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EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeMuscular / Bodybuilder


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Shared publicly - Apr 23 at 9:06am
Wow. Thanks for the love and support.
You deserve it man.. deserve it.
You are awesome!!! You deserve it
you are truly a beautiful man inside and out. I am so thankful that you are my friend
I want your cock in me
You deserve to be #1 are in my book!
Guess I am in Chapter 11!!!!!! lmao
Unión de Tula, Jalisco, MX. Friday, 09/02/16, 7:00 P:M: Yes, Sir! WOW is right! Your moniker, "fitguy29) says it all. Best positive personality, godawesome upper torso, almost classic Greek, biggest, thickest dick set in lush bush, muscular butt--hmmm? What else could one call you except "fitguy29". Robt.
He is perfection on legs ;-)


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 12:12pm
It's amazing to me how a lot of guys on the life out cams look so much different than their profile pic.
Yes... I know what you mean

Apr 21 at 1:34pm
I have noticed that tooooo.....
Well you look alright from the photo, as they say you do not look at the mantelpiece when you are poking the fire.
Pure truth! I think their photo shopped to bring in business. But I think you need your own L'O cam, we all would appreciate it ASAP if you did so. >8P
Thanks. I love camming in the room for free. :)
I love watching you stud. you are one hot and gorgeous man
U look even better !
I'd LOVE to see you sometime so i can judge for myself ;-)
Jun 24 at 8:23am
ha ha I was referring to the guys in the cam ads
Oh, lol...I thought you meant in the chat room on here. I had never seen you in there when I am ;-)
Jun 24 at 8:36am
I go in there sometimes I'll prove to you that my pic is a fair representation when I do
Jun 24 at 8:39am
Oh, I have no doubt man. None at all. I am in lust with everything about you. :-)
can't wait to see your huge piece on cam too :)
Let me know sometime...I'd love to join you, babe.
Mmmmm...can't wait! Hard just thinking about it. Seriously man, you are the total package with one of the best bodies on this site.
and you have one of the best dicks in the site
Well, thanks man...but so do you...and body...and ass. Yea, I am a nice guy, but no one seems to care about that. But...I am working hard on the body ;-)
everbody loves to see the goods and you have a lot to offer :)
Well, thanks. I appreciate that :-)
you guys are both so hot and gorgeous. I would love to be in between the two of you


Apr 20 at 6:14pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Apr 1 at 8:36am
Wishing everyone a happy Friday. No April fools from me. :)
Seeing that makes my Friday happy ;))
I love your pictures stud, you are making my mouth water now. I love your huge cock
Isnt that nice ,He is so Hot..
No April fools from me. Hot cock that I want to suck
I wanna swallow that whole to the balls :)
Think you can do it?
We will see. He and I are packing nearly identical packages. :)
its lunch time hehe
Have a good day

Nope.......your cock definitely looks real.....and delicious.
You know I want you.........
Moman ur hot as well.
Apr 1 at 3:13pm
Bud you have a great physique and nice cock.
Apr 1 at 3:15pm
Who me
Apr 1 at 3:16pm
I was talking to moman. But both of you do.
Apr 1 at 3:17pm
Oh sorry
Apr 1 at 3:18pm
No worries. You are awesome too buddy.
Apr 3 at 9:28am
Thanks. What's the fun of a mini bat without some good sized balls? :)
Love to meet that big hot beautiful cock!!!!!


Shared publicly - Mar 26 at 10:24am
Damn I love when I see my profile visitors and it's full of hot men.
I love seeing your hot athletic muscled hard body and nice cock on here :)
My friend that's because we enjoy the hot fucker on the other end, Woof!
you are one of the hottest men on here. I love your pictures and videos stud

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Oct 21 at 3:41pm
Thanks for the friend request response..


Oct 18 at 12:08pm
Hope you enjoyed your Summer and as we are in Autumn you can still get outside and enjoy some sucking and fucking in the good old outdoors... till Winter sets in... but then again when did the cold weather ever stop a horny man :)


Jul 31 at 1:19pm
Hope yours is a good one.


Jun 29 at 7:58am
You have a fantastic looking body!


May 17 at 12:24pm
Thanks for the add Sexy!


May 12 at 4:48pm
Hey there my gorgeous friend I hope you are having a magnificent day!!!!


May 10 at 10:48am


May 5 at 11:55am
So very Muscular