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Height6' 2"
Weight175 lbs
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EducationGrad / professional school
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
Occupationtaking a break from school, observing life


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Shared publicly - Jul 20 at 2:39am
Just got off the phone with Derek. We are meeting tomorrow for coffee.
Jul 20 at 8:46am
We look forward to a complete recap!
Jul 22 at 6:09am
great, I hope you have a great time. looking forward to hearing all about it
Jul 23 at 12:10pm
All the best on your coffee date...and can hardly wait to hear the results! :-)


Shared publicly - Jul 17 at 8:19pm
I'm going stir crazy not doing anything!
Well I guess you'll have to take matters in your own hand. 😉


Jul 17 at 5:00am


Shared publicly - Jul 14 at 12:56am
Just got home from the hospital. I got hit while riding my bike yesterday. I broke my right wrist, four ribs and major road rash pretty much all over. One highlight though, I think the ambulance tech hit on me and gave me his number. I'll blog about it later when I'm feeling good.
Im sorry to hear that. Get better fast

I would hit on u and give u my cell # too

Just sayin
Jul 14 at 8:47am
:). Thanks
Sorry you got hurt but happy you got a hook up HeHe :-)
Thanks! We'll see if I get to hook up. Could just be my dirty mind working overtime.
Jul 14 at 3:50pm
HeHe I have that problem a lot ;-O
hope you are feeling better soon and that you have a quick, as painless as possible and uneventful recovery...
Thanks! Got some good meds to help with the painless part.
I'd hit on you too!! And a few-er-other things!
healing thoughts to you dude
Jul 14 at 8:50am
ouch! get well soon aaron......... if you need a doctor i can be there ASAP ;) lol
I am so sorry! Get well soon!
Jul 14 at 8:50am
Get to feeling better handsome. Call the tech and tell him you need some mouth to cock resuscitation. ;-)
Jul 14 at 8:46am
I'll need something, especially with this stupid cast. :P
Jul 14 at 8:20am
I am so sorry to hear about that. I hope you feel better real soon. I am glad it was not worse than that. did they catch the person who hit you?
Jul 14 at 8:42am
Yes. He stopped right away. I don't really remember much, but my buddy I was with said that he was totally shaken up and crying when they were doing the police report.
I am glad he didn't just take off on you
Jul 14 at 8:41am
Oh no Aaron that's awful. Your fans are happy and thankful you're not hurt worse. The right wrist? Hope you're ambidextrous bud!😜 Seriously, take care and feel better
I know right! Looks like I'll be working out my left arm...maybe it will give it a chance to balance out with my right.
I wish I was there to help you!!! :)
Dude make lemonade out of these lemons. Don't talk to anyone who calls you from the insurance company of the driver and get a lawyer. With any luck that college debt will disappear. Good luck!
Jul 14 at 8:53am
Didn't even think about that! Why shouldn't I talk to insurance?
better to let a lawyer talk to them
First of all the insurance company is not trying to help you despite what they will say. They will record your statement and steer it in a way to place blame on you and away from their insured. You gain nothing talking to them. You can only hurt your position. Just get an attorney and let them take it from there.
Glad you're ok. Get well soon. But do you beat off with your right or your left hand? If it's your right, glad to volunteer...
Jul 15 at 11:18am
My right :(
You are very lucky. Someone was watching over you.
Jul 15 at 11:19am
Well I am super thankful for my helmet. If I wasn't wearing it my skull would have even smashed. Walking ad for helmet use :)
Hope you feel better


Shared publicly - Jun 29 at 6:56pm
Why?! That's all I can say..."Why?!"
That's really the fundamental question now isn't it?
Why?? The universal question. The one unknown in the Universe. Why? No need to worry about the "Why?" Just say "WTF!" because we can't change the "WHY?" no matter what it is. So just grab your cock or the guy's next to you and wank away lol.

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Jul 20 at 12:53pm
I must have missed when you got back. Looks like i have some catching up to do, I kept looking for about a year or more to see if you were back


Jul 15 at 11:36am
Hey bro. Hope you're feeling better today or at least flying on some pain killers! Perhaps nude sun bathing is still an option even with a cast. Take care buddy


Jun 20 at 12:32pm
hello, hope you are having a great day. miss you!!


May 21 at 9:07am
Aaron we're all missing you again!!