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It's been quite a while since I updated my profile, so I decided to do an "all new" profile introduction. Not a lot has changed -- I've had blowjobs and pussy from women as well as having played around with the guys. My first sex experience was with a guy my age many years ago. We explored each others' bodies by jacking each other, frotting (I didn't know that rubbing cocks up against each other even had a name until just a few years ago!), and sucking each other. His 7" upturned circumcised dick with an oversize cock head looked huge compared to my 6" uncircumcised dick, and I did more licking than sucking of his dick, but he did a pretty good job of sucking my dick. Since then, I've had blowjobs and pussy from several women, but that first experience with the guy has made me more interested in guys than gals.

A male friend of mine and I had had sex with some of the same women, but I told him that my fantasy was to find a woman that was willing to take both of us on at the same time. He knew of a woman that was willing, and we did it..... she sucked his dick, she sucked my dick, he fucked her, I fucked her, and then she got both dicks in her at the same time -- one in her mouth and one in her pussy. If the other guy had been bi, I would have suggested that we put both dicks in her mouth at the same time, or both dicks in her pussy at the same time. That way, I would have gotten to feel his dick rubbing against mine.

My current sex life has two participants -- my dick and my fist. I love watching twinks having sex with each other. Young, but legal, men seem to have the best hard dicks, they can shoot a nice load of cum, and sometimes they can shoot a load and keep going for round #2.

My fantasy now would be to have a bi- orgy with as many participants that would be willing. Men could have sex with other men or women (blowjobs, eating pussy, fucking, butt fucking), women could enjoy men or other women..... no forced sex, but whatever all the parties involved would agree to.

A gay fantasy of mine: Find another uncut guy that would dock with my uncut dick. I wonder what it would feel like to have another cock head inside my foreskin, and what it would feel like to have my cock head inside another guy's 'skin. I'd want to push our cock heads back and forth until we filled the 'skins with warm sticky man juice.

I have posted quite a few pictures and videos of my dick here on LifeOUT, but I don't know too many more creative ways to show it off. Any ideas?

One recent change in my so-called sex life -- I have an enlarged prostate (19 samples taken during biopsy, and all 19 came back negative for cancer) and the doctor has put me on Flomax. One side effect of Flomax is dry orgasm. I can still "get it up" but when I have an orgasm, there is almost no cum. There may be a small ooze after the orgasm is over, but very little if any.

Also, I'd love to know how people who have sent me "Friend Requests" found me. Did you just stumble upon my profile, or did you search me out? Not knowing what the porn laws are in other countries, I hesitate to send Friend Requests to people in foreign countries. Guys in other countries have good looking dicks too, but I just hesitate to send requests for that reason. Also, since I am here on LifeOUT to mainly look at other guys' dicks, if you don't have dick pictures on your profile, I am not likely to send you a friend request, or accept your request. Sorry, but when I am on a gay website, my main interest is dick! If I were looking for people to just to hang out with in a non-sexual way, I'd go to a site like Facebook.This site is my "Dickbook"! :) Thanks for reading my rambling.... now back to my dick-looking!

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Into Guys18 to 75
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EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me


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Shared publicly - May 28 at 9:49pm
When does a man quit being a "twink?"
i've been told when he turns 25. and to me that would be the limit!
I’m gonna say 23
No longer a child … 40 🤣
That's a damn good question. When he gets a gut and quits shaving his cock and balls i guess.
May 29 at 8:49am
I would rather have a twinkle 😛


Shared publicly - May 20 at 6:33pm
It's Moaning Monday. What makes you moan when you're alone? What makes you moan when you're with someone? A good jacking session while watching hot twink porn makes me moan when alone. I could moan a lot if I had a set of lips wrapped around my cock. I could moan if I had a stiff cock shooting a load into my mouth.
Watching a very hot porn scene and jacking my hard cock makes me moan sometimes but what really makes me moan is being fucked by a loving passionate top with a nice hard dick.


Shared publicly - May 18 at 8:17pm
Who's sucking or getting sucked or, fucking or getting fucked this weekend?? Need pixxx and videos!!


Shared publicly - May 7 at 9:21am
Horny on this Tuesday morning, so I watched a porno vid of a college guy getting fucked by several fraternity brothers. He took several loads of cum up his ass. Made me jack my dick, but by being on a prostate drug, my orgasm was dry. Got the feeling, but no cum. Once the drug wears off, I shoot (I mean, ooze) a little bit of manjuice.
I am in the same boat......*sigh*
I know exactly what you mean my friend. Getting older is a bitch sometimes.


Shared publicly - Apr 22 at 2:29pm
Moaning Monday. Wanting to taste some cum. Since I'm by myself, I'll shoot a load into my hand and lick it up.
Did it..... feel much better and relaxed now.... can go to sleep now!

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Apr 2 at 2:11pm
Stopping by to check in.

I hope all is well.

Thanks for being a friend.

Have a good Tuesday

Touch One all Over Tuesday?


Feb 15 at 2:29pm
Hey You... Yes You... I got a nice Valentines Day treat for you that your just going to love so why don't you cum and lick and eat it till you get to the juicy center and rim it real good and while your doing that I'll suck on your manhood lollipop and then we can switch postions I'm sure you'll enjoy it and so will I, but you know since both our asses are all moist and prepped let's also fuck our brains out while were at it too now wouldn't that be great... Happy Valentines Day ❤️


Jan 2 at 12:31am
⏳ Hope you had a great Holiday Season and here's Wishing you the Best in 2024 ☮️