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Here forFriends, Networking
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 2"
Weight175 lbs
OrientationNot sure
EducationGrad / professional school
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
Occupationtaking a break from school, observing life


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Shared publicly - Aug 16 at 5:35am
Can't sleep because I can't get comfortable. I took my pain meds, but they aren't doing anything for me.
sorry - me too, let's try to sleep together!
Aug 16 at 7:53am
You just need someone to cuddle and hold you so you drift off to a calm relaxed rest...
that's what I'm telling him....how about a sandwich the three of us?
Aug 16 at 1:02pm
A hot shower always works for me.
Aug 23 at 11:41am
Sorry to hear you are in pain Aaron. Hope you are doing better now.
Aug 29 at 10:56pm
There are some videos on you tube about the best bulges of the Olympics that you could watch since you are up awake and all


Shared publicly - Aug 13 at 4:08am
Laying here in bed getting horned up listening to my roommate get lucky...again.
wish I was there to help you.
Aug 23 at 11:39am
Hang in there Aaron. Just stroke it till you get lucky.


Aug 11 at 2:50am
Posted a poll ... Olympic Hotties


Shared publicly - Aug 10 at 3:00am
I LOVE watching the Olympics! The athletes are so amazing and incredible. Watching the swimming, especially, makes me miss the competition (and the Speedos...they need to ban the racers and only allow briefs, imho).
Love the Speedos. lol. We need a pic of you in your suit Aaron
Aug 14 at 5:19pm
there are one or two in his albums bi725shooter, one of him sitting in it with an evident rise in his speedo. Do you miss the sport aaron or seeing those other swimmers out of their speedos in the locker room? heehee
swimmers and divers and gymnasts OH MY! :) LOL
Ever since I saw Greg Louganis in his speedo I have been a fan of the divers, but also remember Mark Spitz swimming in his, you can just see the divers better and more of them
For me, Speedos just bring back more memories of high school too.
Aug 16 at 11:46am
When I would go to the YMCA I would plan around the swim teams since they used the Y for their practices. If I was in the locker room at 4:30 I would be able to see one team coming and one team going heehee very nice


Shared publicly - Aug 5 at 6:07pm
Got a new toy last night! Helps out by doing the gripping for me.
Nice pocket pussy. Now you owe your fans a pic of your meat in it!!
Aug 6 at 11:05pm
There is one...along with the spunk it induced.
Shit didn't know it was you. Nice!!
Aug 11 at 2:17am
You know I am!

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Dec 2 at 1:34pm
Hi Aaron. It was good to see you logged in the other day. I hope you are healed up well and back to enjoying life again. Take it easy my friend and drop a line once in awhile. Ken


Sep 8 at 2:31pm
Hey Aaron. How you doing? You've gone missing again. Hope this doesn't mean you're not recovering well. Hope it means you're recovered and back rubbing them out regularly right handed. ?


Aug 8 at 4:54pm
Ok Aaron We think it's time you post a video of you wanking it off, rubbing one out, and all the other ways you phrase it. Come guys encourage Aaron to make a video of him stroking and cumming, Aaron you know you want us to watch :)


Jul 20 at 12:53pm
I must have missed when you got back. Looks like i have some catching up to do, I kept looking for about a year or more to see if you were back


Jul 15 at 11:36am
Hey bro. Hope you're feeling better today or at least flying on some pain killers! Perhaps nude sun bathing is still an option even with a cast. Take care buddy


Jun 20 at 12:32pm
hello, hope you are having a great day. miss you!!