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Happily partnered, yes he's a member here too, we enjoy looking, and enjoy meeting new people, if you send me a friend request please at least say hello and lets correspond a bit and then see how things go. So please read my bio and make contact before sending a friend request. Random requests that have no previous contact will be declined. That being said, retirement is great, that is something in life everyone should have the opportunity to experience, to many people never get that luxury. Love being at home and doing as I please, my dog loves it too. Going to live life and enjoy it to the fullest. Don't ask much from anyone other than be honest and be yourself and leave the drama out of my life. Like meeting new people and making friends. Here for friendship,and chatting only sorry I don't hook up, call me a prude, but I believe in monogomy.

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StatusIn a relationship
Into Guys35 to 70
Here forFriends
Sexual positionVersatile / Bottom
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height5' 11"
Weight185 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ReligionChristian - other
ChildrenProud parent


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Nov 24 at 5:24am
Updated profile.


Shared publicly - Nov 23 at 7:26am
Hog killing weather........... a term my grandfather always called days like today when the temperatures dropped to below freezing, and it was time to slaughter, and butcher the hogs for the next years supply of meat. I can barely remember those days, but mornings before Thanksgiving like this always bring back that memory from my child hood..................not a very pleasant one but a necessity from an era long gone by. All the neighbors would gather and help with this gruesome task, neighbor See more
People gotta eat!! Nothing wrong with those memories. Simpler times. : )
Nov 23 at 3:37pm
So very true...but I could never slaughter any critter being the animal lover I am.
It was a necessity my grand father was born in the late 1890's back then was a different time and values were totally different.
I miss a lot of our old values!
WoW!! I haven't heard those words in a long Dad use to do this and the whole Family got involved. I hated cleaning them, but understood this was something to be done if you wanted to survive the Winter. Back then, folks who didn't buy much meat at the store, this is how they got meat in the house. Sometimes in trade, but hated the cold weather!
Being raised on a small farm I have experienced many things that you guys who were raised the same way, we grew our on vegetables and picked wild and cultivated fruit and preserved them for winter as well as our meat, butchering the hogs, but always sent to beef to the slaughter house to be done and aged before freezing it for winter. If we wanted chicken, well they were harvested on the spot and a couple hours later was on the table. That is a lifestyle not seen too much any more. Was a great See more


Shared publicly - Nov 21 at 7:27am
Frosty Morning feels like fall again, next week hopefully will still feel like fall. I know its here because my yard is full of leaves ........again.


Shared publicly - Nov 18 at 7:34am
Good morning all you hot men Wednesday is here and we all know what we need to do get busy.
Good stuff, enjoy your Hump Day as well!!
Good Afternoon

Good morning hun. I haven't been on this site in ages and wanted to give you shout. Thanks for a great dinner and evening last night. Love you!


Shared publicly - Nov 11 at 9:28am
Thanks to all veterans, present and past. Your service and sacrifice are greatly remembered and appreciated. We should never forget what you did by serving, and protecting us all, and our freedom. Salute to all who served. My father served in the Navy in World War ll, a hero I will always look up to, and could never fill his shoes.
There are 3 generations of US Army veterans that run in my family. My father served during WW2; I served during Viet Nam Conflict and my niece in Afghanistan. I salute all those who served to protect our great country.
God bless you and your family. Thank you for your sacrifice!
Special rememberance to your Father and joining you in saying thanks to all our military.
Sincere appreciation, for your father's service.

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Nov 22 at 9:35pm
We want to wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We are thankful to have friends like you.


Aug 14 at 9:46am
WiShInG YoU LoTs Of Ups AnD DoWnS ThIs WeEKeNd!!!


Jun 29 at 10:29pm
Thank you love ur pics daddy ,, love to suck that cock and butt


Jun 25 at 3:38pm
Hey, thanks for adding me........and for the comments...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 10 at 4:49pm
thanks for visiting my profile, hope you saw something you liked :-), stop back anytime.


Jun 3 at 4:31pm
thanks sexy for having a look at me hope you like ,you are one sexy man