Bigpaws Details


InterestsJust because I now live in arkansas, do not mistake me for a local. Sure I have some agracultural hobbies. but they pale in comparison to My technical and Musical intrests. and My variety of Technical, covers a vast territory from Furries, to costumes, to Staging, engineering lights/sound/video, network and computer engineering, robotics, AI, industrial arts: such as welding, machining, fordging and others. I am an example of a modern renesence man.
MusicMusician: Guitar, Bass, Synthesizers. Been in several bands since 1980, none you've ever heard of. unless you were from Ventura, California at that time. I am always looking to collaborate with other musicians. Currently building a home recording studio (Building), for practice & recording.
MoviesSeen a few. own a few, been in a few. LOL
TelevisionMost Television programming does not appeal to me. Some cable programming Does. But I have elected since 2004 to stop wasting time on television. There are more interesting things than TV.
BooksSteven King books.. ~ sight ~ they appeal to me. However I find myself mostly mired in very dry boring technical manuals, due to my addiction to technologies.