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June 26 2013. Well, I've been away from the site for quite some time now. All for good reasons. Initially it was travel in 2012, then it was love. I fell head over heals for a marvelous man that I met on my travels through Australia. Fell so hard, I ended up moving to Cairns, Qld. Life was good. Then I slowly came to the realization that, although I may have fallen for him, he however, had not fallen for me. Ugh. Long story short, you can only tell a person that you love them so many times, without hearing it back, before you stop saying it.

So now being single, yet once again, I am back in Canada (temporarily) looking for my nirvana. As I continue my travels through this life and world, I get to meet many fun and great people. The one thing I have realized is that we are all in this together, and life is short. Live long, love hard, and laugh often. If you are not happy, change what you do, change where you are, and don't live your life for what society dictates how you should live. One shot, one life, make the most of it and make sure it counts, if not to others, make it count to yourself. You are the master of your ship, let the winds of change guide you to your true and happy destination.

The past cannot be changed, so don't live in it. The future has not happened yet, so don't spend time trying to live there. You only have now. Now is the only time that will ever be, and now is when you need to live. Enjoy yourself and the others around you, for you will never know when you get run over by the bus of life.

This below was written when I first joined :-)

Hi! My name is Danny, and I just discovered I'm gay!(March 2009) LOL. Funny how life works. Took me too long to realise, and to accept, that I am gay, and have been my entire life (so far). I was born gay and I will die gay. Accepting of this fact has made me understand that I cant change my sexual preference, just as I cant change my skin colour (other then tanning, but that doesnt count) Im just in the process of making some life altering changes, as I have realised that life is too short to live it for others. Its time to live life for me now, damn it! lol Time to re-invent myself to who I am and to discard who "they" wanted me to be. As it's my turn to be happy, and if the nay sayers can't cope with that, well they can go and fuck their hats!

I'm ultimatly looking for mr right, or mr just about right, or even mr ok. I'm old but not too old to realise that we only have one life to live. So live life, love life, and dance like nobody is watching. I'm a down to earth real guy here, not into head games or head gamers. life is too short for that shit. im self employed and soon to be self unemployed as i am in the process of sellin most of my stuff and what i dont sell im putting into storage. so that i can travel for a year or so, and figure out were i want to live, and what i want to do. if you want to learn more hit me up. i dont bite, unless your into that hehehe

thanks for checkin me out, hope you enjoy

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