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please fell free to add me . ultimate goal is to find a ltr. but friends are great too, oh btw i am hiv positive. if thats a prob for u then dont bother.

if all u care about is sex u r barkin up the wrong tree, not here for a quick thing, tho its been known to happen rarely.

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Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 6:25pm
just celebrated my 33rd birthday and I'm still alone


Shared publicly - Jan 17 at 7:24pm
I hate Indianapolis. I'm so ready to leave. Its been almost all bad since I moved here


Shared publicly - Jan 9 at 5:53pm
update: I went to the emergency room for frost bite on my feet from being kicked out of my place in below 0 temps. a friend of mine found out I was in the hospital, so I have been with him the last 2 days he just informed me that he has not paid his rent so that I will need to find another place to stay tomorrow night . I am so freaking out bc I don't kn9ow what I am gonna do ;.
Jan 10 at 3:08pm
oo wow sorry to hear are you ok.. and hope u find a place so you dont have to be out in the cold
Jan 11 at 7:33am
Sorry to hear about this friend. I hope things get better soon.


Shared publicly - Jan 6 at 11:22am
I have never been more hated and unwanted then I have in the last couple days
Jan 6 at 6:34pm
who did you piss off.......and do you really care...........
Jan 7 at 11:41am
i want you


Shared publicly - Nov 15 2014 at 3:51am
Well a couple just proved to me that I am not good enough. Had a 4 way with my roomier and only got touched once by the 2 he had over. Just goes to show u that fat ppl don't get love from skinny ppl. They get mocked and laughed at bc of our size. Some of us can't help that we are this way. I didn't ask to be fat and I watch what I eat. Just wish I wasn't fat and could be loved.
Nov 16 2014 at 9:39am
who was the fourth

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