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tired of being a good guy, my life is boring and have realized the more bad i am the more i am like... lol

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Shared publicly - Feb 2 at 12:32pm can't change who u are but u can change what u are!!! that alittle confusing....i think u can change all above......
The Secret to Happiness is ? Just Be Who You Are ! Not what others want you to be :-)


Shared publicly - Jan 29 at 5:23pm
someday im gonna find the direction i should be heading and i will once again feel the happiness that the world has out there
I pray that you do, Otter!!!!!!!!!!!


Shared publicly - Jan 21 at 12:12pm
really not normal here.. just not fitting in fucked up in all the wrong ways
Jan 21 at 2:08pm
Otter buddy... what's wrong? You 'fit in' with us buddy!!!
Jan 21 at 4:03pm
Just get out more bud!


Shared publicly - Jan 17 at 7:36am
I would like to say thank you to all of you on here!!!!
oh your welcum there my friend
We're ALL HERE for ya buddy!!!!!!
You're welcome bud. Hugs


Shared publicly - Jan 15 at 1:29pm
I have to say sorry to all who responed to my last post and wanted me to finsh it.......I had a very tragic passing in my life and im slowly getting back far together Not much yet.....I just had to put one of my children to rest in heaven.. One of a parents worst nightmears.......
OH my goodness Otter!! You have my deepest sympathy!! Your in my prayers buddy!!
My deepest condolescense, that is so tragic
oh so sorry to hear this I know what your going through I had a son and a grand son that passed it is hard my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family
Sorry for you David. Don't know how anybody gets through this.. May God give you both the strength you need...Sending warm hugs...
thank you both my son and grand son died with in 6 months old
Jan 15 at 3:32pm
my son got really sick and my grand son accidental
that is terrible. so sorry babe
im sorry..also i didnt mean to hit the like tap button on this....its nothinng anyone would want to happen
Jan 15 at 10:24pm
that's good I do understand not a problem I know how it is its been almost 40 years for my son but only a few years for my grand son you never forget them only remember the good things the happiness they brought you
Jan 15 at 3:13pm
OMG Otter. Im so sorry babe. What happened?
Sincere condolences
I'm sorry about the passing.
Im so Sorry for your loss
so sorry to hear that
Otter... I am so deeply sorry to hear this news. Please know that my heart felt thoughts and prayers are with you . Hugs

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Mar 14 at 7:53am
Just wanted to say hello.. Hope things are ok.. I miss your postings babe.


Feb 15 at 6:24pm
Hey You... Yes You... I got a nice Valentines Day treat for you that your just going to love so why don't you cum and lick and eat it till you get to the juicy center and rim it real good and while your doing that I'll suck on your manhood lollipop and then we can switch postions I'm sure you'll enjoy it and so will I, but you know since both our asses are all moist and prepped let's also fuck our brains out while were at it too now wouldn't that be great... Happy Valentines Day :)