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looking for the right person to be the first one to ____________, now its for you to decide what is it...im trying to find the person who will love me for real...

[x] Im here as a friend not as rival.

[x] Hate me not if you don"t know me yet... hate me once you get the reason/s...

[x]Am here to have fun, not to argue with anyone... but if provoked, expect the worst (though i don"t take arguments too seriously, once again, just to squash some fun... admit it, ARGUING is sometimes FUN... so chill)

Take note of this: If you cant be nice... at least be wise enough to face the consequences of your vapid actions... otherwise, you"ll be sorry... =]

[x] most of the people here are from somewhere we haven"t been yet... we call these people strangers, yet, we try to get along with them and make friends with them... they say

[x] " The best conversation you could have is with a stranger"

... and yeah, i strongly agree... why?? better find it for yourself...

[x] "A lot of things are just timing and circumstance. If the opportunity is there, you just grab it." I came to realize that, sometimes, things just fall on our lap when we are looking at something else, then we realize that what fell on our lap is actually much better than what we were looking at. Someone taught me that, I must be sensitive enough to feel anything and everything that is positive around me and it"s up to me to decide whether to grab and accept it or not. So, are you up for the challenge??

Just an average guy...

I am smooth I am nice though... :)

[x] We have our own fair share of clandestine experiences, thoughts and ideas. I cannot deny the fact that because of those, we call ourselves unique from each other. That makes one of us worthy of appreciation, recognition and respect from others that we should also reciprocate.

REMEMBER: Respect begets respect!

[x] Be advised that I might be disinclined to conversation but it doesn"t mean that I am no longer or never interested in conversing with you. You have to bear with me when I play the snobbish type it"s either I"m too shy to speak and look at you or I just don"t know where to start a conversation. Once I get to adapt being with you, I can be the most unnerving (in a good way) person that you"ll ever know. That is rest assured folks!

[x] Please do not expect a laconic response from me. I know, sometimes, going around the bush is such as a waste of time or is sign of disinterest which is by the way very annoying and irksome. I can actually go straight to the point. YES or NO whichever is applicable and it"s DONE. I will not make you suffer from lengthy conversation but if I am feeling artistic enough and I have valid reasons why I am prolonging the "chit chat" before hitting the bulls eye, please bear with me, because once again, I am only finding that comfort zone or right timing so that everyone is happy. No LOSER but all WINNER at the end of the day. YAY!!!

[x] I am only human and incorrigible is not one of my characteristics. You might find me erroneous at some point but as always, comments, corrections and constructive criticisms are most welcomed and highly appreciated... anyways, there are still room for improvements. You may also find my naive attitude somehow irritating but I will not blame you.

"Being unwise at some point is not a weakness, it is actually an opportunity to be much wiser after wards"

[x] Please be informed that I am not the kind of person who you can let down that easily. I can be insensitive sometimes but I"m the most sensitive person most of the times. Do not try to get into my nerves cause you wont like what is in store for you if that"s the case.

[x] drop me a line... but of course, you need to introduce yourself first... tired of guessing who"s who... lolz...

[x] nonsense messages are being ignored... if your PHRASEOLOGY is without sparkle but coming from the heart and have sense, expect a reply from me even though you don"t have pictures on your profile.

[x] Do not, I mean DO NOT get my respect to you drop drastically by starting to show your true identity. Identity which is despicable and full of crap. I could be be very mean and you might find me irritating too but do not blame me because that is only possible if you started to show some attitude that is way too intolerable.

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Into Guys20 to 60
Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionTop / Giver
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Height5' 9"
Weight155 lbs
EducationIn college
ChildrenSome day


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