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EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeMuscular / Bodybuilder


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Shared publicly - Jun 22 at 12:51pm
Playing with gifs. My precum flowing in and out.
id love to taste that precum
I want your cum in my mouth stud
Love that stud cum running down your thick cock!
Now thats a man sized treat that just keeps on giving.


Shared publicly - Jun 10 at 5:02pm
Wow it turned out fantastic
Sum bush n shavd balls is PERF!
VERY NICE MAN :) as long as you keep a little bush lol
Damm that is one beautiful dick that i would love down my throat and wanna lick it too :)
Always looking sharp
beautiful cock and balls. I love it. you are hot either way my friend xoxoxo
Fuck yeah! That huge cock is hot regardless stud ;-)


Shared publicly - Jun 8 at 8:11pm
Thinking about shaving it. Yes or no? Majority will let me know what to do. No trim. It's all or none.
No, don't shave!!!
I agree. Don't do it
Though I think trimmed looks hot. But you eliminated that option
plus, it'll just make your dick look even bigger and scare people
I'm ok with that. Ha ha
Who likes my shaved crotch?

Oh wait that would be you buddy.
Love yours shaved. So hot
Yours would be a huge turn on to me aswell
Please don't, shaved cocks look naked.
No. Looks great as is.
Yes, it looks clean and fresh
Leave it just like that !!
I vote leave it hairy!
I say shave it :)
keep it! i'll never forgive you fi you do...... ok eventually i will... lol
Definitely don't shave! Trim is ok.
Hairy is manly and sexy!
beautiful picture, PLEASE DON'T SHAVE IT, I LOVE IT HAIRY. I love your pubes
Hairy pubes rule here sexy
Didn't realise it would be so one sided. Hope y'all forgive me if I do. 😁
You are forgiven....get will itch when it starts growing back.
Shave it! Try it. It grows back.
do not shave it all, trim and just shave balls
Leave it if only 2 choices. I think trimming is best option though
Leave it alone. Love that fur.
It's hot the way it is
Shave the balls and cock then trim up the rest of the pubes.
Shave smooth best way to be
Oh yes it is, us younger guys really like smooth.
shave it all stud
NONONONONONON! you have the most beautiful bush I have ever seen!!!
Hot as fuck either way stud.... I wouldn't turn you down or leave my bud in need regardless ;-)
I would love you either way
So, when do you post the results; and pictures of the winner?
Well it's been massively trimmed!!!!! Will post pics soon
Shave it. will make your cock look even more juicy.
You are one great looking man!!!
I agree, you are very handsome


Shared publicly - Jun 5 at 10:06pm
Wow. Thanks guys. I appreciate the support.
Let's meat so I can be your support in person >8P
you are so beautiful
Looking Great! Fellas you can look but you cant touch. Thats where I cum in.


Jun 5 at 8:24am
Posted photos ...

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Jun 22 at 1:06pm
HOT pics and vids


Jun 9 at 9:24am
Starting my Friday browsing your profile is the perfect end to my week.


Jun 5 at 11:03pm
You the #1 Man this evening... Enjoy your night :)


Jun 5 at 10:58pm


Apr 15 at 12:08pm
you are so blessed... Thanks for the views


Apr 1 at 8:05am
Thanx J


Feb 19 at 7:56am
just stopped by to say hello and have a great weekend stud xoxox


Feb 18 at 2:48am
I'm verstile and you sure do have a nice cock and I'd give it a good ride :)


Jan 9 at 6:11pm
thanks for stopping by. Hope you drop by again soon.


Dec 31 2016 at 2:21pm
Stopping in to wish you a Happy New Year. My wishes for you during the year is for good health, happiness, and prosperity.