whoyamadoodle Details


InterestsI have too many interest to try and think about and list...playin on the computer, hanging out with friends, sleepin, watchin movies, goin to the movies, ya know fun kewl chill stuff.
MusicNow music is even more diverse then interest are. My best friend has opened me up to such a large random amount of music that I have not had a favorite song in a very long time. Not even favorite group, nor genre of music even. There are too many different songs with different meanings that I can relate to and feel that it is not possible to have a favorite song or band for that matter. That is definately a topic of conversation that could last for a very long time and would most certainly have my fullest attention as well.
MoviesAll kinds of movies. It depends on the indiviual movie as to whether I like it or not. Perhaps a few of my all time favorites are National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Alice in Wonderland, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Spirited Away, Star Wars (any), Camp, Evita, Moulin Rouge, Vampire Hutner D, Dungeons and Dragons, Clue, Blade (any), Steel Magnolias, and The Covenant just to name a few.
TelevisionAs far as tv goes...Charmed, Heroes, anything on the Sci-Fi Channel, GhostHunters, Lost, The Supernatural, South Park, and Weeds to name a few. Oh and I'm really wantin to check out Rome...was recommended by a friend, quite highly recommended as a matter of fact.
BooksReading is a passion of mine. I love to read anything from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The Death's Gate Cycle is another favorite of mine as is The Last Herald Mage series by Mercedes Lackey. I will at least read the first chapter of a book and if I can make it through it I will keep on reading to see if I like it or not.