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I'm just a good guy living in Salt Lake City. I travel a lot for my job which I thoroughly enjoy. I enjoy theatre and music - most kinds except rap and heavy metal. I love to be in the kitchen cooking. I'm reasonably educated and fairly well traveled. I enjoy a good conversation.

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Shared publicly - Aug 4 at 6:32pm
1 in 7 men are affected by prostate cancer. It's very easy to detect and easy to cure. If you are 50 or over or if you know a man 50 or over insist that a PSA test be included as part of your routine blood work when you see your doctor. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 weeks ago. A PSA blood test caught it. I had no symptoms at all. So, Wednesday, I spend the day 7:45a - 5:00p in the hospital having my first two radiation treatments. I have 4 more to go. They numbed me from the belly See more
Aug 4 at 8:14pm
Almost anything can Be Fixed if caught Early enough .I am Happy you found it in time


Jul 18 at 11:44pm
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Shared publicly - Jul 6 at 10:56pm
Okay guys, this is a public service announcement. At your regular doctor's appointment, please make sure that PSA test is part of your regular blood work, especially for you guys over 50. My doctor had not been doing that until I requested it. My PSA was a bit high, so he sent me to a urologist who did a prostate biopsy - that's not fun. Well, now, I have found out that I have prostate cancer. I'm in the process now of deciding what to do. It is either surgery to completely remove the prostate See more
ouch sorry to hear that
oh wow sorry to hear this I hope you come through this and make the right decision there
OMG, have you decided which you'll do?
So sorry. I've had PSA tests done yearly for years. Very low, happily. Hope things go well. Prostate cancer has a high "cure rate."
keep positive thoughts...
Sorry To hear that my Friend ,Thankfully Almost anything can be Fixed if caught early enough
Jul 7 at 6:51am
I have a buddy that had a targeted radiation. It was not what you described. It was done over a period of weeks. Didn't hurt and it killed the prostate. I don't think he has trouble with leaking either. You might do some more research. It was a simple procedure. I went with him a couple of times. It was done in Kansas City. Keeping you in my prayers.
Had Stage 2 prostate cancer. Opted for a prostatectomy. An excellent surgeon used robotic surgery (DaVinci) and his nerve sparing approach resulted in no ED issues and no incontinence issues. My thoughts were - if I can remove the cancer and I know it's gone, I'll have peace of mind. Get all the advice you can and do your reasearch. It's a very personal decision and take your time deciding. Good luck with your journey. Cancer changes your life but you can lick this. Contact me if you want to talk.
Thank you very much. I appreciate your support.
Thank you for all of your comments and support. I need to meet again with my urologist, but I think I've decided.

I met with the oncologiest who specializes in radiation therapy. That's the way I'm going to go. The process will be done as an out-patient. They will use a spinal block and I'll be numb from the belly button down. The doctor will do a cat scan to get a picture of my anatomy. Then they will insert 17 needle between my butt hole and scrotum into the prostate. Those needles will be attached
See more
My thoughts are with you bud. Good luck on the procedure.
there is nerve sparing surgery available, so far as I know there is a doc in saskatchwan who does it, one of the only ones in western saskatchwan


Jul 6 at 7:09pm
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Jun 8 at 4:38am
Posted a video ... Bottoming for a friend

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Jul 6 at 11:10pm
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