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Parterned with an open relationship. Play together or separate. We each have our range of tastes. Always looking for new and fun adventures in bed or outdoors.

Quite open to all race, ages, types but don't be offended if I say no thanks. Not into bears, overweight guys or red heads. Turn ON: uncut guys, twinks, BB, short, thin, skinny, definitely Asians, clean bottoms and group sex.

Me: Mature, lightly hairy, man scaped, TOTAL top. Loves to give and receive oral. Can be mild or a little dominant. Let's get our nuts off.

Love to travel, going on cruises, remodeling, geocaching, hot sex

Basic Information

StatusIn an open relationship
Into Guys18 to 70
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionTop / Giver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height6' 4"
Weight198 lbs
ChildrenI do not want kids
OccupationBusiness Owner


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Shared publicly - Dec 3 at 7:52am
I bet a lot of you guys would love to get this delivered in the mail.
Dec 3 at 10:03am
So much more civil than those that say "Slide up ASS with reckless abandon". But maybe not as exciting. ;-)
Dec 3 at 7:08pm
Okay, that's funny as hell. But what's it SUPPOSED to say?


Shared publicly - Nov 8 at 8:18am
Please VOTE like your life and future depends on it. Because it does! Many LGBT have struggled to get rights and equality. There are more than just presidential candidates on the ballots and some of them would love to take your hard earned rights away from you when they get into office. Let your voice be heard. Go vote!
Nov 8 at 8:20am
Do true and Amen!!!
Nov 8 at 4:50pm
I'm more worried about the ISIS radical Muslims having a repeat of Orlando!!
Nov 10 at 9:37am
Agree but remember that this individual was also an American citizen or at least lived here for many years. Not all radical terrorists are Muslim. A lot are good 'ole boy, born and raised, 'murica. Donald Trump has successfully called all of them to come out from under their rocks. They are in a frenzy from his rallies and now from his election. I'm afraid there will be more random acts of violence against LGBT. Ever since the same sex marriage ruling there has been an attack on us in the form See more
Nov 10 at 10:22pm
He totally said he was doing it for ISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 10 at 10:24pm
He may have been an American citizen, but so was the ones in California among others...That's what's scary...Citizen or not...They still hate the LGBT community!!!


Shared publicly - Sep 26 at 7:41am
Oh yeah! Nice shape, tight, clean, hot and sexy. If you're a top or vers/top tell us what you like about ass.
Sep 26 at 10:36am
An Ass should not be hairy to be easy accessible to enter ahihihihi hmmmmmm
Sep 27 at 8:13am
A good bottom should be trimmed back there. Speaking of hairy, I remember fucking a young guy at a bath house in Tampa, he was Middle Eastern and his entire butt was covered in thick curly hair that almost felt like a brillo pad. I've never been with anyone like that since.
I like a nice tight muscular ass....makes me wanna lick it....finger it....tongue it as deep as I can get my tongue in it and then fuck the hole inside out.... a little hairy or's all good :)
Oh yeah, fingering. Love it. Feeling tight muscles around my finger as I slowly massage his ass and then work two fingers in and, of course, finally feeling the head of my cock pop into his tight warm hole. Oh fuck!


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 7:41am
Actor Mark Ruffalo said he will go full frontal if Trump gets defeated. Game on!
Sep 24 at 10:00am
The Internet will crash.
Sep 24 at 2:51pm
It would be nice if he turned into Hulk before he went full frontal ;)

I've always wondered how big Hulk's green dick was. It would be a mouth watering sight :D


Shared publicly - Sep 17 at 7:09am
We saw Cirque de Soleil's Ovo last night. Some hot boys in that show with nice form fitting outfits!

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Sep 28 at 8:54am
Thanks for stopping by. Great profile intro and very hot pics!


Sep 24 at 12:07pm
Mark it Up , Good !!!!!!!!!!


Jul 19 at 7:05am
what an AMAZING cock