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With a heavy heart, no longer a Texan -- moving to N. California. Luv to travel and will be doing some road trips and hopefully Europe. Passenger seat's empty *hint*.

I’ve led two lives…the first very str8, married, divorced, remarried the same gal when she became terminal, widowed. Two adult kids. I’ve dated and had some good female relatonships….and then accidently, yes accidently, I met a guy!! I think I’ve always known I was gay, but I did love being a family man….never strayed once. But once there (gay) there was no looking back.

An avid reader, I enjoy traveling and discovering the U.S. along the back roads just me, my dog, the F150 and tent. I collect antique American Indian baskets. Life have been especially good to me and has given me the opportunity to do everything from owning my own auto leasing company to producing fashion shows and a lot more in between.

Volunteering, especially with seniors and in hospice, has given me my newest challenge doing home care. I enjoy short hikes, bicycling, swimming, plus tv sports – as well as other ‘indoor sports’.

I’m here mostly for chat and welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and laughs. There are so many men on Lifeout that are truly special, wise and wonderful!

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EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
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Aug 29 at 4:51pm
Posted a blog ... HOME AGAIN!!


Aug 25 at 8:46am
Posted a blog ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Silverfox-OH


Aug 21 at 1:22am
Posted a blog ... PRAYER CHAIN FOR JOHN


Shared publicly - Aug 16 at 8:32am
Aug 16 at 8:56pm
this made me laugh.....


Shared publicly - Aug 14 at 1:51pm blocked me....this is the second time you've done it....why? I mean it's okay, but how did I offend you? No one else has blocked me in all the years I've been on LO.
Aug 14 at 2:12pm
I get you I have a friend on here that has done that twice. No reason no warning. Just have to let it go. Just a app!
you are right, let it go....just bothers me that I said something to offend. He and I don't chat, just in replies to posts.
Sorry for frustration
Try not to let him get to you buddy. I let a lot of things he says just roll off me. I have no idea where that man's head is at these days. You have always been very sweet to guys on here.
Aug 14 at 3:27pm
with the other comments my friend....
he has me blocked too...why or when I don't remember...but no big loss...I much rather commune with you Nate...

Love ya...Mitch
Aug 14 at 4:45pm
Sorry man. You are a great friend. Always nice.
Aug 14 at 6:50pm
Pretty lame... Can I block him for ya?
Well, that is his loss. I've never seen you say a harsh word to anyone so again, its his loss. Now he'll probably block all of us who have commented here.
Thank you everyone...I'm not upset, more curious than anything. For some reason I saved his 'good by blog' of 9/15 and see he was troubled then too. Wish him well. Appreciate the support.
Nate......have been blocked by a couple of people, through no apparent fault of my own. I realize that my age at 71 could be misconstrued as a Perv.....but that is not a legitimate reason, and in fact discrimination. You are always involved, remember Birthdays, and part of what LifeOut is all about. Their loss, as a mature man has knowledge and street experience.
He blocked me to. I have no idea why. I also could care less. Your a good friend Natomas. ; ) his loss
Aug 15 at 3:46am
natomas your a special friend to me some are not you no some want to be in the lime light every mintue or so hooked on themselves it stinks Just saying.

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Aug 27 at 2:14pm
Just stopping in to say, "Happy Saturday!"


Aug 21 at 2:38pm
i was so selfish dealing with my shit that i forgot about your back sugery.......i hope that it went well and what ever it was that needed fixing got fixed......heal fast sweet man......john


Aug 19 at 4:57pm
always excited to see you came by


Aug 14 at 11:47pm
Reality needs to be STOPPED in this country

And HER is just the one to do that

And they will never catch HER


Jul 13 at 1:31am
Thank you being there

and never yet be leaving there

thank you for still leaning there

against that brick wall that I always beat my head against

and thank you for re-befriending me



Jul 10 at 1:51am
Have a great weekend xx


Jul 4 at 11:10pm
thank you.......hope that you had a fun weekend and today...........


Jul 4 at 3:03pm


Jun 24 at 9:55am


Jun 10 at 9:11am