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So I am about to embark on an extended road trip in August....starting in California and then kind of doing the perimeter of the U.S. - probably a couple months. Hope to see/meet some of my LO chat buds. The front passenger seat is empty -- anyone interested on joining me for all or part? I will be doing a combination of camping and Motel 6 ing it. Send me a message and let's discuss it.

I’ve led two lives…the first very str8, married, divorced, remarried the same gal when she became terminal, widowed. Two adult kids. I’ve dated and had some good female relatonships….and then accidently, yes accidently, I met a guy!! I think I’ve always known I was gay, but I did love being a family man….never strayed once. But once there (gay) there was no looking back.

An avid reader, I enjoy traveling and discovering the U.S. along the back roads just me, my dog, the F150 and tent. I collect antique American Indian baskets. Life have been especially good to me and has given me the opportunity to do everything from owning my own auto leasing company to producing fashion shows and a lot more in between.

Volunteering, especially with seniors and in hospice, has given me my newest challenge doing home care. I enjoy short hikes, bicycling, swimming, plus tv sports – as well as other ‘indoor sports’.

I’m here mostly for chat and welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and laughs. There are so many men on Lifeout that are truly special, wise and wonderful!

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Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 10:00am
Got a headache -- little head. Maybe some massage? Gentle rubbing....or just pound the hell out of it!
Aug 27 at 10:05am
Whichever makes your nipples hard!
Aug 27 at 4:55pm
My nipples are always hard , and needing massaging ina rubbing, and MORE!


Aug 26 at 4:45pm
Posted a blog ... BANANA UPDATE


Aug 25 at 4:53pm
Posted a blog ... YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS!


Aug 25 at 4:24am


Shared publicly - Aug 23 at 11:14am
QUESTION: If you forward an email received to another party, does the originating party get a copy of the forward with message that I add?
Aug 23 at 11:16am
Only if you forward all. If you just forward to me then no.
thanx....thought so, but wanted to make sure.
Aug 23 at 1:50pm
If you "forward" the email it only goes to the email you can copy and blind copy if you like.

When I forward emails, depending on the importance, I delete all the previous "from" and "to" email addresses. No real need to show everyone's email addresses, except of course, in the case of Hillary.
Aug 23 at 2:01pm
I've tried to delete the 'from' and 'to' -- but it doesn't work on my machine - have no idea why...several have tried to help me with it, but they just won't delete. Thanx for your thoughts.

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Aug 30 at 9:40am
Wishing you a fun filled Sunday, and finding ways to forget that tomorrow is Monday.


Aug 28 at 8:58am


Aug 21 at 8:35am


Aug 16 at 4:27pm
I'm cuter to watch than that old TV... aren't I-??


Aug 14 at 10:05am
WiShInG YoU LoTs Of Ups AnD DoWnS ThIs WeEKeNd!!!


Aug 7 at 8:38am


Jul 31 at 7:07pm
Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes. We are going to be going out for dinner soon, of course once I decide where I want to go so that may be next month ... lol. Have a Great Weekend.


Jul 31 at 9:16am


Jul 27 at 1:36pm


Jul 24 at 8:11pm
Xxxxxxxx xxx :-) ♡♡♡♡