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As I get older I no longer worry about what others think. I love sex and it's on my mind all the time it seems. Always up for trying new things with others.

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Into Guys21 to 70
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
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EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
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Weight165 lbs
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
Occupationself employed


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Shared publicly - May 11 at 8:48am
Here's a vid I found. I just love pre and the cum shot is hot too.


Shared publicly - May 5 at 9:05am
What would you do? Guy at work, who's VERY cute and I are friends. He's come over lots and we talk and have a good time. I'm his supervisor. He talks about girls and doesn't know I'm gay. (I think). We have talked about working out together and he has seen me just in shorts. We've talked enough that I know he's uncut. I like to have some fun with him - but don't want to ruin the friendship. What to do???
I would just politely ask if he's ever been with a guy, or maybe on the safe side, just say ask if he has a particular type of girl, and see where that leads.
Why not just let him know your guy...Things may happen.. Everyone at work know that i'm gay. I never have tryed to hide it. That's who i'm!!
Keep it just friends (and careful at that) - you are his supervisor. That could lead to problems.
That's what I'm thinking - but my dick has other ideas. It's a slippery slope that I hate. Just got promoted a little over a month ago. Guess I'll rely on my fantasies
slippery is good....just not with co workers. I use K-Y ultra gel.

P.S. congratulations on the promotion.
LOL - Thanks. I've gotten 3 raises in less than 2 years.
May 5 at 9:47am
Nothing wrong with taking him up on the offer of working out together, but may still want to work it into a conversation that you are gay, just to be sure he does in fact know and that there are no issues with that. Let him make the first ''overture' if it looks like there is any interest on his part beyond just being friends. If nothing else it sounds like it could be some nice eye candy at the gym. ;-) The down side though is the position you are in as his supervisor, that has a tendency to See more
Oh - he's is eye candy for sure!!! I'd say he is a solid 10. Great personality too.
If you are his supervisor this most likely would end up TROUBLE-I do not know what employment you are in but most employers are very strict when it comes to supervisor/employee could end up out of work very easily if it goes wrong at any time. I was a retail supervisor for 20 years and got written up twice just for flirting and joking around...words only and never touched them. be very careful.
I know what you're saying. I guess I'm stuck with the 'look but don't touch'. DAMN!!!
I would just let it play out and see where it goes
The guy at work has been screwing up a lot the last week. Left the desk unattended for 4 hours yesterday. Was asleep in guest room. Manager gave him what for and told him 1 more screw up and he's out. He later asked to move in with me. While I would love that I told him no it's not possible as I only have one bedroom. He came to work late later that day and is missing again this am. I don't know why he's messing up so much but really glad I didn't cross the line with him.
May 11 at 7:51am
He asked to move in with u??? Kind of a strange question from a guy u don't know that well. Did u ever confirm whether he does realize u are gay? Very strange, may want to put some space between him and you from the way it sounds. :-(
No, I don't think he knows I'm gay. Mostly he's looking for a place to stay. I think the temptation would be to much for me. :-( But DAMN he's so cute. And yes, I've been putting some distance and been more professional and less friends for a while.
I would love to post his pics here so you all could see what a handsome man he is - but thats crossing another line. He's defiantly a '10'.
If he keeps making overtures maybe u should just take him someplace secluded and lay it all on the line so to speak, tell him what u are into and see what his reaction is.
Do other people at work know you are gay? If so he may have heard thru the grapevine...he also may have a severe drug problem(have seen that many times in my supervisor days-especially the disappearing acts), and lastly he may want a sugar daddy...
I don't think anyone knows. I'm very masculine and people that have 'gaydar' have commented they never would have guessed. I don't think drugs are the problem. I know he smokes pot, and has a drink one in a while.


Shared publicly - Apr 30 at 6:35am
Some ball play from yesterday. Best job I could do tying the boys up. It was fun and my balls felt sooo good.
Looks like fun, but, ouch. lol
Lots of fun and my balls got sooo sensitive.
i bet you had fun, i can only imagine it. never done it before sorta scared to try lol. but have watched tons of vids on the subject. had fun while watching lol. what can i say?......
AHH - so you're interested - need to try it. You are a hot stud.
yummy hot hot pics
Apr 30 at 11:21pm
I need to tie you up some day & make you crazy, lol
May 1 at 8:46am
I'd LOVE that blueboy. We need to make this happen!


Shared publicly - Apr 22 at 9:03am
It's hard to be humble - or is it humble to be hard?
Both work for me.


Shared publicly - Mar 25 at 1:49pm
Beautiful 74 degrees out - shirtless doing yard work, if I could only drop my pants.
do it anyway and take some hot pics
Let's you and I go over into the bushes and you can do just that thing!
Yes Funny Today the dollar store had mens pants 70 % OFF lol

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May 4 at 12:55pm
thanksfor stopping by


Jan 19 at 11:16am
Thanks for the photo likes. Left you a few comments.


Dec 4 2014 at 11:24am
HOT pics