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Hello guys.... well I've been off and on LO since 2008. I was here back in the day when the chat room was filled w/ HUNDREDS of guys chatting and camming all night long. I'm a lot older now than when I first joined back then but hopefully wiser. I was married for 16 years to my high school girlfriend but I've been divorced now since 2008. I've been lucky enough to have been in love 3 times in my life....the first was my ex wife.....the second was my first bf of 8 years(off n on)... and now my current partner for the last 4 years.

Chris and I met in 2015 at,,, but where else,,,, the GYM lol. I was working out at 1 of 3 gyms 5 or 6 days a week and one night i decided to hit the one i didn't go to that often. Long story short, he was there w/ another guy and i went up to them both to say hello and the rest is history.... Maybe i'll write the story in the story section some day. We live in California with our Corgi/Pit mix,,,, Walter. Unfortunately I work 6 days a week around 13 or more hours a night so currently he and I are never awake and home at the same time... WHICH sucks but hopefully things will change soon.

I'm a trucker and my partner is a manager of a nursery at a lumber/hardware store. Walter,,,, well Walter is a lazy bum who sleeps all night and all day and doesn't pay rent....I wish i were Walter.

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Shared publicly - Aug 5 at 6:28pm
hi guys..... it's time to go back to work after taking a week and half off after my mom passed. It's going to be a difficult day since i was working and in my truck when i got the called that she passed. I've been very anxious and ended up waking up 4 hours too early so now i know trying to get through a 10 plus hour shift is going to be hard. I was already looking to take a leave of absence to look recoup from a shoulder injury and look for another job and then my mom passed so that leave may come See more
Best of luck to you, and please be careful out there.
Tough time...hang in there
Yes i understand when i lost my mom i felt like my heart was tipped out and my world stood still its been 8 yrs its still hard i miss her so much i was her only baby boy she said i sometime reach for my phone to call her and i forget she gone i know she is in my hart where i keep her memory of her alive my deepest sympathies
Hey buddy sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope you're doing ok.


Aug 5 at 4:57am
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Aug 2 at 1:20pm
time for a road trip to the beach for a couple days to get a change of scenary.
Aug 2 at 7:04pm
Drive safe, y’all. ❤️
Aug 2 at 7:27pm


Shared publicly - Aug 1 at 8:04pm
It's been a week today that i got the worse call of my life, that my mom had passed away. It's been a tough week. We cleaned her apt and turned the keys back in ,,, we had the viewing and it was HORRIFIC... the funeral home did an atrocious job but i haven't told them off yet because they are still doing the cremation and i'm waiting til then to FLY OFF THE HANDLE at them.....now we just wait for her ashes so we can plan a memorial so now i feel lost since there is nothing to do. My partner and I See more
Omg I’m so sorry, bubba. Big big hugs to you! 😞
A 'like' is impossible, having been through that too. Hopefully you can hold the memorial privately without their misguided "assistance"
That was so terrible what you had to deal with the Funeral Director. Here the Director ask the family to come in 30 minutes before the viewing to make sure everything was okay. If not they can make changes. So sorry that you had to experience so a thing. I would be calling and explain to them what you didn't like.

When you have the memorial service you don't need the funeral director arranging that. If you are going to have the service at a Church, just call and see when there is a time available.
See more


Shared publicly - Jul 28 at 4:27pm
It's been a rough few days. I was at work Saturday and found out my mom passed away.
Jul 28 at 4:33pm
My condolences on the passing of your mother.
Oh no! Sorry to hear that, I grieve for your loss.

Sorry for your lost. :( :(
My mother passed back in 2007. I feel your pain.
Sorry to hear that.
Sorry to hear that
So sorry to hear this.
Salvator mundi, benedicat, et nisi eius, qui per crucem et resurrectionem tuam posuisti eius libero.

Neither she nor you were catholic, but you get the idea. A 6th Century prayer of blessing at passing for your mom, still holds, Travis.

Pax et bonum
Im so sorry ive lost both mone 6 month apart i feel for your lose
Sooo sorry for your loss man!
I am so sorry.
Sorry for your loss

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Aug 6 at 12:49am
You 2 are so cute together... Thank u for sharing your story... Kisses


Jul 19 at 4:47pm
Thanks for befriending me for the ??? Time

(My Apple needs a Key for the möbius infinity symbol)

One day we will finally meet and I want to haul you over for hug like those guys.



Jul 9 at 7:12pm
Welcome back to Life Out, Travis.



Jul 2 at 11:28am
thanks for the add


Jul 1 at 9:18am
Welcome to lifeout


Jun 29 at 9:48am
HOT pics


Jun 29 at 9:12am
Hot body. Any boy would be happy with a daddy like you.