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Im a honest and straight up guy who tells it like it is, and doesnt tolerate drama or bs. I try to be the type of person I want as a friend. As of late that seems to have bitten me in the ass. But it is what it is. Im not going to change who and what I am.

As for what I am looking for.

Im just looking for a cuddle buddy. Someone I can watch a movie with and just cuddle, or stay the night with and hold and be held all night long. That is it. Nothing more then that, nothing less then that. NO sex, no pressure. Just friendship and cuddling.

Im in a open relationship and have been with the same guy for almost 4 years now. Hes got a second bf, and while at one point I was looking for another for myself, I am not per say looking now. For now just a cuddle buddy.

Im pagan, and proud, I have tattoos, and I am a table top RPGer. Im a old school console gamer. I only play minecraft on the PC, no other PC games of that type. (Zuma, and Bejeweled are a exception). I love Mario, and other old school gamer stuff of that nature. I crochet, and make nerdy crochet stuff like Mario afghans, and other stuffed animals that you crochet. I just finished up a Minecraft Creeper scarf.

Anything else Just ask. Be respectful and were all good, be disrespectful and well honestly you would not be worth my time and Ill just block you. Simple as that.

Basic Information

StatusIn an open relationship
Into Guys18 to 40
Here forDating, Friends, Networking
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSome extra baggage
Height6' 0"
Weight240 lbs
EducationHigh school
ChildrenSome day


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Shared publicly - Feb 5 at 9:34am
I always try to live by to each their own. But sometimes when I see people doing some of the things they do to themselves, I want to ask what the hell do you think your doing to yourself.


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Happy Imbolc Everyone.


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Being a red head, ginger, bronze, copper, or strawberry blond is a rare gift. I love being a ginger personally. Ya I was picked on and made fun of in school and as a adult for it. It is what it is. Shaving off that which makes me unique or dying my hair ect makes no sense to me. I would assume its fear that makes other gingers shave off their pubes and dye their hair. Sad state that is for sure.
I have always cherished redheads. Had a fascination with them all my life. I find them to be passionate lovers. All hail the coppertops (and bottoms)!
LOL Love the coppertops. That made me laugh. :-)

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Thanks for stopping by :)


Nov 28 2014 at 12:08am
Here's hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and you know what would be even better? If you was here to really show your appreciation and thankfulness by gobbling and stuffing our naked body's together and having a real good feast on each other now wouldn't that be real delicious...Happy Thanksgiving my Good Friend :)