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Horny guy here..... have enjoyed looking at dick for years, and have gotten blowjobs and licked cock. Ass is virgin, as I just can't cum to terms having a big dick shoved up my little hole. First time I ever got to see a dick up close and personal was great. He was about 7" long, circumcised, and had an upward curve. It looked huge, compared to my 6", uncircumcised, down-turned dick. But he reached over to start stroking me, and I quickly returned the favor. Soon, I was climbing on top of him to rub my stiff dick up against his monster-cock. He turned over, and I climbed back on top of him to rub my dick up against his hairy ass crack, as I reached around to fondle his dick, balls and cock hair. We finished the night by sucking each other. He was a good cock sucker, but I could barely get his cock head into my mouth. I ended up licking his cock shaft and cock head more than sucking. But I enjoyed having his manmeat right up in my face to see, smell, feel and taste! Have enjoyed blowjobs and pussy from the ladies too, but my main focus now is all the manmeat that's available out there. During my MFM threesome, I enjoyed the blowjob and sex with the woman, but my secret fantasy was to be able to service the other guy's dick.... he was straight, so I didn't pursue it.

I like to add guys as friends on here, but if your profile is full of "private photos" and not much info is in your profile, I'm not likely to send a Friend Request. Please have public pictures in your profile--I'll love ya for it!

I post pictures on here from time to time, but I am running out of ideas. There are limited numbers of ways of photographing my dick that I can think of. Please send me ideas of how you want to see my dick.

I recently added several pictures, some of a cumshot that landed on my belly, and ran down into my belly button. Some of the cum "accidentally" ended up on my fingers--what else could have I done, other than lick that warm sticky substance off my fingers? Sluuuurrppp!!!!

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Into Guys18 to 75
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me


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Shared publicly - May 12 at 12:44pm
Anybody have any sex-filled weekend plans? Post pictures and videos of your fun!!
Come over and find out....
May 12 at 8:33pm
In my dreams
May 13 at 6:41pm
lets get together and make one .. :)
May 13 at 6:49pm
Ready, willing, and, able


Shared publicly - May 10 at 7:13am
How many dicks have you sucked over the years -- zero, 1-2, several, too many to count?
I only started at age 59 so I felt like I needed to makeup for lost time. Quit counting somewhere around 100 I guess. Just wish I had enjoyed that pleasure my whole life!
May 10 at 9:51am
Oh hell...a bunch!!!
Too many to count. I love it!
Lost count years ago lol
May 10 at 5:33pm
Lots, but not enough.
Tough question. I’ve been sucking cock since I was 8 and I’m pushing 56 now. It’s got to be more than 1000 LoL
good question like AirBear states in his comment but i was five and i am 56 to to damn many to count be i really enjoyed it a hell of a lot and still do nothing beats a nice big hot dick to suck on for awhile damn and i still enjoy it a lot and all the cun i have had i love it too and hell still do the more the better
May 10 at 9:41pm
to many to count
May 10 at 11:07pm
May 11 at 12:25am
Not a lot at my end.
damn too many to count!!!
It would be a bunch, i'm in the 5 gallon plus category on swallowing
Definitely too many to count but I wouldn't change that for anything. :)
May 18 at 5:28pm
I have no clue. started in High school and now in late 40's so 30 years maybe a cock a month averaged out so 350-400


