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Hi, I'm a 31 year old bi guy looking for advice in this split personality/lifestyle as well as work out tips too. I don't know why it's hard for people to understand that guys (or girls) can be bisexual. I would bet that very few people are 100% gay or straight. No need for labels, we all like what we like. And how do you define sexuality anyway? Is it who you love? Or who you are sexually attracted to? Or who you have sex with? Well, my answers to those questions would be straight, bi, and gay, respectively. I have never had sex with a woman, this is true; I have had sex with men. I have been in love with women, but not men. I desire and appreciate attractive people of both genders physically and sexually. I want to marry a woman and live a straight life, and this is not because society says so, this is what I know I want. When I think about my future this is all I see. So then why am I not dating women and having sex with women? Where to begin...social anxiety disorder, lack of confidence, shyness, being in love with a girl I can't have and being a one-woman kind of man; the list goes on. I'm trying to figure myself out because I want to be able to be happy. Any advice you can give me about achieving this would be greatly appreciated. And I'd love to put on some muscle which can only help me out with this stuff ;) so any tips there would be awesome too!


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Shared publicly - Aug 4 at 11:37am
Lifeout calls itself "The Gay Social Network." But why? Are bisexual and heterosexual men AND WOMEN not accepted or encouraged? Are lesbians allowed? They are gay, but where are they? Is this about exclusivity as if gay men only need their own place? Seems more like a sexual social site that happens to be mostly men who are gay and bisexual. This seems less about a safe community of tolerance and more about purely gay male sex.
straight people and lesbians have plenty of equivalent sights as well.seems like you're thinking too deep into it and not enjoying it. so,why not just delete your profile
Aug 4 at 11:44am
So gay is just about being superficial about stuff like this? Is it wrong to be deep? I enjoy it as much as I wish. I thought gay was about tolerance.
I don't think we are superficial. Nothing wrong with being deep but ur looking for straight qualities on a gay website where we like men, sex, and hope to find somebody to connect with, or maybe be fortunate enough to find a life partner here at some point or something to that extent, I don't know what everybody wants obviously. Straight and gay people do get along and we all want to interact with each other equally but that is not what this is about, this is about ur denial to be str8 or gay or See more
I'm sorry but Lifeout is for gay and bisexual men. Heterosexual men don't need to be living a life "out." This is probably way more about gay sex than anything, so I won't go into the "straight people don't need pride about their sexuality" ordeal because that should be abundantly clear.
Basically, I'm just saying heterosexuals and even lesbians have their own sexual appreciation sites. This is the one for gay and bisexual men.
Aug 4 at 2:38pm
Tickling the old hornet's nest, eh son? Careful, not everyone wants to be open to other points of view or consider that everyone has a mind of their own.


Shared publicly - Aug 4 at 10:04am
Call me crazy, but I think I'm straight. I mean I find women and men both sexually attractive, I like straight, bi, and gay porn, but there's something about women that I just can't ignore--that I find them much more sensual and romantic, which I relate to love and making love. Even though I have bisexual attractions, my sexual preference and romantic preference and relationship preference are all for women. So I guess if I have to label myself, I self-identify as straight.
Aug 4 at 10:13am
Either way your a great guy..
Aug 4 at 10:13am
As the Greeks said "Know thyself."
Aug 4 at 10:20am
there's nothing sexier than a man that true knows himself and can be honest about it.
Why is it an issue to LABEL yourself.....? Just enjoy your life and that which fulfills you the most...
Aug 4 at 11:28am
well...no women here my friend.
Aug 4 at 11:32am
yes I am aware, but would accept them, in this GAY community? there are gay women. or is it men only? but I digress--as I said, I am bisexual in my attractions, so I can enjoy looking at some hot guys or porn.
Aug 4 at 11:36am
soooo if u label urself as "straight" then u don't get to look at the gay boys right? But if ur bisexual then u like the gay boys. You could be looking for all the wrong types of guys. js.
I'm not here to have sex. As someone who is also attracted to men visually, I like to look and chat with people who share my feelings. This isn't my only outlet. This isn't about just gay men. I appreciate any male (and female) body regardless of whether they are sexually attracted to me as well. Attraction doesn't have to be about sex.
Aug 4 at 2:35pm
So, what is the extent of your actual experience with either sex and how do you compare and contrast them?
Aug 4 at 4:14pm
Interesting comments. I know being young and bi can be confusing, especially if you dwell on the subject. I have been there and have found through the years that interaction and sex with both can be fulfilling. You also always appreciate the other side no matter which side you are playing with at the moment. You will go through times of women only and times of men only and times of doing both. Just relax, be yourself and appreciate that others don't always feel like we do.


Shared publicly - Jul 31 at 8:06am
What shit else is going to go wrong?
Jul 31 at 8:12am
Whats wrong buddy
Everything breaks and piles up. My life is a disaster. I need to get my shit together.
Jul 31 at 8:14am
Don't feel alone.
Jul 31 at 8:17am
But that's what makes it harder and even worse--I am alone.
Jul 31 at 8:18am
Im sorry man.
Dude- it's not just you. There are lot of us trying to get our shot together. Just know you're not alone. Hang in there.
Jul 31 at 9:55am
Shit*** damn autocorrect
Don't ever say......."What's Next?"
Jul 31 at 11:44am
i so hear ya & i am about done with everything super big hugs ShY


Shared publicly - Jul 29 at 7:13am
The goal would obviously be for my 5k pace to improve each time. We'll see what I can do.
Jul 29 at 10:24am
This takes time! Do not despair!


Shared publicly - Jul 28 at 7:10am
Chest day at the gym, maybe I'll post some pics from after.

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Jul 28 at 7:18am
Man you are so handsome and developing into an awesome man


May 25 at 1:25pm
why are you using craiglist to get sex?


May 20 at 10:36pm
Thanks for the add!


May 20 at 2:12am
Thanks for adding me!


May 10 at 11:38am
Thank you for the profile visit and the friend request!


Mar 6 at 12:26am
Thanks for posting the newest pics. You look great! Your workouts have really paid off!


Feb 15 at 6:45pm
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Feb 9 at 9:35am
looking good man...


Feb 8 at 8:58pm
Don't let the fear of zombies ruin a good time! Apocalypse my ass, these boys STILL take it! Have a great day!


Feb 8 at 11:31am