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Just a guy that likes a good blowjob. Who doesn't right?


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Shared publicly - Sep 22 at 5:29am
Just finished up the last 3 hours driving naked. It's quite enjoyable cruising down the highway and stroking your cock. Where's those guys who like to pull up beside trucks and show off a nice hard one?
Sep 22 at 11:19am
I like to stroke my cock while driving and if I can find a trucker I’ll make it a point to drive up alongside


Shared publicly - Sep 8 at 3:34am
Spent about 2 1/2 hours driving naked. Started getting dark in Oklahoma so stopped and stripped down and drove on down 271 to Paris Tx, through there and east on 82 to I-30 through Texarkana into Arkansas and then on east on 82 a little over 80 miles. Quite enjoyed riding through all the little towns along the way and stroking my cock.
Sep 12 at 4:35am
I wish i was your passanger


Shared publicly - Sep 3 at 12:31am
Parked at a wide spot on the side of the highway. Virtually no traffic on the road. Out walking around nude enjoying the night air. Sure would be nice if a guy would stop by wanting some cock.


Shared publicly - Aug 29 at 8:05am
Visited with a friend in Texas. One of the best oral sex guys I know. He gave everything a good workout and left me completely drained and satisfied.


Shared publicly - Aug 3 at 2:32am
I just got a show! A pickup pulled up beside me and had the dome light on. Had a woman down on him sucking his dick and her pants were off. Had his hand around behind her spreading her pussy for me to see. I enjoyed it.
Glad you got a good show... not a lot of p***y fans on this site though :P
I know but I still enjoy pussy as well. Love to lick it as much as sucking a dick
long as you get off, I'm happy
Aug 17 at 6:59am
Hey, I enjoy blowjobs and pussy from a woman too!

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