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It's been quite a while since I updated my profile, so I decided to do an "all new" profile introduction. Not a lot has changed -- I've had blowjobs and pussy from women as well as having played around with the guys. My first sex experience was with a guy my age many years ago. We explored each others' bodies by jacking each other, frotting (I didn't know that rubbing cocks up against each other even had a name until just a few years ago!), and sucking each other. His 7" upturned circumcised dick with an oversize cock head looked huge compared to my 6" uncircumcised dick, and I did more licking than sucking of his dick, but he did a pretty good job of sucking my dick. Since then, I've had blowjobs and pussy from several women, but that first experience with the guy has made me more interested in guys than gals. A male friend of mine and I had had sex with some of the same women, but I told him that my fantasy was to find a woman that was willing to take both of us on at the same time. He knew of a woman that was willing, and we did it..... she sucked his dick, she sucked my dick, he fucked her, I fucked her, and then she got both dicks in her at the same time -- one in her mouth and one in her pussy. If the other guy had been bi, I would have suggested that we put both dicks in her mouth at the same time, or both dicks in her pussy at the same time. That way, I would have gotten to feel his dick rubbing against mine. My current sex life has two participants -- my dick and my fist. I love watching Twinks having sex with each other. Young, but legal, men seem to have the best hard dicks, they can shoot a nice load of cum, and sometimes they can shoot a load and keep going for round #2. My fantasy now would be to have a bi- orgy with as many participants that would be willing. Men could have sex with other men or women (blowjobs, eating pussy, fucking, butt fucking), women could enjoy men or other women..... no forced sex, but whatever all the parties involved would agree to.

I have posted quite a few pictures and videos of my dick here on LifeOUT, but I don't know too many more creative ways to show it off. Any ideas?

Also, I'd love to know how people who have sent me "Friend Requests" found me. Did you just stumble upon my profile, or did you search me out? Not knowing what the porn laws are in other countries, I hesitate to send Friend Requests to people in foreign countries. Guys in other countries have good looking dicks too, but I just hesitate to send requests for that reason. Also, since I am here on LifeOUT to mainly look at other guys' dicks, if you don't have dick pictures on your profile, I am not likely to send you a friend request, or accept your request. Sorry, but when I am on a gay website, my main interest is dick! If I were looking for people to just to hang out with in a non-sexual way, I'd go to a site like Facebook.This site is my "Dickbook"! :) Thanks for reading my rambling.... now back to my dick-looking!

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Into Guys18 to 75
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me


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Shared publicly - Jan 13 at 6:45pm
Question for the guys who do anal. I see photos of guys that have gaping assholes, either just been fucked, or getting ready to get fucked. My question is: Do you have a hard time holding your shit in your ass once you've been fucked? It looks to me that if the ass is wide open, then the asshole would lose its elasticity, and shit would run out, or at least leak out. Yes, a blunt question, but my inquiring mind wants to know!
Lol lol I've wondered the same thing. Thanks for asking
Jan 13 at 8:33pm
Keep it tight, boys.
But how do you keep it tight, when it's gaping wide open?! :)
A good bottom always makes sure he's pristine clean down there, so it isn't a problem if you prepare correctly.
Jan 13 at 9:19pm
How about afterwards? After getting fucked so many times, does the asshole still go back to its normal size each time?
lol yes, but now it wants more :)
Jan 14 at 7:15am
In reading the question, I was ready to reply, just as you did. Bottoms respecting their Tops prepare accordingly. Too bad some just don't 'get it'.
Jan 13 at 9:03pm
👊🏻 Sounds like their getting fisted too much 🤜🏻
Jan 13 at 11:07pm
Your ass isn’t going to gape open like that after getting fucked unless the top’s cock is unusually thick.
If they use an anal douche then it should be fine with no major accidents!
Jan 14 at 5:14pm
When you are the btm, you have to tell the top how you like it. There should not be any pain, if so something wrong. Also, they have to work that dick in, dont slam that dick in that over. The Btm needs to relax as well, if too uptight, wont be a good time for the bottom.
Jan 16 at 3:56am
Honestly. I find those type of pictures to be an complete turn off! I only engage in anal sex with someone that I might have an attraction to other than, a sexual attraction...


Shared publicly - Dec 29 2020 at 6:39am
What is your sex life like? Solo -- jacking off or using toys? Monogamous, with only one other person -- blowjobs or fucking? Multiple regular partners? Sex with any willing person -- if so, where do you go to find fuck buddies? Watching all these porn vids just makes me wonder what regular guys do...
Right now, it's solo until the virus is under control. Then it's back to kissing frogs until I find that prince. Trust me, it's a lot of frogs....

