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Parterned with an open relationship. Play together or separate. We each have our range of tastes. Always looking for new and fun adventures in bed or outdoors.

Quite open to all race, ages, types but don't be offended if I say no thanks. Not into bears, overweight guys or red heads. Turn ON: uncut guys, twinks, BB, short, thin, skinny, definitely Asians, clean bottoms and group sex.

Me: Mature, lightly hairy, man scaped, TOTAL top. Loves to give and receive oral. Can be mild or a little dominant. Let's get our nuts off.

Love to travel, going on cruises, remodeling, geocaching, hot sex

Basic Information

StatusIn an open relationship
Into Guys18 to 70
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionTop / Giver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height6' 4"
Weight198 lbs
ChildrenI do not want kids
OccupationBusiness Owner


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Shared publicly - Aug 30 at 4:23pm
I would love to see this guy's magic wand. Woof


Shared publicly - Aug 9 at 9:50am
Just got back from a gay cruise through Alaska. Beautiful weather and hot sights.
Aug 9 at 7:33pm
Did you guys get any fun while aboard?
Of course. 2,500 gay men were plenty to choose from. lol
Aug 10 at 8:06pm
Look forward to hearing all about it!
Aug 9 at 7:43pm
No pics of that yet
Aug 9 at 7:43pm
No pics of that yet


Shared publicly - Jul 1 at 3:16pm
I prefer Norwegian cops over American.
Very Nice Norwegian Cops, But there are some Hot Sexy American Police as well,
Oh I agree with you that there are HOT cops in the U.S., but they certainly do not have those sexy spandex uniforms
Woo! I'm feelin' all criminal... 'n stuff.
Jul 2 at 8:47am
Most of the cops in the USA is fat lol so yeah


Shared publicly - Jul 1 at 8:19am
We just entered the second half of the year. Where the hell does all the time go?
Jul 1 at 10:32am
I still love you, no matter when it is!!


Shared publicly - Apr 25 at 7:39am
Had a colonoscopy yesterday and everything was "squeaky" clean and two thumbs up. Yay! Five years ago I had my first, as a full health check up, and they found and removed a large pre-cancerous polyp. It was the type of polyp that becomes cancer after seven years of growth. Since colon cancer is the number two (no pun intended) cancer killer in the US, they wanted me back in five years rather than wait the normal ten years. I feel lucky that I dodged a bullet five years ago.

I must also say,
See more
Congratulations on getting the "all clear". After an evening with Miralax(tm) or some other agent to

flush everything out, a great report is rewarding. Good for you for being diligent and staying on top

of things. Here's to many, many years of continued excellent health!!!
Thanks man. Yeah the prep work is horrible but doing PREVENTATIVE measures is better than waiting until you've actually got symptoms and colon cancer to battle. Anyone over 50 and before 60 should have a colonoscopy done.

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Aug 24 at 9:58am
thanx for the request buddy; lookin damn sexy and what a lucky partner to have that monster meat all the time LOL; hope you cum again soon !


Jun 8 at 10:55am
It's still Spring time and I'm out of hibernation so I'm ready for any postion with you Top or Bottom :)