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Looking for friends and hookups also possible a relationship with a down to earth man.

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Into Guys18 to 77
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Shared publicly - Nov 25 at 5:52pm
Unless there's cock involved there's no compassion in the gay community... true story!


Nov 25 at 6:19am
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Shared publicly - Nov 25 at 5:19am
I wish I had a big beary Santa to warm me up!


Nov 25 at 4:48am
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Shared publicly - Nov 24 at 9:00pm
I really need to get home i'm sleeping in my vehicle right now due to recently losing my apartment. I haven't got much fuel left in my vehicle so having heat nightly is getting more difficult. If someone can please help me with fuel in order to make it to a family member's it would be greatly appreciated. I don't like asking for help but i'm to the point I have no other choice than to resort to asking because sometimes pride and cum has to be swallowed as i'm sure all my gay brothers understand. See more
wish I had it to help you or was closer
aren't there some resources there...shelter, church, salvation army? Why were all the tenants moved out...usually when something like that happens the landlord has to pay for temp. housing or something. more explanation would help I think......
Well if your skeptical believe me I can attest the apartment's were privately owned no contact's etc.. just verbal He decided he's going to sell them and wanted us out without notice. I plan on taking action later but in the meantime I/ we had to go and i'm not one for confrontation.
there's no way he can legally do that to all of you I'd go to the cops now he has to evict you and u have a court date and if the judge finds in his favor .which he wouldn't in this case you would still have 10 more days to get out
This is hrd for people to understand but it's near the country although i'm in a city it' s on the outskirts of the city it's a building he built you see.. I was one of 4 tenants and noone even want's to stay there because he's threatened us etc and I think one tenant is calling in on him tomorrow but it's not like that in the country and he's a homophobic asshole. I know it's difficult to understand but he's threatened to burn us out in our sleep if we stay.
well I wish you luck buddy
Nov 24 at 11:31pm
wish i could help out man..... all i can do is send positive thoughts your way.. try to have a good holiday
Nov 24 at 11:36pm
If I have enough change in my console I might be having a 1.00 mchicken for thanksgiving.

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Nov 18 at 8:50pm
Thanks for adding me man ! ! ☺


Oct 26 at 6:04pm
Hey sexy, thanks for the friend request and picture likes


Oct 22 at 8:46pm
Well Hello :)


Oct 12 at 4:56am
Monday Morning Woods are good

the cadence of your Background works perfectly....


Aug 22 at 12:53pm
Hope you have a fantastic weekend stud


Aug 18 at 1:35am
All of your pics are great!