop it off to my office so I could suck on them throughout the day at will.
May 2 at 5:02pm
You might infuriate “Father Fauci” but it sounds like a Novel way to survive and pleasantly endure this so-called “Novel Virus”.
May 2 at 7:06pm
PS: good way to, ehh, "... work servicing customers.."


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 5:39am
i don't care whether it's a pet or a child, DON'T let it go thumping back and forth across your apartment at 4am...
okay, OR five a.m. i originally had to pee. now i'm just pissed...
Some people think that it is their God given right to fuck others over and do not care
May 2 at 5:05pm
“The folks upstairs could be neighbors wondrous,

If instead of above us, they just lived under us.”

(Ogden Nash)


Shared publicly - Apr 20 at 6:43am
ken ryker: because guys shouldn't JUST be a little taller than i am... they should be longer and thicker, too...


Shared publicly - Apr 14 at 5:59am
getting stabbed at noon. looking forward to it...
I'd love to be the camera guy...

Have fun 😃
Afternoon delight...enjoy
Moderna or Pfizer?
moderna. w/a guaranteed round two in 21-28 days...
Oh!!! Im getting #2 at 6pm today!
I got my Pfizer completed almost a month ago now. No side effects, just a very little soreness at the point of injection and that was hardly noticeable...
I’m fully vaccinated and at several weeks past 2nd shot!
Good for you: in the 1940’s and 1950’s, era ofTB, polio, and mumps, we all learned that it’s better to be stabbed a moment for inoculation, than to be stabbed for 8-weeks of intravenous


Shared publicly - Apr 12 at 7:35am
Apr 12 at 1:08pm
You were absolutely beautiful to me NICE BOYS
That was hot. So which guy are you quiet corner----- Top guy. Bottom guy. Or hot guy sitting in corner watching
May 2 at 7:22pm
Good vid; good men; yes that can happen in real life (c.1985, San Francisco, a pair of Macy's mens models and lovers, when I walked in to give back a diamond ear cuff that one had leant me the previous night)

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Nov 8 at 11:04am
Thanks for the photo likes. Would love to see your pix.


Sep 28 at 8:18pm
Thanks for the friend invite.


Aug 23 at 7:44am
Monday is here

Oh, the dread

Rather stay home

Gotta workie instead

Hence, the name

Moaning Monday

Rather call it

Mancandy Day!


Aug 11 at 2:46pm
Thanks for the friend's add, big guy, and horny greetings from Winston-Salem, North Carolina! ;-)


Jul 4 at 2:53am
The 4th of July, Our Nation's Declaration to be Free, with Equal Representation, and Liberty and Justice for ALL - "To form a More Perfect Union" Equal for ALL, no matter how long it takes to include ALL Equally

Happy Fourth-!!



Jul 2 at 1:35pm
Thanks for the friend request. Great pics.