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With a heavy heart, no longer a Texan -- moving to N. California. Luv to travel and will be doing some road trips and hopefully Europe. Would luv a travel bud for day trips, long weekends, or more.....seriously let me know.

I’ve led two lives…the first very str8, married, divorced, remarried the same gal when she became terminal, widowed. Two adult kids. I’ve dated and had some good female relatonships….and then accidently, yes accidently, I met a guy!! I think I’ve always known I was gay, but I did love being a family man….never strayed once. But once there (gay) there was no looking back.

An avid reader, I enjoy traveling and discovering the U.S. along the back roads just me, my dog, the F150 and tent. I collect antique American Indian baskets. Life have been especially good to me and has given me the opportunity to do everything from owning my own auto leasing company to producing fashion shows and a lot more in between.

Volunteering, especially with seniors and in hospice, has given me my newest challenge doing home care. I enjoy short hikes, bicycling, swimming, plus tv sports – as well as other ‘indoor sports’.

I’m here mostly for chat and welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and laughs. There are so many men on Lifeout that are truly special, wise and wonderful!

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EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
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Shared publicly - Sep 19 at 11:37am
I am posting this here because I can't figure out how to do it in the blogs:

Subject: DIALING 800: Pass It On


See more
Brilliant!! This should be shared, I'll do so on Twitter.

I usually ask to speak with a technician and I fake a slight eastern European accent. That works, but does nothing to solve the problem.

You may collect your blowjob reward anytime.
Sep 19 at 2:21pm
he will have to wait for that blow job for a few more weeks so as not to put strain on his back when he 'arches upward as he comes'.... ;)
Got that right!
Good grief guys! What shall I do with this erection you caused?!

BTW, I did put it on Twitter. Let's see what happens!
Sep 21 at 5:47am
Wow. I certainly didn't know this, Nate. Thank you for enlightening us.


Shared publicly - Sep 17 at 1:41pm
Last weekend of summer, Men --- enjoy it!
Same to you my friend
Sep 17 at 3:07pm
Oh yes I am!!


Shared publicly - Sep 14 at 12:19pm
OK, so most of you know I had back recuperating - that's the hard part. So the Dr. directives are no bending, twisting, lifting more than 3 lbs, no driving....'ya you try that - especially living alone!! But it goes on to say 'you may engage in sexual intercourse' --- what?!
Wishing you a quick recovery Nate!
I understand the problems but are you also complaining about the "engaging" too?
LOL...I guess that means you are to just lay there huh?
I don't mean to make light of it. I hope you are on the mend and will be back to normal soon buddy.
I am making light of it, Mike.....just stricks me funny that I can't do all that stuff but can have sex....I'd be a pretty boring partner -- luckily I broke the rules! LOL
LOL...that is just what I was getting bending or twisting? What fun would you be? HMPH!
Hope you are on the mend Nate, and as long as you don't attempt Cirque de Soleil positions, the sexual intercourse can help with the healing.
cum show me.....
It is the pits..... but, once healed you will be so much happier with life. HUGS
Sep 14 at 9:37pm
Well I hope you start feeling better

Sep 15 at 1:25am
prayers for a speedy recovery Natomas
I'm doing well and fine....I was just making fun to the do and don'ts....thank you All for the good since I've been cleared for sex cum see me!!


Shared publicly - Sep 12 at 7:24am
Thanks, Nate. That was fun. I actually laughed out loud when the last tall wall came down.
Totally amazing Nate, and thank you for sharing..
Sep 12 at 12:24pm
WOW ,I Remember as a Child I would play with Domino's ? One Slight Slip up half way through the building and everything comes crumbling down LOL
do it again as an adult...and post it!
Sep 12 at 12:28pm
LOL I would never make it , I am to Fumbly Fingered now
Fumbly Fingered...emmmm, sounds good to me - wanna' date?
Sep 12 at 12:56pm


Shared publicly - Sep 11 at 11:41am
Hug someone in memory of 9/11 -- love and standing together makes us strong.

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Sep 23 at 3:23pm
Have Happy Weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 20 at 11:15am
Hope your enjoying these last few days of Summer and as we approach Autumn you can still get outside and enjoy some sucking and fucking in the good old outdoors... till Winter sets in... but then again when did the cold ever stop a horny man :)


Sep 17 at 9:17pm
"Some dreams are in the night time

And some seem like yesterday

But leaves turn brown and fade

Ships sail away

You long to say a thousand words

But seasons change"


Sep 15 at 11:33pm


Sep 11 at 6:30am
It is Sunday and I hope it is a good one. Wishing you a great day.


Sep 3 at 8:11pm
I just thought I'd leave some motivational pics to help you get back to health . . . . .


Sep 3 at 9:19am
Hey Boss! Just droppin by to wake you up!


Sep 1 at 5:53am
Just a Texan Thought for you


Aug 30 at 8:58pm
I'm in the mood for some of this & some of that... and I'm versatile too :)


Aug 27 at 2:14pm
Just stopping in to say, "Happy Saturday!"