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I am a very open gay dude who has made a great life for himself. I have been on my own since I was 18 which was my own choice. I was surprised at how well I have done. Love my horny life and always ready for some HOT FUN of any kind if you know what I mean!!!! The more sex I have the more fun I have and never want it to stop. Always HORNY and ready for ACTION!!!!!

I am a nudist and love being naked at all times. I only wear clothes when I must. I just hate clothes and dealing with them. I am nude with friends both male and female. I have love being naked all my life as far back as I can remember as a little kid. Parents did not care for it as I got older but they put up with it but still hated it. Being naked all the time means complete freedom for me all the times.

Basic Information

Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Bottom
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height6' 0"
Weight142 lbs
EducationPost grad
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
Occupationself employed


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Jun 15 at 8:15pm
Updated profile.


Shared publicly - Oct 26 2020 at 4:01pm
Not much at the moment but I think I will be doing something sooner or later today. I wonder what that might be? Well lets see...... I think some hot sex!!!!!!!!
you should be bouncing on my lap
My wish for you is the HOTTEST sex ever later today. Have fun!
Sex with you would always be hot!
OMG, wow! Beautiful body! Perfect ass
Sign me up for some hot sex. I mean, umm, lucky guy that gets to play with you.
Dude... I just want you to sit on my face and whatever happens next. Happens. 😊


Jul 20 2020 at 7:20pm
Posted a story ... Hot N Sweaty


Shared publicly - Jul 20 2020 at 2:54pm
Hot and Humid today again. heat index is like 110 degrees here. Even too hot to be outside naked. When out for a while an little bit again and my naked body was covered in sweat immediately.
I offer to wash you in the shower..... twice. ;)
I came home yesterday from my softball games all hot and sweaty that I took off my softball uniform and turned on the water sprinkler and just cool off 😃
It would be fun to rub my naked, sweaty body against yours!
Jul 21 2020 at 3:34pm
Yeah what is up with this heat ugh. When it's not comfy naked it's too hot
Aug 1 2020 at 1:42am
Hot is if it gets over 135 F and yuppers I love doing nude tanning
Sep 1 2020 at 10:57am
sounds ucky!
Sep 28 2020 at 1:40am
Yuppers it was summer of 05 in Iraq
Fucking sexy! Yeah, I don't like summer time either. I love getting naked outside this time of year. Fall, winter... As long as it's not 20 below and harsh March winds...


Shared publicly - Jun 30 2020 at 1:00pm
Nice hot and humid day for working outside to make it one sweaty day. Great naked day as usual for me and making sure I am completely covered in sun blocker for an even body tan. will see how it goes for the rest of the summer.
Nice even tan on your shadow. Lol!
Dang!... you could play horse shoes on that pole! ;-)
You are a beautiful man! I'd love to be naked out there with you!
Which way is north?

whatever my cock points lol
Love the silhouette, too sexy. Spent the day yesterday that way.

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Jul 4 at 2:50am
Happy Independence Day


May 28 at 9:44pm
Remember Our Heros and Uphold our Democracy


May 18 at 11:54am
If I was there I'd fuck that hot ass of yours so fucken good that you would be begging for more and more and more and more :)


May 12 at 10:34pm
Just passing through to cheer up your day :)


May 12 at 9:17pm
Thanks for adding me as your friend. Cheers mate.


May 5 at 9:24pm
I'm ready for you... So what position do you want Top or Bottom? :)


Mar 23 at 10:42am
Roses are red

Violets are blue

It is Testicle Tuesday


Let's play with balls.


Feb 7 at 2:32pm