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Hi, I'm a 31 year old bi guy looking for advice in this split personality/lifestyle as well as work out tips too. I don't know why it's hard for people to understand that guys (or girls) can be bisexual. I would bet that very few people are 100% gay or straight. No need for labels, we all like what we like. And how do you define sexuality anyway? Is it who you love? Or who you are sexually attracted to? Or who you have sex with? Well, my answers to those questions would be straight, bi, and gay, respectively. I have never had sex with a woman, this is true; I have had sex with men. I have been in love with women, but not men. I desire and appreciate attractive people of both genders physically and sexually. I want to marry a woman and live a straight life, and this is not because society says so, this is what I know I want. When I think about my future this is all I see. So then why am I not dating women and having sex with women? Where to begin...social anxiety disorder, lack of confidence, shyness, being in love with a girl I can't have and being a one-woman kind of man; the list goes on. I'm trying to figure myself out because I want to be able to be happy. Any advice you can give me about achieving this would be greatly appreciated. And I'd love to put on some muscle which can only help me out with this stuff ;) so any tips there would be awesome too!


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Shared publicly - Feb 21 at 8:33pm
Everyone else have fun tonight.
Feb 21 at 8:34pm
Tks bud you too
Feb 21 at 8:50pm
Will try to
Feb 22 at 7:36am
Everyone else got to, without me.


Shared publicly - Feb 20 at 11:12am
***WARNING**** STRAIGHT PORN AHEAD, so if you don't like, then just don't look, no need to bash me or my sexuality, or say this isn't the place. If you're a bi guy or enjoy straight, amateur porn, then you will absolutely LOVE this video http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1...
Feb 20 at 11:37am
Awesome! Love to have been in the middle of all that!
Feb 20 at 12:07pm
Hot video! He was especially cute.
Feb 20 at 5:45pm
He gives her a good reaming with that thick cock. Nice one.
Feb 20 at 8:29pm
anytime I see that I imagine im the one taking that thick cock inside me!!!!!
There is nothing wrong with a hard fuck - straight or gay - sex is good!
Feb 21 at 8:42am
i personally am not going to watch this. but i just wanted to say that you should feel free to post this if you want. i may not get great pleasure from watching straight sex. but sex is sex. its two people (or more if you are lucky) getting each other off. what could be more beautiful than that.
Feb 22 at 3:11pm
Damn sexy!


Shared publicly - Feb 17 at 8:43am
I love how people in the south complain about a little snow or ice. Man up.
Feb 17 at 9:06am
ha, I grew up in the NE and these people are crazy. Lived here in AR 12 years now, and it still amazes me seeing the crazies. STAY OFF the road if you do not how to drive on this stuff.
Feb 17 at 9:07am
We only complain because our states dont have the equipment to handle it all and we are then stuck at home or where ever for days on end until it melts . Even the poor people in these northern states have had way more than their share , I'm sure are complaining some too. Its BAD everywhere. Ky. is under a state of emergency. We are paralyzed.
We just aren't prepared for it because it doesn't happen much here. But there is overreaction to the tiniest bit of wintry precip.
Feb 17 at 9:15am
Come try out one of our hurricanes.
Feb 17 at 1:01pm
Feb 17 at 9:45am
same in UK pal never expected and when it does arrive never ready
Feb 18 at 3:49am
Like the post and so true of us whinging Brits - good sex in snow tho!
has nothing to do with manning up. we just don't like winter precip!!
Wait... Wait...

I have well over 2 feet of snow and it's snowing now. Just sick of it.


Shared publicly - Feb 12 at 9:47am
Finally starting to feel like I'm making progress in the gym, feeling good, and hopefully looking better too. About damn time.
Feb 13 at 4:55am
You are looking mighty fine Mr James. ! :)
Feb 13 at 6:02pm
drop the carbs and sugar..... you will be ripped in a few weeks


Shared publicly - Feb 11 at 10:03am
Probably if I can lose my flab then my chest would take on a better shape and I'd have pecs instead of man-boobs.
You look good just keep doing what your doing :)
Feb 11 at 2:31pm
you look sexy and very good James
Feb 11 at 4:16pm
You dont have man boobs, i do...you look great James
Feb 11 at 5:26pm
Those are far from man boobs man. Looks great.
Feb 11 at 8:45pm
Definitely NOT manboobs...nicely developing pecs...keep at it!!

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Feb 15 at 6:45pm
Hey You... Yes You... I got a nice Valentines Day treat for you that your just going to love so why don't you cum and lick and eat it till you get to the juicy center and rim it real good and while your doing that I'll suck on your manhood lollipop and then we can switch postions I'm sure you'll enjoy it and so will I, but you know since both our asses are all moist and prepped let's also fuck our brains out while were at it too now wouldn't that be great... Happy Valentines Day :)


Feb 14 at 2:29pm
Thank you for viewing my profile, I appreciate you taking your time. I hope that you are doing well and that life is treating you great.

Hugs + Tugs | Chris


Feb 9 at 9:35am
looking good man...


Feb 8 at 8:58pm
Don't let the fear of zombies ruin a good time! Apocalypse my ass, these boys STILL take it! Have a great day!


Feb 8 at 11:31am


Feb 4 at 8:12pm
Good luck man but you are in a tough spot. My advice is have sex with a woman ASAP. You need to know what it is like. Doesn't matter who. Even pay for it if you have to. You need to know.


Jan 22 at 9:33am
Great profile. Good luck with finding what it will take you to be happy. It might be closer than you think. You have a great perspective.


Dec 23 2014 at 10:45am
Happy to add you as a friend...thank you for sending the request...and you already look great ...anxious to follow your development...


Dec 21 2014 at 1:14pm


Dec 2 2014 at 3:58pm
Hello, and thanks for adding me...............!!!!!!!!!!!