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Dec 8 at 3:38pm
Been looking for someone a bit like you to help me with getting my first kill.


Oct 1 at 7:36am
Sunday starts the new week. October starts the new month. Have a great week and may the month be kind.


Sep 23 at 8:04am
It is the weekend! The second day of fall and it will be hot, hot, and sunny. What to do in weather like that? Have a great weekend!


Sep 1 at 11:07am
Thanks for the photo like, handsome. Great pics, yourself!


Aug 19 at 6:27am
It is the weekend! You know what means? That means that two days are going to go by so quickly that you will think it was one day. Well, make that one day, err, two days happy, fun, and relaxing.

Have a great weekend!