Privacy Policy

This section tells you about the cookies that are set when you use our sites and where to find instructions to help you manage them.

LifeOUT Cookies and Browser Storage

Besides cookies, LifeOUT caches some information in a small database that is part of your browser called IndexedDB. This helps us to remember where you were when you last used LifeOUT. The data isn't visible to other applications; however you should clear it if you are sharing the browser with others as it could be accessed by them. Your browser gives you the option to clear this data.

LifeOUT Systems, LLC sets the following cookies on LifeOUT:

CookieCookie TypeUsed For
lifeout_site_sessionEssential Session cookieLinks your browser to your account on LifeOUT

Changing your cookie options

Each browser has instructions for managing cookies and clearing any data stored. You can usually find this under "Help" or "Settings". Links for some of the most popular browsers are shown below:

BrowserLink to instructions
Apple Safari for MacOS
Apple Safari for iOS
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox