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I'm generally a nice, easygoing guy.

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Shared publicly - Feb 24 at 9:00pm
I have decided to move to Montréal if Trump becomes president again.
Feb 24 at 9:15pm
Oh nevermind, his two impeachments that went uninforced are better than Nixon (or something)
I've been talking about this too.
Feb 24 at 10:22pm
Better start packing!
It’s too early to predict.
I agree, and it's not always the people's vote. Trump didn't win by the people's vote; Hilary did.
I am also seriously thinking of leaving the US if that happens. Still looking at places to live......
I will also give it serious thought. Are we still able to collect our Social Security and Pension benefits if we move to Canada for example? And what about our medical plans?
It is my understanding that no matter where you live, you get SS. Medicare is only in the US. I am just beginning to check on this.
If demon45 gets in , it won't matter where we are because the damn republicans have been trying to do away with our SS for years .
SS and pension would be ok. No Medicare but you would be covered by Canadian health insurance and any private policy you have in the US
I am leaning towards a warm climate, British Virgin Islands, as it is a short trip to the US islands. Medicare will work there.
I'm going to the Islands with you
The more the merrier! I have no idea of the cost of living. Hoping to chat with those who know. Also, any wealthy man who plans on leaving, adopt me! lol
Sugar daddies to the British Virgin Islands, plz.


Feb 23 at 7:36pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Feb 23 at 7:31pm
Who has heard of Mylène Farmer?
Feb 23 at 8:21pm
a French singer
I have all her albums on CD.
Feb 23 at 9:01pm
What a collection. I've just watched Désenchantée (Live from Timeless 2013
Feb 23 at 9:22pm
I have all her concerts. Her most recent I have on 4K blu-ray.


Shared publicly - Jan 1 at 2:17pm
Happy New Year!


Shared publicly - Oct 24 2023 at 8:14pm
My favourite fragrance is Le Male Elixir (Parfum) by Jean-Paul Gaultier.
I have more cologne than Macys.... I use to wear something different everyday when I was working.. My favorite is RED by Ralph Lauren
Oct 24 2023 at 9:04pm
I'd have to say my all-time fav was Channel before they concentrated it -though I've used many.

I have another all-time fav I can wear to this day, but it's difficult to find it pure - Egyptian musk.
I can not stand anything in Musk.. USe to work with a guy that wore it over body Oder... That did it for me... I also love Eternity ....
If you wear musk you and I have to break
just messin with
lol. The bottle i have is about 20 yrs old. I wear it once in a while so it lasts forever.
My favorite fragrance is a tie between either Guilty by Gucci or Bleu de Chanel

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Oct 26 2023 at 2:10am
Happy Halloween