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I'm just a good guy living in Salt Lake City. I travel a lot for my job which I thoroughly enjoy. I enjoy theatre and music - most kinds except rap and heavy metal. I love to be in the kitchen cooking. I'm reasonably educated and fairly well traveled. I enjoy a good conversation.

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Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSome extra baggage
Height5' 9"
Weight200 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenProud parent
OccupationTravel Industry


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Jul 31 at 4:22pm
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Shared publicly - Jun 8 at 10:38pm
Okay, time for a little rant: I enjoy looking at all of the handsome men on here. One thing that I have noticed lately is that so many guys don't smile in their pictures. Why? A smile will really make your eyes light up and your personality shine through. It does have to be a big open mouth toothy smile. A little grin would do. I'd even take just up turned corners of your mouth. I think some guys may be self-conscious about their smiles and think they don't have a nice one or maybe your teeth See more
Jun 8 at 11:06pm
I try. But for me.....I have a complex about my teeth. I was teased about the space between the two front teeth.
Jun 9 at 9:17am
I have to agree with you. I like a nice smile on a guy. But smiling isn't considered part of the "sexy look" when doing nude pics. Think of all the straight stuff out there. Women giving the sultry, sexy, horny, come fuck me look. Are they really smiling while cupping their tits with their hands? I don't know, I guess their is a box everyone tries to fit in. So yeah show your nice cock, hot ass and smile about it.
There are several very famous people out there with a gap between their front teeth. I can think of a super model with a gap even. Just give me a sexy little grin.


Jun 8 at 10:20pm
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Shared publicly - Mar 26 at 12:26am
As I browse through the pictures on profiles, I find myself, very often, thinking - you'd look so much sexier if you would just smile. Why do so many guys not smile in their pictures?
Mar 26 at 8:15am
Worse yet are the ones that have their heads chopped off when their profile says they are out.


Shared publicly - Jan 7 at 5:41pm
Heading to NYC next week. Really looking forward to it.

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Nov 18 at 11:44am
Hey, thanks for adding me...........


Nov 5 at 9:29am
Thanks for the add, Hugs, Lee


Sep 28 at 5:31pm
Thanks for sharing, man! Fucking hot pics!


Jun 17 at 3:01pm
Thanks man :)