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Hey guys,

I'm an isatiable bottom, but I'll definitely top a man after he's done, or top a bottom brother to even the odds. I love to be naked. As soon as I'm home the clothes come off. I jack off at least 5-7 times a day at a minimum and I love to have men watch me do it. I love to have you watch me get fucked too. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist.

I have to admit I have a thing for a beefy, hairy daddy type with a handsome face...but it's not something that limits me in my choices. But a hairy and sweay pit will make it better.

Please don't send a friend request unless you have at least said "Hello". Thanks for that. I'm an honest altar boy at heart and can be a great friend, so ask me whatever you want to know. But if you want the dirty side of the altar boy ask me and I will probably do it.

Thanks for dropping by!


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Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityLatino / Hispanic
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height5' 10"
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me


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Shared publicly - Aug 14 at 7:00pm

Just a great movie... all bareback with lots of cum... and it has three great scenes with my Texas brother (and such a hot cowboy and former reality star) Steven Daigle. He was a bit bloated in this, but he is still as handsome and as horny as ever. Steven has shared his life with so many of us. There is a lot more to tell about what has been disclosed to me...But for now just enjoy watching him fuck.



Jun 26 at 7:37pm
Updated profile.


Shared publicly - May 17 at 7:38pm
To every single one of you amazing men out there... These are some crazy times. Every day is so uncertain. But the one thing that I am sure of is that something is always just around the corner to amaze you and make you realize that there is passion and beauty in the world no matter what. I have seen a lot of the best divas, Diana, Cher, Madonna, Cyndi, Janet, and many many more. Throw into the mix that I saw Prince on New Year's Eve in Dallas on his Purple Rain tour, and George Michael on his Faith See more
May 17 at 7:59pm
I listened to it all...very pleasant...but not my cup of tea to view...that's from an old gay man
May 17 at 8:29pm
I always loved Sade and her music when she first came out with her first album Diamond Life 1984 in the United Kingdom and later in the United States early 1985 and as of now a days I still love listening to her music 😃


Shared publicly - May 3 at 3:35am
Brenda's Beaver Needs A Barber

I can't remember the last time that I laughed so hard that I cried. Watch it and then tell me you didn't do the same. There is no sex. Just a mom reading a dirty book. I have already watched it 25 times and it just keeps me laughing.

May 3 at 9:33am
Thanks, Tusk. Maybe if the reader's own laughter wasn't so intrusive and distracting, I would have found it funnier.


Shared publicly - May 3 at 12:29am
No cheating. No fast forwarding through these (at least not the second one). Grab a cum rag and grab your cock. These movies are amazing.

Fire Island Sex Party


Gay Men Pool Party

May 3 at 12:54am
I have shot many a load watching both of these! Super hot! Good choices, thanks.
May 8 at 6:50pm
Any time Baby. I love that you got off just like I did.
May 3 at 8:27am
Loved these! Thank you sir
May 8 at 6:50pm
I have found a ton of Michael Lucas videos. I think I'll start a group so that you can see them all in one place.
May 3 at 7:38pm
michael lucas vids are so hot
God yes. I'm not a fan of him. He kind of looks like a 1970's cartoon of a dog. But he produces incredible videos with ridiculously hot men in them.
May 8 at 6:51pm
I agree. He has had so much work done. But yes, his vids are hot. And he is a friend of one of my best friends in NYC, and I understand he is a very nice guy who has worked very hard to become one of the top porn producers in the world. He came from poverty.
May 19 at 6:48pm
Nice. You know, I have been friends with Jack MacEnroth for almost 10 years. He is the sweetest guy in the world. I almost felt dirty when he started his Only Fans page and I started watching him fuck.
May 19 at 7:36pm
He’s hot!

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Sep 5 at 5:43pm
Well I'm waiting for you hurry up! Ha... Enjoy your Holiday Weekend :)


May 3 at 1:49am
Just passing through :)


May 1 at 3:31am
Thanks for commenting on my photo, and for being so kind