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I’ve led two lives…the first very str8, married, divorced, remarried the same gal when she became terminal, widowed. Two adult kids. I’ve dated and had some good female relationships….and then accidentally, yes accidentally, I met a guy!! I think I’ve always known I was gay, but I did love being a family man….never strayed once. But once there (gay) there was no looking back.

An avid reader, I enjoy traveling and discovering the U.S. along the back roads just me, my dog, the F150 and tent. I collect antique Native American Indian baskets. Life have been especially good to me and has given me the opportunity to do everything from owning my own auto leasing company to producing fashion shows and a lot more in between.

Volunteering, especially with seniors and in hospice, has given me my newest challenge doing home care. I enjoy short hikes, bicycling, swimming, plus tv sports – as well as other ‘indoor sports’. 6.5, uc.

I’m here mostly for chat and welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and laughs. There are so many men on Lifeout that are truly special, wise and wonderful!

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EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height6' 2"
Weight237 lbs


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Shared publicly - Sep 25 at 1:00pm
Yom all our Jewish friends - Gemar Chatima Toya (good final sealing)
Tzom kal (צוֹם קַל)
Thanks. Same to you and yours if you celebrate.
Sep 27 at 4:12am
Happy Yom Kipper!

Yeah, a pale skin and blue eye's Viking just said that because, I believe that we all bleed RED. It really would be nice perhaps someday... We could all get along?
Sep 28 at 3:52pm
I will admit that I am surprised that you responded but proves my feelings of who you really are....very well said. We all bleed red - WOW


Shared publicly - Sep 11 at 1:17pm
9/11.....may we never forget
I was home from work sick that day …
I have 3 friends born in this day
Dont see how anyone could ever forget. I just cant believe its been 23 years
23 years have passed so quickly I can't believe it. Though not likely for those who lost loved ones.
Actually, 22 years.
It's tragic beyond words and comprehension that all of those people were killed, that the buildings were destroyed and that 9/11 even happened in the first place.

I was in those buildings in 1977. We went up in one of them and out on the roof. I remember, at the time, the lobby had purple carpeting... and lots of glass and chrome.
Sep 12 at 4:01am
I used to work for ATPAC. I would deliver supplies to the pentagon for the technicians. Once checked in you were given a scan card for your areas. The only part of the job was if you had to PISS or, use the bathroom. Security would literally have to watch you. They literally watch you hold your penis at the toilet. A few days later, BOOM BOOM! 9/11 HAPPENENED!
Sep 12 at 9:07am
I worked in the pentagon and had just been transferred. My office was down the hall where the plane hit. Sad, tragic event but at least none of the people I know were hurt or killed.
I was new to radio work at the time but do you remember any of us ATPAC contractors. We were basically contracted through AT&T at the time and were in there a lot. I was loading my truck that day getting ready to drop off a bunch of supplies and material. This was before we had cellphones and the news being in your back pocket. I had just pulled off the lot and headed to the pentagon. My boss at the time along with several employees were trying to talk to me on the radio. I replied back "GOOD See more


Shared publicly - Aug 29 at 9:56am
Over one toe less — think I’ll get a pedicure discount since they Wii do only 9 toes??

Going home today
sorry that they couldn't find a replacement bud
Are you walking OK or will you have to be more careful for a while.
Heavily bandaged- not suppose to walk for a few days

do you need to be on the wheelchair in the meantime?
Been thinking about you lots dear long will it take to heal from this ordeal? just curious....Mitch
Thinking 2 weeks as l As they got all the bone infection - have to wait for pathology. Thanks for thinking of me
As always, my friend, I am holding a good thought for the best possible outcome for you.
Hi, Nate. I'm so happy to hear they got all of the bone infections. Also, lol I am happy to hear you'll now get a pedicure discount :)
Nate, I'm thinking physical therapy will help with the recovery. I'm hoping. Stay well, friend.
Aug 29 at 6:01pm
Hope things go well in your recovery ...
Thank you (and All) - wish I was closer so you could give me a bouquet of those beautiful flowers.
Aug 30 at 1:03am
Glad you're home Nate, and pray for a speedy recovery!
Aug 30 at 2:08am
That's sad to hear. Corporate greed. No discounts!

What happened dude?
In Numerology 9 is the number of wisdom and experience …. Fee better … hugs


Shared publicly - Aug 29 at 7:19am
Florida, Georgia, S.Carolina — be safe

We are all thinking of you
Aug 29 at 12:00pm
I've not watched the news yet. Has it hit?
Aug 29 at 12:21pm
Aug 30 at 5:47am
All good here so far


Shared publicly - Aug 22 at 4:24pm
Hospital bound once again.....toe bone infection - they need to amputate it - 3rd toe on the left. While there I hope to get the second stent put. About 4 days. Be grateful for your health Men.
God Bless you, Nate—prayers for healing and no infections. God grant you inner peace during this.

I am grateful and give thanks daily for the health I currently have.
Wishing you the best !

I'm sorry to hear this. You are in my thoughts. Sending some healing energy your way.
Hang I there. Hope it all goes well
sorry to hear this
take care you are in my thoughts and prayers that every thing works out for you and you heal up fast with out any complications
Good luck my friend. Hope all works out and you have a quick recovery.
Oh have my prayers dear friend...lots of love to ya....Mitch
The vagaries of living, eh? A life-list of "Oh, I hadn't considered that."
Isn't that part of the fun of living?
Sorry to hear this Nate! Hugs and prayers for you! Please keep us posted!
Sending you some healing and love and lots of hugs. Xoxoxox
prayers and thoughts. health comes in many ways i fear as i learned. do your best and stay smiling.
Sorry to hear this my friend. Hope all goes well and you get back home asap. Will be praying for you.

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Apr 21 at 12:38am
Just a check-in to see how you're doing. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is ok!


Apr 14 at 4:56pm
I've been on a no red meat, cakes, cookies, or candies diet since June 2022, so no fancy Easter cooking this year.

I do miss the ham and my mom's homemade potato salad.


Apr 9 at 12:22pm
Happy Easter