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Hey, how are you? My name is Zach. I like to be naked---wherever I can be. :)

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Here forFriends, Networking
Sexual positionVersatile / Bottom
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height5' 6"
Weight140 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenSome day
OccupationPolitical Activist


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Shared publicly - Sep 23 at 7:47am
My pants are falling like autumn leaves. :)
love to see that
Tease away,, Sexy !!!
You're too funny! 😱see your dick!
how can they fall if youre not wearing any?


Shared publicly - Jun 17 at 6:08pm
I just wanna wish all you hot daddies, and you know who you are, a happy father's day. :)


Shared publicly - Apr 20 at 12:42pm
Not wearing underwear today. just letting the boys swing free and do what they want. :) I hope everyone on the street gets a good look. :)
nothing like seeing a sexy dude like you free balling with his equipment swinging
take a pic of you free balling it ;)
Hope you are wearing short shorts so the boys can be seen! Post pictures!
Apr 20 at 3:44pm
Yes, we all would like to see you sometime today naked .
need you in my neighborhood !
Id love a good look
i'd love to get a look at you ;) XOXO
I've gone commando for the past 45 years and the boys have thanked me for it. When I say boys I mean other guys and my nuts. lol
Apr 21 at 8:19am
I may have to clarify the reason. I grew up in the era of "tighty whities" and there's a reason they are called that.
Just so you are wearing drappy or short, loose pants; ‘cause you are good lookin’ naked or dressed.
Apr 30 at 7:16pm
Hot! 🔥


Shared publicly - Mar 30 at 8:00pm
I'm hiding Easter eggs all weekend. What about YOU?
Mar 31 at 6:04am
Looking for Easter Eggs, with tough shells. Might find them in some unusual places🎯
Mar 31 at 7:22am
Hoping to bust them
Mar 31 at 7:42am
love to hide some eggs with you
Mar 31 at 9:11am
I got a pair of them you can have (at least while your here) if you stop by
Mar 31 at 8:11pm
Apr 2 at 10:47pm
Can I suck on your 2 crotch eggs?


Mar 20 at 9:05pm
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Aug 16 at 8:27pm
Everyone love you're sweet guy !


Aug 2 at 1:34am
Well Hello :)


Apr 30 at 7:17pm
Happy Monday! You're such awesome guy!