If you do it right, it's fantastic. lol
Sex life? What is this you speak of? Mine consists of me...molesting myself.
Was wondering if I was the only one! :)
One is rarely “the only one” doing anything.
Multiple fuck buds and back to “meeting” new mates when virus subsides
And who makes the first move when you meet someone new? And how? "Nice to meet you -- wanna suck some dick?" Or a little more subtle.... "you want to go somewhere a little more private to chat?"
Since I am a stained glass artist, my line is, "Want to come see some of my etchings?"

Another is, "I appreciate a man I meet who allows me to show him just how much of a homosexual I am."

My favorite is, "You have just the sort of ass crack I like using to scratch my beard."
In an open relationship. We are both tops and he doesn't like jerking off, oral (giving or receiving) and just wants to top and I can't bottom for him and with the other things he doesn't like to do, it has made our sex life difficult, hence the open relationship, but more difficult when COVID hit. He has a few guys that he hooks up with regularly and we hook up with others after asking how they are doing with COVID and always wearing a mask. What I miss the most, is going to the bookstores. :(
I wish i had a regular sex life.. Just been jerking off and using toys for myself. I had a buddy that i met a long time ago and we were fuck buddies for a while but when covid happened its on hiatus most of the time. But i remember back in the good old days in my 20's most guys get off together at local parks they were the hook up cruising spots mainly.
My sex life is a memory
Monogamous for the most part but will play with others if the attraction is there. We play with toys, and I’m mainly a top, but love to be fucked by the husband who has a smaller cock. We both love to rim, and do oral, also like to snowball, and I like to get into erotic underwear and have the husband take it off. We also do oil massages/rub downs.
My sex life is all solo so far anyway, need to make new videos now too since Xtube deleted all of them
Jan 3 at 11:34am
How close to me are you?
My hand or live. You??
It's me and my hand, with lots of help from porn.
Jan 9 at 8:29pm
right now I'm solo. I would like to find a suck buddy.
Jan 15 at 10:28am
We can chat! I am married and in a sexless marriage, so I look for gentlemen that like what I like , hopefully they live close, and have hobbies like mine that give us a chance to meet now and then!


Shared publicly - Dec 3 2020 at 6:26pm
How big is your dick, both when soft and when hard? Mine is about 3" when soft, and about 6" when hard.
I'm getting a lot of "Likes" but no responses!! Please answer the question -- inquiring minds are wanting to know! :)
ok well its about 3 inches soft and 6 inches hard
Same size as mine, but you're cut and I'm uncut. Thanks for answering!
You'll have to cum over and find out for yourself 😏
Dec 4 2020 at 6:16am
Great answer!
2 1/2 soft and only 5" thick hard. I'm cut.
3 soft and 6 hard im a grower not shower
4 soft and 7.5 cut hard
I'm almost 5 soft and 8 when hard.
4 soft 7.5 hard
I’m about 3” soft...about 5” hard. Always been envious of longer, thicker guys.
Depends on how cold it is ... might get in the "minus" inches territory ... LOL
Looking at your pictures (love the cumshots too, by the way!!) you've got a nice-size dick!!
Thanks man ... my cock says thanks too ...
I’m usually just about the same as you.
varies soft...hard 7....on a good day may make 7.5 LOL
Small here - 1inch or less soft. 3.5 inches hard.
As long as it works it don't matter
I'm not sure when it's soft. It maybe 3 - 3.5. When hard it is 7.
Teeny tiny then about 5 and half

It’s a compact
3 when soft 5.5 when hard
Same as me! I would love to suck that cock! and dock with you!
About 3 -3 1/2 soft, about 7 hard
4 soft and 7.5-8x5


Shared publicly - Nov 24 2020 at 8:39pm
Love to watch twink porn...... I love to see young-but-legal men sharing their cocks with each other. Jacking their dicks, jacking each other's dicks, sucking dick, butt fucking, and finally shooting their man-juices all over each other!
Yeah, I love to see that too. Even more fun is to participate in it. I have done that many times.
Boys being Boys
i always wonder if they are truly legal. have a friend in jail because he watched underage---17 and got caught for something else and they confiscated the puter. i then and there decided to stick to 35 and up with hair if possible---:-) but its all fun to watch!


Nov 24 2020 at 8:24pm
Posted photos ...

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Jan 13 at 9:04pm
Wishing you the best in the 2021 New Year :)


Oct 25 2020 at 8:41am
Stopping in to say

Have a good Sunday

Take some time to play

Thanks for being a friend.


Sep 5 2020 at 5:45pm
Well I'm waiting for you hurry up! Ha... Enjoy your Holiday Weekend :)