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I am a Socially , Politically and Spiritually Conscious guy living in SW Florida. I enjoy music, beaches , and my two small dogs . I am here to socialize with friends and hopefully engage with like minded people across the country. I prefer the erotic over the pornographic when it comes to photos and such , but to each his own . I’m open to chat and look forward to making new friends after getting to know one another.

* Being Kind ….. Friendly ….. And Positive Is A Good Beginning ……

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Shared publicly - Jan 22 at 2:44pm
Have A Groovy Day ……


****************************** ✨ Mannish Boy ✨ ***************************************
That turns me on the way you're eating that yogurt! 😁
It’s Delicious …..😏
I see the strawberry and the banana now.

How? ... he's not standing up ...😏
Jan 22 at 4:05pm
Uh-oh ... strawberry-banana yogurt ...

I'll take #3 in green ... I wish more guys dressed the 70s, like #2 ... mannish ...

I guess the song is sort of a protest ... a black man speaks out against being called 'boy' ... then again it could be just about sex ...
Jan 22 at 5:12pm
😂 I had to go out directly after posting this but had a good laugh at ya’ll’s good humor when I got home , It’s bee a bit of an Unofficial 70’s week so I thought I’d post some vintage fashion photos from the era …


Shared publicly - Jan 22 at 4:43am
Have A Great Night & A Nice Weekend …..


****************************** ✨ C.C. Rider ✨ ******************************************
My thoughts wander all over the place during my solitary, cant-sleep, middle-of-the-night hours ... noticed the performance was from 1987 ... the year my father died ... focused on Rick Danko ... he is rather charismatic ... looked him up ... saw he died around the same age as my father ... thought this article was a nice tribute ... liked that he possessed a 'childlike' quality ...


Played the video twice ... thanks ...
I doubt most people realize how instrumental The Band was and is in the History and Direction of Rock Music .. Rick had a voice like an angel , I was lucky enough to see the “Minus Robbie Robertson Version” of The Band in 1992ish in a small outdoor venue in St Petersburg Fl

Thanks ... unbelievably great ... it did slice my heart out ... I guess it proves how great it was ...


Shared publicly - Jan 21 at 9:02pm
I watched a couple cases of Judge Judy , I had never watched her show before … Wow what a bitch !
She sure is. But on the plus side, she has a very good bullshit detector.
I think all judges are assholes.

Anyone who would find joy in being such an arbiter probably isn't well adjusted.
It's not a job I would want.
Since I have only extremely limited exposure to her show I may be unqualified to an opinion but what I saw of her she made very quick assumptions and judgment and was downright nasty ….. didn’t we just recently have a President like that ?
I've seen interviews with her off that show , she might be crusty and rough on the show ,but she really seemed like a sensible person off the show .

At least what I have seen
They say TV adds 10lbs , maybe it also adds nastiness to your demeanor ….
Good for ratings !
Jan 22 at 11:03am
I don't care for her TV show ,but the interviews I have seen over the years , she is very decent and sensible .
I must just be immune to the illusion of justice in the USA. :)
I can't explain how turned off I am by judges/justices at the moment.
I wish she was running for president !!!
It would be interesting to see a campaign that wouldn't be based on misinformation. She may not have the stomach for politics for that very reason
I hope you didn't wipe out too many brain cells watching that ... I can't take those judge shows ...

Let's see ... a blunt, heartless, authoritarian from a so-called reality show ... where have I heard that before?
Jan 22 at 1:24am
Exactly …
The parallels and the message is clear …. America Loves Rude Nasty Authoritarians ….


Shared publicly - Jan 21 at 3:11pm
Good Morning …. It’s National Squirrel Appreciation Day ~ Be Squirrelly & Enjoy Your Nuts …. Or Offer Them To A Friend …. Whatever… Have A Great Day !


****************************** 🐿 We’re An American Band 🐿 ***************************
Even my nuts are nuts! 😂
Pretty sharp this morning.....share yours?
Jan 21 at 9:15pm
I would be a bad host if I didn’t ……. 🥜
Jan 21 at 5:46pm
A man is handsome just sitting around being a guy.
That was spectacular ... not just the awesomeness of the performance but the hot, sweaty passion ... especially the drummer ... I love the 70s!
Jan 22 at 5:28am
I find it bizarre that Disco & Hard Rock Coexisted In The Same Era ….

And Even Shared Similar Clothing Styles and Looks ….


Shared publicly - Jan 21 at 4:08am
Don’t Forget To Brush & Floss Before Bed And Have A Great Night !


********************************** 🦷 Montana 🦷 ***************************************

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Dec 30 2021 at 7:52am
Happy Birthday My Dear Friend ... Wishing you much happiness ... love ... and peace ...

Love you ...


Sep 8 2021 at 2:10pm
Pic #5 says it all ...


Sep 4 2021 at 5:47am
Have a good weekend!