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InterestsKik: lrd_dragn add me and let's chat! Trade pics, etc

Fantasy, Music, Movies and Books............See below for specifics.
MusicI love anything and everything, when it comes to music I am truly ecclectic and have nearly no limits to genre, year or even language. If it has a great beat or message I will listen to it :)
MoviesI love all genres of movies, especially the dragon dynasty series and fantasy movies. I own almost all movies that were comics made movie........I have over 700 movies and I luv to watch movies but I really luv to quote movies and television and music....I do that lots. Well I will be posting more about me as I think about TahTah for now.
TelevisionTelevision, wow where to start!?!?!?! My favorite show of all time was Charmed when it was on....I have all 8 seasons. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was another one I watched and now own also. Supernatural is the new series I'm getting into and I love it!! Hot guys fighting evil :) I am into u can imagine from reading this and my books section what I am really into.....I also have Friends, all 10 seasons. Everybody loves Raymond. I currently watch lots of reality shows: Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing Race, Heroes, Top Chef, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, I like to watch Xmen Evolutions on Cartoon Network along with Teen Titans, Yu Gi Oh and a few others......even with all these cartoons I am a very mature man, although I am very Sarcastic; I always have a smart ass comment so if we chat don't get offended.
BooksHhhmmmm well lets see.......My favorite author is Robert Jordan I have every book from his Wheel of Time Series and have read this series at least a few Dozen times. I read a lot of fantasy books (Not porn fantasy, just regular fantasy). I like Terry Goodkind and his Sword of Truth Series. I luv Anne McCaffrey and her Dragonriders of Pern Series (All the books in that series). I luv to read and will give anything a try at least once....if you have any recommendations just send them my way Via comment or message.....I read mostly fantasy but have read murder mysteries, mysteries and history books......I love it all.