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As I get older I no longer worry about what others think. I love sex and it's on my mind all the time it seems. Always up for trying new things with others.

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Into Guys21 to 70
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionTop / Giver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 3"
Weight165 lbs
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
Occupationself employed


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Shared publicly - Nov 21 at 6:35pm
Damn - if I don't get some cock to suck I'm going to burst. I NEED COCK STAT!
Nov 22 at 9:35am
Got 7 cockering one and my black jockstrap. I still.need cock.
Nov 22 at 9:40pm
Tried to give you mine to suck.
Nov 23 at 7:24am
Great cock man & UNCUT!


Shared publicly - Oct 31 at 9:16pm
Looking for something hard, with nuts, and some creamy filling. Trick or treat.


Shared publicly - Oct 19 at 8:30pm
Looking to try this cock ring out. Anyone have any tips on how to size and use?
Oct 19 at 8:31pm
have no idea
oh and you have to model when you get it
I have no problem with that. My balls are fairly large and wondering about getting them through the opening.
Oct 19 at 8:35pm
I guess you go one at a time
Oct 19 at 8:35pm
I guess you go one at a time
...and probably lube.
Oct 19 at 8:38pm
oh for sure lots of lube
Definitely put one ball in at a time. I bought one and found it to be pretty hard to get on. But the big ring is actually a bit smaller than what I usually wear. I usually wear a 2" one around my cock and balls. I'd say just make sure that ones the size you usually would wear and you should be fine. Oh, and definitely post pics!!!
Thanks. I'll have to measure a metal one that I have. Kinda wish it was the rubber one but they pull out hair and I'll be damned if I shave. LOL
Sounds like a plan! But shaving smooth is hot!!
I tried it once, in my 20's - to much work and I do like fur. Not saying smooth is bad but we all have our likes.
Yep. One ball at a time. Start with your lower hanging nut. Pull the loose skin through first then pop that ball through, then repeat. Skin first, then pop the second nut through. Pulling the skin through first creates an easier path when you're pushing your ball through. You can get balls through a pretty small ring, one at a time. The ring just needs to be as big as your larger nut, the the second will follow. Just takes a little practice, and yes, we want pics!!!
Thanks for the tip - I'll give it a shot.


Shared publicly - Oct 5 at 7:54pm
Just had my 59th birthday. How the hell did that happen? Hope to have my candle blown out some time this week.
well happy birthday may all your dreams be blessed
Happy Birthday!!! It is just a number. Your mind and heart are your true age!!!!
It's all good - still feel like I'm 25.
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy, Happy Birthday!!
Happy Happy Birthday to ya with lots of hot sex.................

...Of couse my wish would be to have a large group of men, uncut & furry feed me their cocks, and cover me with hot, sticky, man juice.
That actually sounds like a terrific idea
I hope to make it happen this year.
Happy birthday buddy - my wish would be that all your fantasy dreams cum true !
Can I start with your cock?
Happy Birthday buddy! !!!!
Thanks! Hope you're doing well friend.
Doing as well as I can. Hope you are doing well too.
That makes us both birthday boys
Oct 6 at 1:05pm
happy birthday to you as well may your dreams be blessed
Happy Birthday fellow Libra!
Oct 6 at 7:57pm
yea theres a few of us here
Congratulations, have a nice day and good new year.....blowing from the other side of the ocean


Shared publicly - Sep 4 at 10:22am
One of my favorite vids. Love all the huge uncut cocks. Hope to be the one servicing a group of this kind some day.
WOW that was too fucking hot. Wish I were the guy getting fucked!!!!

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Sep 5 at 8:55pm
Thanks for the add stud. Very happy to be a friend. Hope your Labor Day weekend is going great!!!!


Aug 27 at 12:18pm
Now that were friends stop by my page more often I'm sure you'll see something you'll like and while your there leave me some love with a hot and juicy comment :)


Aug 8 at 3:13pm
thanx for the request sexy man and gladly accept - damn just wish you were closer LOL; cum again soon


Jul 22 at 8:37am
Thanks for all the likes