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Shared publicly - May 23 at 9:03am
Good boy look for tonight ;) weekend means dayoff. Off to somewhere 👌


Shared publicly - May 14 at 7:15am
Early out, early sleep. Tiring day at work. Goodnight guys! :)
May 14 at 9:18am
hot =)
May 15 at 8:14pm
Tagal nman ng dick pics mu or jakol video im ur follower
May 15 at 8:14pm
Tagal nman ng dick pics mu or jakol video im ur follower
May 19 at 5:33pm
mejo mainit sa mata huh. lol.


Shared publicly - May 10 at 8:19am
Wew. Last night pagaent and its all worth it! All hardwork and sweat are paid off. :) Congratz nyo naman ako guys! Hehe. Pahinga na. Pampering day here in Pangasinan!
May 10 at 8:56am
May 10 at 9:41am
Hehe thanks!
May 10 at 9:22am
congratz masantos ya labi
May 10 at 10:14am
saan ka sa pangasinan?
May 10 at 10:59am
wow congratz!!! kelan next contest na sasalihan mo? baka pwede makanood sa sunod mong contest =)
May 11 at 7:46am
Uy thanks. Hehe di ko pa alam eh :)
May 10 at 11:57am
congrats pre! :D
May 11 at 7:46am
May 10 at 10:40pm
May 11 at 7:47am
Uy salamat!
May 11 at 12:55am
congrats :)
May 13 at 1:41am
Congratulations Hottie... ^_^
May 20 at 3:57am
congrats, ikaw na


Shared publicly - May 8 at 6:58pm
Goodmorning! Off to Pangasinan :) 4 days rest day woohoo! 🏂🏊🏄
Crush na kita hehehe
Crush na kagad lol
May 9 at 3:33am
Nice pic
May 10 at 8:10am
May 13 at 1:42am
Nice Shades... ^_^
May 28 at 8:46pm
is this really you?


Shared publicly - May 6 at 9:43am
After a tiring day of work, still need to hit the gym. May pinaghahandaan lang, si Mayweather. Hehe. Nakakatulugan ko na ang pagleleg push. 💪💪💪

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May 4 at 2:28pm
You make me horny. Lol