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Basically, I'm a frank and an honest person. Not afraid to say and express my opinions. I always tell the truth even if it hurts. It's much better if you got hurt at first rather than in the end and regret. They might say that frankness hurts and is so sharp, but I like being that way. I also have very low tolerance for bullshit people. Once I don't like you, be it. I don't wanna stress my life on people who don't give a fvck and who don't even deserve an issue in my life. Why should I care if you don't? On the other hand, deep inside I do care and I do love all those good and happy people who will come and who came in my life. What else do you wanna know? ☺

To whom it may concern,

For everything wrong I've done till now. For disrespecting you those times where I was a complete asshole. I'm sorry that I never believed in myself for you, but most of all I'm sorry for hurting you so much.

I love you enough to know what's best for both of us, even if it'll hurt in the beginning. Believe me, I won't regret anything we did, anything we had talked about, nothing. You were indeed my first love and it will always be like that. I hope we can still be as close as we were even before we were in a relationship, but if you're not comfortable with that then let me know cause I don't want to continue bothering you.. But yea point is, I do still care, I may think myself as a heartless person, but you were the first man to show me how to love. ☺

"Even though I'm moving on, I will never forget you. All because you were my first true love. And there will come a time in my life when I will thank you for that because by you breaking my heart, it made me a little bit stronger and you made me a little bit closer to finding the one that I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with. The scary thing is: all the pain you put me through, with a snap of your fingers I'd run back so fast. So I bet you love to know you can have me at any moment if you want." -Phoenixx

Sweet beginnings. Good life. ☺

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Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height5' 4"
EducationCollege graduate
OccupationI have ENOUGH


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