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Hi, I'm a 33 year old bi guy looking for advice in this split personality/lifestyle as well as work out tips too. I don't know why it's hard for people to understand that guys (or girls) can be bisexual. I would bet that very few people are 100% gay or straight. No need for labels, we all like what we like. And how do you define sexuality anyway? Is it who you love? Or who you are sexually attracted to? Or who you have sex with? Well, my answers to those questions would be straight, bi, and gay, respectively. I have never had sex with a woman, this is true; I have had sex with men. I have been in love with women, but not men. I desire and appreciate attractive people of both genders physically and sexually. I want to marry a woman and live a straight life, and this is not because society says so, this is what I know I want. When I think about my future this is all I see. So then why am I not dating women and having sex with women? Where to begin...social anxiety disorder, lack of confidence, shyness, being in love with a girl I can't have and being a one-woman kind of man; the list goes on. I'm trying to figure myself out because I want to be able to be happy. Any advice you can give me about achieving this would be greatly appreciated. And I'd love to put on some muscle which can only help me out with this stuff ;) so any tips there would be awesome too!


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Shared publicly - Nov 30 at 12:12pm
I was always confused about my sexuality until I came across the term DEMISEXUAL. It fits me so well. I thought I was weird or abnormal or alone. I'm just not a typical guy I guess.
Dec 1 at 4:10pm
I'm the exact opposite right now. I don't want the emotional aspect of it, just get me up, get me off and be gone.
Dec 3 at 12:28pm
We all like what we like.


Shared publicly - Nov 20 at 4:13pm
Debating whether to take up the offer to fuck a FTM. Never had a pussy before but I do identify as a Bi Guy.
If you are turned on, then I say go for it. I identify as gay but I have had good sex with women.
Nov 20 at 6:31pm
I'm so into that, too. Needs to be a very butch, hairy guy tho.
Nov 20 at 8:13pm
Why debate?

If he's hot, then fuck him in that ass, like a man wants.
Nov 21 at 11:40am
He wants his pussy eaten and fucked like a woman, I just have no experience with that but I want to try, but a person shouldn't be used as my experiment.
Nov 21 at 5:48pm
Isn't every sexual encounter an experiment? You never know what might come of it.
Nov 20 at 9:46pm
I'm interested in being with a FTM guy and like you have not tried a pussy.
Nov 20 at 11:34pm
Would be a no brainer for me. Iā€™d love that opportunity.
Nov 21 at 12:16am
I did once in a bookstore....didn't know til it was to late ti be respectful. Nice, good-looking guy....just kind of messed me up for a little bit. Go for it!
Nov 21 at 11:40am
Did you fuck the pussy or the ass?
Nov 21 at 8:21am
I would totally go for it. That's my 2 cents.
Nov 21 at 9:09am
Go for it buddy - I've seen several porn movies with FTM and the bottom was totally hot and wanted it in both holes - life should be filled with great experiences; take photos hehe
Nov 21 at 9:26am
oh yes - do it, enjoy it - take your time and may both of you take advantage of all the possibilities. maybe a nice box of wine for before, during and after to make you both feeling wonderful. but enjoy!!
Nov 21 at 2:39pm
I'm intrigued by it too , maybe it's wrong because the attraction be the man , not the pussy , Idk it still has me confused to be honest ..
If you want to, do it! Either way, I'd rather you fuck my right ass though. šŸ˜‰
Nov 24 at 2:44am
If it's like that, then I would happily join in!
Nov 24 at 11:37am
Yeah, pussy is hot on a guy or girl.
Nov 23 at 8:58am
I'd fuck ya


Shared publicly - Feb 17 at 11:51am
Hope you guys like my new pics!
Feb 17 at 1:04pm
I do
you get more and more sexy with every photo.
Feb 17 at 8:14pm
I like them very much!
Feb 17 at 10:02pm
and like you, they are beautiful. handsome? oh - heat creating!
Feb 20 at 7:20am
so awesome James
Feb 20 at 8:14pm
I can not believe your single!


Feb 17 at 11:48am
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Feb 1 at 11:05am
I need to use my hard cock on someone. Now.
Wish you were here
Wish I was there, I'd definitely give up my ass!
you can use it on me
I'd love a little usage!
More than welcome to use it on me down my throat or up inside of my fuck hole anytime you want.. I have a nice hole that likes to start out dry or slightly lubed and get wetter as the fucking goes on. Then when you are completely satisfied make it even wetter as you explode your hot load of cum up inside of me. Cum pig here and lobe nice massive multiple loads from one guy or multiple. Ever in my area hit me up man
Chicago isn't too far ;-)

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Nov 8 at 12:44am
I'm in the mood for some of this & some of that... and I'm versatile too :)


Sep 5 at 1:07am
Have a Great Holiday Weekend... Be safe, Have fun, & Relax :)


Aug 31 at 12:21pm
I'm ready for you... So what position do you want Top or Bottom? :)