Shared publicly - Apr 28 at 8:06am
What's everybody's opinion? Is it better to have a big stiff dick in your mouth, or better to have your big stiff dick in someone's mouth?
Apr 28 at 8:11am
Either way, if you can find a willing participant, it is all good. The problem I have is finding someone to play with.
If I had to choose I'd love to have one in my mouth and work on a nice set of balls along the way.
And I'd LOVE to worship your big uncut dick!
I'd rather have my dick in his mouth and his dick in my ass.
Both at the same time.
Apr 28 at 11:39am
69 !!!
Apr 28 at 11:25am
I love to suck dick.. Doesn't matter if i get a return or not...
Swallow, I suppose? ;)
Apr 28 at 12:05pm
Apr 28 at 1:18pm
Either's fine.
Well. Love both scenarios, but if I must choose only one, it’d definitely be a big stiff dick in my mouth. I can always take care of myself, but it takes another to enjoy the art of cocksucking.
Apr 28 at 4:18pm
I really love to suck cock but I so rarely get touched or any kind of affection that a man sucking me off and swallowing my cum.. really connecting with me is something I long for. So, my favorite scenario is for me to suck a man off and swallow his cum and the have him suck me off and swallow mine. That has never happened, though, and I'm not sure it's ever going too.
Apr 28 at 4:55pm
A hot 69 is a good solution for that :)
Apr 28 at 5:33pm
I prefer to suck cock.
Apr 28 at 6:39pm
Apr 28 at 9:38pm
Apr 28 at 10:08pm
BOTH! at the same time!
I love a stiff one in my mouth because then I get hard instantly!
May 1 at 12:10am
Look at my pics and you will see the answer....
May 10 at 6:39am
I like a stiff dick in my mouth
Love it a stiff cock in my mouth!
May 18 at 3:52pm
Me too.. how about yours in mine? Lol.
Let me join in, and we can have a triangle, with our dicks in a mouth, and a dick in our mouths!!
Mmmm OK ... I'm hard for that!


Shared publicly - Apr 20 at 2:03pm
Are you a shooter, an oozer, or a bit of both? I used to shoot then ooze, but now mostly ooze. And quantity of cum is considerably less now, but at least I still have that "feeling" when I do cum!!
Apr 20 at 2:38pm
Totally depends on how horned up I am and how long it’s been. However, the volume of my load is less than it used to be, no matter what.
Apr 20 at 2:47pm
Diet and health play a part in the amount as well. A good healthy diet with less red meat and exercise a couple times a week help. At 65, I can still get a nice load---although with the heart meds, it may take a little longer--but who's complaining?---lasting longer is nice!
Apr 20 at 4:59pm
I am both!
Apr 20 at 5:33pm
When I was younger and had myself really worked up, I could shoot three strong spurts into my mouth and then several more smaller squirts. Now I'm still a shooter, for the most part but only squirt it 4 or 5 inches. I always wondered what the guys who sucked me off back then thought when I blasted their mouths full.
I think it's an age thing plus an enlarged prostate.
Apr 21 at 8:15am
Welcome to aging.......sigh.
Apr 22 at 8:27am
i'm a lil' of both. still have a lot of precum and cum quite a bit.
Apr 27 at 2:23pm
If I edge too much I get a ton of cum but only shoot a little
Apr 28 at 10:09pm
Last BJ I got, I ended up shooting a few feet all over his coffee table.


Shared publicly - Mar 1 at 6:58am
Got a new video I created -- Rub It Out... Slurp It Up. Check it out on my page. Not the best quality, but you get the main idea!
Mar 2 at 1:09pm
I must say its original ;)

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May 9 at 1:05pm
I'd LOVE to give you head!


Mar 29 at 7:08am
Just stopping in to wish you a great Thirsty Thursday.


Mar 17 at 8:35am
It is St. Patrick's Day! A day to be Irish and gay. Check out those kilts and maybe get that guy under the quilt. Have a great day!

I have no idea why, but I have a craving for some Lucky Charms cereal!


Feb 11 at 9:37am
Stopping in to wish you a nice Sunday and a good week ahead.


Jan 28 at 8:46am
Wishing you a good Sunday filled with fun, relaxing activities, and a great week cumming up.


Jan 12 at 6:23pm
Just poking my head in to say hi! Wishing you a good Friday, and a great weekend.


Dec 31 2017 at 10:16am
Stopping in to wish you a Happy New Year. My wishes for you during the year is for good health, happiness, and prosperity.


Dec 26 2017 at 4:03pm
Christmas day has passed. New Year is in our sight. I hope your Christmas was a delight! May the New Year bring good health, prosperity, and peace.