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Mostly on here checking out the scenery. Single, but not really looking for a boyfriend. If I eventually find one, cool, but it's really not a conversation starter (even if you're the hottest guy on here, I'm still gonna want to get to know you first). I like movies, primarily horror or witty comedies (I'm gonna prefer "Clue" to "The Hangover"). Like gong for walks, karaoke, and chatting at bars. Just a nice, slacker boy from Minnesota.


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Shared publicly - May 29 at 7:33am
The cops spent more time putting parents in their place than actually taking down a person shooting children. What the hell are they being funded for? A girl had to cover herself in her friend's blood and play dead while cops who love "Punisher" as a logo couldn't bother to do a damn thing
Military and law enforcement weaponry is locked in amouries and checked out when there is a purpose.

Private citizens who "require" could store in same amories and check out as an option.

No gun shop, citizen, or gun show or company should be allowed any longer to sell weapons best used in Ukraine.

Where does it stop on "right" to bear arms? Bazookas, missile launchers, RPG, hand grenades?

We are escalating against ourselves.

(stepping off soapbox)
.....and an assault rifle sold to an 18 year old teenager with no driver's license (what proof of age did he have?).....and then sell a second one to the same kid a few days later without alerting the police. I mean come on! And why hasn't anyone interviewed the gun store owner? I think he's as guilty as the shooter.
No one needs an assault rifle. No needs a rapid fire ammo clip. There's no way the 2nd amendment was ever intended to allow people to walk around carrying handguns. The right is all about original intent until it comes to a logical interpretation of that amendment.
May 29 at 12:18pm
The cops had to wait 45 minutes before the chef said to do something


May 12 at 4:22am
Posted a video ... Jerk and Cum


Shared publicly - Apr 1 at 9:38pm
Apr 2 at 12:51am
Just wish I could have watched the whole video.

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