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First of all, I would like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to check out my profile...

I am just an Old Fashioned, Hopeless Romantic type of guy... Who is holding out hope of finding his one and only true love...

Ok... Now... Where to begin?... That's what you're here for right?... I should probably start by telling you a little about me... About who I am... So here you go ...

I am a 36 year old male... I am around 6'4" (Between 6'3" & 6'4" but closer to 6'4" so I rounded up) ... I have brown medium length hair (which unfortunately some of it has began to recede thanks to genetics)... Blue eyes (wear glasses most of the time but sometimes contacts) ... I am of average build but I am in the process of changing that (Have lost around 70 pounds since February 11, 2013) ... I am starting to work out more... So I can continue to lose weight but also to help tone up after the weight loss... So would be nice to also maybe find a work out partner to help keep me motivated and continue progressing toward my goal... I will admit though that I have been kinda relaxed about my diet and so on as of late but starting August 1st that is going to change :)

I know that I am no where near a muscular jock or an Abercrombie & Fitch model or anything... Which unfortunately seems to be what most uys tend to look for on here... I am just an average country guy who has a big heart... who would like to be able to find that special someone that I can call my own ... Someone who will accept me for who I am ... Who will love me and know that I also love them in return... My "One & Only True Love"

I do apologize for this posting not including a picture of myself... I am not completely out yet (Not to family or work anyway)... So I am being cautious and playing it safe on here... However... I do have a picture I could send you sometime after we have had the chance to get to know one another a little better... I hope that is ok... If it isn't... I completely understand ... and I will leave you be :) ... Otherwise if you are still interested at this point... I will continue...

I know this next part may sound a bit lame or even cliché ... But I also am the type of guy that still believes in two things that seem to have been lost in todays society (gay & straight alike)... I still believe in Chivalry and Monogamy ... (Also... I am not like most men (gay or straight) who when asked about what monogamy is, they reply stating it is a type of wood and then they laugh after saying the word 'wood')

What type of guy am I?... I am the type of guy that will meet my date at the door with flowers (or candy, teddy bear, etc.) ... I will walk with them arm in arm to the car... I will open their door for them ... help them in... shut the door for them... I will then reach over and take them by the hand while we are driving to our destination... then once we arrive... I again open their door for them... help them out... we walk hand in hand up to the door... I open and hold the door for them... pull their chair out for them... Stand when they get up to leave the table ... etc. ... (I know... I sound like a dork... but that is who I am... I hope to find someone who will accept me for the dorky, romantic and loveable guy that I am) ... I also am the type of guy that is a one man kind of guy (hence what I said earlier about still believing in Monogamy) ... If I should happen to be with someone... Then I am with them and only them... I don't go around checking other guys out while I am with them or anything... It is only the right thing to do... I always give whomever I am with... The honesty and loyalty they deserve... I would hope that they would think enough of me to do the same.

Anyway... I do apologize for my rambling... I will climb down off of my "soap box" now... I just wanted to give you the reader (if I haven't already scared you away by now) ... a little better idea of just who I am... in hopes that I might by some chance be what you are looking for and hopefully you will take a moment to reply to this posting...

I will close by again saying thank you for taking the time to read this... I am looking forward to hearing from you... Have a great day/evening/night (depending on when you may be reading this)... Feel free to reply and say hello... Who knows... If nothing else... you could at least make a new friend :) ... After all .. A guy can never have too many friends... right?...

Until then... Take Care and I look forward to hopefully hearing from you :)

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