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Experienced/Bi/Fetishist and avid at home nudist looking to help others satisfy their man2man appetities and impulses. STD free. UB2

Practice kindness, humility, gratitude and forgiveness. Keep a quiet ego. Accept your strengths and limitations...they make you unique in a complex world.

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Into Guys21 to 99
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height5' 7"
Weight160 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
OccupationTech Manuf.


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Shared publicly - Oct 25 at 12:42pm
Heading out to catch the Bills/Jets game at a friends and then dinner afterward. Everyone make it a great day and hit life square in the face...(love these gifs)...lol

Oct 25 at 11:20pm
These GIF's make me want to suck some dick.
Mmmm Yum make me hungry for cock Yum


Shared publicly - Oct 24 at 1:37pm
Just done blowing 13 bags of wet leaves. Before I clean up, it's time for another facial post...cuz there's no better excuse to blow and head to the shower. ;-)
Oct 24 at 1:42pm
Yummy images!
Mmmmm. I love a good facial.
That's a lotta cum!


Shared publicly - Oct 18 at 2:35pm
No Bills game today so I'm watching Ravens/Eagles...surfing porn and watching naked challenge tiktok clips. Think it's time to do some laundry or yard work...lol
What is the naked tik tok challenge?
Oct 19 at 3:07am
Send your clip walking into the room nakey...
i'm liking the bills this year. good stud creative qb. great defense. they are wild random. my errant pick. might get to the superbowl. who knows?. i would like to see the chiefs repeat. but if the bills zoom through. a good story all around.
Oct 19 at 7:54am
I think tonight will tell a lot about the rest of their season. They've had a couple of close gift games and Mahomes will be bringing it. Being realistic, would be happy to see them in the playoffs again and see how far they get.


Shared publicly - Oct 10 at 10:59am
Oct 10 at 9:32pm
Mmmm Yum I love giving road Head I would have taken it all Yum


Shared publicly - Oct 10 at 10:40am
...anyone wanna trade cock spit?
A shower is definitely called for after that action!
yes...eventually, I guess. :)
Oct 10 at 8:53pm
A shower definitely...a CUM shower!!
got him right between the eyes...lol
Oct 10 at 5:10pm
Heavy on the mayo if you don't mind
Oct 10 at 8:45pm
Mmmm Yum love the Cum Mmm
Oct 10 at 10:05pm
Love the last one. Like to taste it
Oct 10 at 11:17pm
# 5 , done right'' no waste''yum yum.

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Oct 25 at 7:47am
Stopping in to say

Have a good Sunday

Take some time to play

Thanks for being a friend.


Oct 12 at 7:38pm
Happy Italian Columbus Day -

Be careful to stay away from the Edge of the Flat Earth Folks:

Giant Sea Monsters reside there!


Oct 12 at 12:41am
Thanks for the photo likes/


Sep 7 at 3:33am
Happy Labor Day,

Today we Honor Labor:, not the Unions and their political cronies, but we Honor the Laborers themselves and their labor. The laborers the laborers who prepare, and who serve; the laborers who build, and who repair; the laborers who clean, the laborers who plant, and harvest and glean; the laborers who made real, and made working, all the clever inventions that America's thinkers and tinkerers have devised. Without them, we'd all be doing it ourselves as if it were still paleolithic 12,500-BC.

Happy Labor Day


Jul 2 at 8:57pm
Happy 4th of July, Our Nation's Declaration to be Free, with Equal Representation, and Liberty and Justice for ALL - "To form a More Perfect Union" Equal for ALL, no matter how long it takes to include ALL Equally

Happy Fourth-!!



Jun 21 at 8:51pm
Hey, Me and my contractor buddies thought we better check to see what you're up to before we start work in the morning - -



Jun 9 at 9:06pm
Since friends cannot always be there for friends, Self Service is inevitable - maybe Peter Berlin, aka Baron Armin Hagen von Hoyningen-Huene can help - - True King of The Bulge

https://www.xvideos.com/video7556232/peter_berl..."That Boy" was the first porn I ever saw: I was mesmerized by the sight of guys wanking off publicly, on film with and for each other. I'd never even seen another guy's cock fully hard. Certainly never seen another guy cum. I was not shocked: I was enthralled.


Jun 9 at 7:35pm
When from ThE bOTtoM oF youR HARD is a continuous BONE from yOur head, all the LENGTH of your BONER clear to your Ass hole... that's when you SHOOT LONG


Jun 9 at 7:22pm
Views Down this week and today, but Cock still HARD and Up: Here's to Bulges and what fills them up


May 12 at 8:09am
Just stopping by to poke my head in and give you a shout out of a hello.

Have a good day.