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Sep 22 at 12:00pm
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Shared publicly - Sep 4 at 12:15am
So, has anyone ever got one of those “make a rubber clone of your cock” things? How did it work? Was it easy to stay hard while it sets up? Just wondering.
Not me, but a friend got one of those kits some years back, and after trying several times unsuccessfully, his BF tried it while they would make love everywhere except.... there.... and he stayed hard all through it. then the first guy tried it and worked for him. Funny that neither of them "used them" as a dildo, but they made a great "Book Ends" pair for a manel piece display
Will you be offering these for sale??
Hmmmmm. Hadn’t thought of that! 😎
Sep 4 at 11:55pm
we ALL had :-)
Lol. I guess JOSH and COCK are both four letter words!
Sep 5 at 12:27am
Yes, and so are a few other choice words that are all "intimately" related
Sep 5 at 2:52pm
Can I pre-order?? I am fully confident you will deliver!


Sep 3 at 12:40pm
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Shared publicly - Aug 22 at 12:06am
I just want to thank so many kind guys on here for your supportive words the last couple days. It means so much to have caring friends at a time like this. Thanks! I love you all.

Sorry we can’t bring your cat back. 😢😘


Shared publicly - Aug 20 at 12:33am
Hi guys. I’m a very sad Josh tonight. I know there are some of you that know how it feels to lose a pet. My 21 year old kitty died tonight. I’m devastated and know that some of you have had this experience too.
Aug 20 at 12:58am
my BIG heart is with u love. I'm very very sorry
Sorry for your loss I had a cat name Bud that live to be 18 years... cherish the memories
Aug 20 at 1:31am
Aug 20 at 3:21am
i know how hard it can be they are like kids sorry to hear about your cat big hugs
Aug 20 at 3:32am
I'm sorry for your loss. It's an awful experience. :(
Aug 20 at 3:59am
So Sorry for your loss. I still miss my pet cats that I've lost. Hang in there.
Aug 20 at 5:34am
So sorry Josh.
Aug 20 at 5:47am
My condolences, Josh! My cat died in February and she was 18 years old. So, yeah, I know how you feel.
Aug 20 at 5:57am
So sorry for your loss... Hugs
Aug 20 at 6:38am
I’m sorry, Sweetie. Losing a pet is definitely losing a family member. 21 is a great age for a cat. Happily you have Jared to help comfort BOTH of you. 😘
Aug 20 at 6:40am
OMG!! I'm so sorry, Josh. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I've been there so I know the feeling. I'm here for you.
Aug 20 at 7:00am
rests my forehead against yours
Aug 20 at 7:11am
So sorry, I know how hard that can be.
Aug 20 at 8:04am
A kitty or pup you’ve lived with over half your life ... one of the toughest trials there are... been there. (presses forehead against your shoulder like a puppy does to another puppy whos hurting)
Aug 20 at 8:09am
so sorry for your loss. I lost 4 19yo kitty siblings last year. I took them in off the street shortly after being born. I gave one away, 1 passed away a few years ago and the other 4 all passed at 19yo in the same year. One was on insulin for 10 years.
Aug 20 at 9:23am
yes unfortunately i know your pain sorry for your loss prayers
Sorry for your loss man. It hurts to lose our furry friends.
Aug 20 at 10:33am
Very sorry for your loss.
Aug 20 at 11:32am
So sorry,,,,,
Aug 20 at 11:32am
So sorry,,,,,
Aug 20 at 1:17pm
🌹😢😢😢 I'm soooooo sorry. Pets become part of the family. I lost a peke-a-poo 2 yrs ago. I still miss her. Josh you are in my thoughts!!
Aug 20 at 1:21pm
Josh, I am SO sorry. I know nothing can replace your friend, and words seem inadequate when you are hurting like this. I lost my kitty of 20 years in March. I still dream about him.

Hugging your heart long distance...

Aug 20 at 2:23pm
So sorry to hear that. I lost three dogs in three years. Went from a full house to a quiet house. It’s very hard. Just remember the good times and think about the smiles that the kitty brought to your face
Aug 20 at 2:31pm
Sorry to hear that Josh.
Aug 20 at 6:29pm
Sorry to hear that, Kid. A BIG, long hug to you.
Aug 20 at 9:45pm
Georry for your lose
Aug 21 at 1:54am
Lights and love, brother.
Aug 21 at 12:00pm
I am sorry to hear about this.
Aug 21 at 9:15pm
Hey I'm sorry to hear that man.
Aug 21 at 10:32pm
My condolences for your loss.
Aug 22 at 9:12am
So sorry to hear that, Josh. It is so sad for you but you gave your cat such a good life x
Aug 28 at 7:27pm
Sorry, babe. That's the worst. Sending you my condolences and hugs.
Sep 1 at 12:00am
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, yes I also lost a pet in the past. May be some day you will have that unique special person that can help fill that void in your heart. It's always good to have someone to talk to.
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you were together at the end and it was peacefull for"kitty"
Thank you. I held her the last 4 hours and it was peaceful. I still miss her so much. ❤️

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Sep 22 at 1:30pm
Thanks for your comment.

Have a nice weekend .

Some selfies in attachment...


Aug 2 at 1:30am
Are your ready for any postion with me? because I am :)


Jul 28 at 12:25pm
Well Hello :)


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Jul 18 at 6:44pm
Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!


Jul 18 at 3:14pm
I'm ready for you are you ready for me and you can have any position you want :)


Jul 5 at 8:54am
Guys don't stay soft around me long ;)


Jun 29 at 10:10am
Cum on you know you want it, stop beating around the bush and bend over... or open your mouth either way it's going in and your gonna fucken love it :)


Jun 23 at 8:07am
Stopping in to say hello, post a comment, and thank you for being a friend. Enjoy the summer season with those hot guys, no shirts, jeans, and bulges. :) Maybe you will even see some naked???? MMMMMMM


Jun 20 at 8:39am
just added you to my favorite profiles!