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As I get older I no longer worry about what others think. I love sex and it's on my mind all the time it seems. Always up for trying new things with others.

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Into Guys21 to 70
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionTop / Giver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 3"
Weight165 lbs
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
Occupationself employed


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Shared publicly - Oct 14 at 8:32am
One last day for no shirt and shorts. Planning to work on deck with cockring on and probably take a break now and then to stroke and edge. Damn I need a cock and balls to suck on.
Oh how I love working on some wood!
Oct 14 at 8:36am
Oh how I love working on some wood!
Oct 21 at 12:22pm
Wished I had someone working on my wood, even though it droops most of the time.


Aug 25 at 7:59pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Aug 22 at 5:20pm
My skin is so soft....beause... I just took a rain shower outside. Soaped, washed, and rinsed. Love doing this. Anyone else?
Also noted that my sack, shaft, and head are especially soft also. 😈
that part could be fixed. (Grin)
Aug 27 at 10:20am
beautiful pictures (but the subject is beautiful of course!)

now if you could only overcome your shyness!
Aug 27 at 12:23pm
I'll try to work on that. Lol. Any tips?
I got a tip for ya, When you reach the end of this pint bottle, you'll forget all about being shy.


Shared publicly - Aug 20 at 8:07am
Would love to go to a naked eclipse party. Sounds​ fun.
Aug 20 at 8:39am
... even though I don't need an eclipse to get naked. 😈
Me either I am now
I'll be naked! ;-)
Aug 20 at 10:52am
Would love to see that.
Aug 20 at 10:57am
There'll probably be a lot of us naked up here on the Mountain for the eclipse tomorrow afternoon! Not supposed to take pictures though. :-(
Aug 20 at 11:08am
Damn what mountain?
Aug 20 at 11:11am
Short Mountain! ;-)
Hope you have a good time. We have around 98% totality here.
Aug 20 at 6:16pm
Cool thanks! Yeah 100% here!
Aug 20 at 6:34pm
Found out its 100% here too!!!
Aug 20 at 11:33am
I'd settle for an outdoor stripped to skin party any time. Lots of dicks and nuts would be paradise!
Yes! I would probably wear my knees out.
As I would do the same...


Shared publicly - Aug 13 at 9:26am
Thinking it's time to E-stim.

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Sep 29 at 11:20pm
Thanks for all the likes and...


Jul 1 at 9:37pm
thanks for the add


May 21 at 11:49am
HOT pics