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Hello guys! 39-year-old married gay Puerto Rican man. Very laid back and cool to hang out with. Been away from LO for a while to straighten some things out in my life, and now that I am on the right path, decided to come back. I have made friends with some of the coolest guys thanks to this site, and I can only hope I meet more of you. Send me a line to say hi and we'll go from there! Have a great day! :)

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Sexual positionVersatile / Bottom
EthnicityLatino / Hispanic
Body typeAverage
Height5' 9"
Weight165 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenI do not want kids
OccupationYes, I have one


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Shared publicly - Feb 18 at 5:59pm
Why do people not read a fucking profile?! Seriously. I was just chatting with a guy (not here) who got offended because he didn't know that I was married. He would have known that if he had taken 10 seconds to read my profile before he sent me the first message, and also he could have saved himself the aggravation. But no... blame your wrongdoing on me...
Feb 25 at 8:01pm
I deal with that all the freaking time.... *sigh*
Dude, it gets so annoying, though I do have to say that sometimes I try to entertain myself playing a game of “let’s guess how many guys won’t read my profile today...” and if I reach my guesstimate, I reward myself with sweets or something like that :)
Mar 20 at 6:37am
They are fuck heads mate...


Shared publicly - Feb 17 at 12:23am
Job hunting is such a bitch. There. I said it.
I may be behind you doing the same thing soon. All these great economy promises? NOT! Haha.
Lots of low paying jobs. Thanks Donald
Right?! But MAGA or whatever... woop-tee-doo...


Shared publicly - Feb 12 at 11:05pm
Pizza and cake always makes great dinner. I see it as fuel for my workouts tomorrow :)


Shared publicly - Jan 30 at 2:58pm
Back in LO Land after a very long hiatus. And glad to see some of the faces that I used to chat with are still around. :)
Jan 31 at 1:25am
Hope you stay around longer!
Jan 31 at 11:51pm
I plan to :)
Jan 31 at 11:25pm
welcum back :) take your clothes off and stay a while lol
Jan 31 at 11:51pm
Hahaha! Comfort first, right? :)
Feb 1 at 7:53pm
yes man comfort is first and foremost
Feb 1 at 1:48pm
I wondered where you've been, fellow Tarheel! Glad to see you back!
Thank you! Needed a break from it all. But I'm back now :) Glad to see you are still around :)
Glad to see you’re back! Looking good too!
Feb 3 at 9:06pm
Thanks man! So are you :)
Feb 4 at 5:51pm
Thanks but I have gained weight and it looks like you’ve lost some. :)

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